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Renata Nicks has enough money now to never worry about it. Renata recently gifted her boyfriend a coffee mug made of gold on his birthday. Renata loves her boyfriend the way she can’t even describe, she claims. She has a special place for him in her heart like she never had for anyone else including her parents and ex-boyfriends. The couple loves to have desserts together.

Renata has always been passionate, spontaneous, loving, caring and honest with all the people she is related to or friends with.

Renata recently started a weekly published magazine about casinos and gambling. The first article featured on the first publication out was about how a young Thai gentleman become a millionaire within a couple of months with checking the odds ratio (tỷ lệ kèo) everyday. This magazine of Renata has since become one of the most recommended gambling and casino magazines on the internet.

Renata believes that rich kids lack ambition but they are a lot more intelligent than the kids born to poor or middle income parents.

Renata listens to her favorite song ‘Tell me lies’ by Fleetwood Mac whenever she is in a bad mood.

In her spare time, Renata has been researching and writing a book on the ‘Oddfather – Vincent Gigante’. The Italian-American mobster whose daughter Rita Gigante also featured on several shows telling about the personal life of her father.

Psychologist from Mobile prints his own calendar each year

Dr Jacob Hogan is a Psychologist from one of the coastal cities in the state of Alabama – Mobile. While Dr Jacob Hogan himself lives and practices in Mobile, he is against the excessive use of the Mobile Phones and claims that the excessive use of the same leads to several different psychological disorders including ADD, ADHD and even Bipolar Disorder if you watch tons of sexually exciting images and videos on it.

Dr Jacob Hogan claims on his blog that growing veganism is one of the reasons behind the growing depression among the masses, especially the people between the age group of 18-35.

Dr Jacob Hogan’s most recent post read that it is phenomenal how far the anxiety care therapies have come lately but they are still far from being perfect. Dr Jacob believes that the day is not far when such therapies will achieve perfection.

Dr Jacob writes on his blog that for people who are more social and extroverts, the group therapies work wonders and for the reserved introverts, individual counseling are the best. Dr Jacob claims that the group therapies may sometimes even worsen the conditions of the introverts and he learned it very early in his career.

Dr Jacob writes on his blog that the people who do a lot of creative work, are least likely to go into depression, Hollywood stars excluded. Dr Jacob loves to do himself everything that he can, including printing his own calendar each year.

Dr Jacob claims that shy people are less likely to go into chronic depression than their bold and brash counterparts according to his personal observations. Dr Jacob says that forget about the reason behind the same, they are not even conducting a study to find out the ratio of how likely is it to happen.

Her only passive income source is RatuQQ with the help of which she bought a tissue box company just last month

Rasma Cimen acted as a guide to late diplomat Mr Kofi Annan when he visited Croatia. Before working for the Croatian government, Rasma used to work for a civil aviation company.

Rasma likes to do a lot of research on the cultures, traditions, progress, development and other things of different nations and continents. Rasma says that Australians are the most creative people and Australia is the country that has the greatest potential to become another superpower after the USA.

Rasma’s mother used to be a teacher and most of her students used to be either Swedish or Australian. She always said that the Swedish children are very disciplined and not wild like the Australian ones.

Rasma says that it is a myth created by the Hindu fundamentalists and Hindu nationalists that the medieval India had tons of gold and diamonds, all it had was arable land and nothing else. Rasma believes that the Hindu fundamentalists are worst than the fanatic Muslims.

Rasma claims that the Indian royals used to be the most atrocious people on the planet earth and the village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan is just one example.

Rasma did a lot of research on the different tribes of Africa as well and she says that more than 70% of the people of Bantu tribes don’t even know what an email is.

About China, Rasma says that this nation which once used to be full of opium addicts has definitely progressed a lot but one thing that she cannot understand about it is that the most Chinese men don’t believe in divorce but women do.

Rasma really believes in the power of passive income and her source of passive income has been a trusted QQ websites (Ratuqq) for the past sometime now. Rasma made enough passive income with her source to inaugurate a tissue box company of her own in the September of this year.

Driving and car enthusiast Matt is also an online togel freak

Matt Hooper is an internet marketer who used to be a huge proponent of creating forum websites with MyBB until he lost all of his well-established and popular forum due to just one minor mistake and the support was unable to help him although he tried his best in finding the solution for one complete month.

Matt recently bought a black Honda CR-V. You will be surprised to know that Matt never saw a black colored Honda CR-V before buying one. He believed that the alloy wheels on the SUV would be black by default. After finding that the alloy wheels were of the regular color and it was the same for every color and every model of the car, Matt was pissed, although the dealership offered him black alloy wheels for some extra money and he liked those alloy wheels but he refused the offer because he was so pissed at the dealership and its employees (dealership primarily, the employees were extremely polite with him all the time).

Matt is an online gambling freak. No, he is not an addict. His one and only passion is driving but the money that he makes gambling which then he uses to buy new cars and gasoline is the thing that has turned him into a gambling freak. Even all his dreams are nothing but about winning at gambling and investing that money in cars.

Matt’s most favorite car is his Ford Mustang.

Matt keeps looking for new online gambling games whenever he can and he recently discovered togel86.co which he cannot get enough of. Matt doesn’t speak Thai and he has to translate the characters into the English language but he loves the game so much that he doesn’t bother about the hassle that he has to go through while translating those words into the English language.

Indonesian husband and Polish wife enjoying high life with Macaubet

Purnama Sinar received the best cowgirl action from his wife that he ever received in his life last Friday. Purnama’s Polish wife Eva is a great company to be with. Though she allows Purnama to have fun with her in fairly limited ways, whatever ways she allows, she does it the best ways possible. Eva is after one thing and one thing only and that is Purnama’s complete and utter happiness. She is driven to make sure that Purnama is 100% satisfied with the time he spends with her and stops at nothing to ensure that his experience is the one that he will never forget. She really always understands what Purnama expects from her.

Purnama spent his teenage before he met Eva always busy trading one addiction for another. He was addicted to several wrong things which he still regrets. Before his marriage, Purnama met several different ladies of Russian, Brazilian, Czech and Latin backgrounds but none of those could fascinate him, Eva is the only lady who could really fascinate him. He fell in love on sight with her.

Purnama owns expensive Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Dodge bikes. I personally consider it a waste of money but Purnama doesn’t because he doesn’t have to work hard for that money. All he does is that he bets on 1xbetindo and multiplies his money. Yes, Purnama was born with this good luck sort of a thing that no matter what he never loses any bets.

In the month of August this year, Purnama got a thorough taste of the local Polish flair with Eva by his side when they enjoyed a 11 day vacation to Poland’s Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin and Sopot together.

Son of low-middle income fishing family is already a millionaire with no hard work, thanks to Hanabet

Bagus Tanzil has been going back and forth to Ukraine to meet his online girlfriends in the flesh and have some good time with them for the past one year.

Bagus was born to a low middle income fishing family in the Lamalera village of Indonesia. Bagus was always a believer of the statement ‘An idea can make you rich’. Bagus sees those ‘angel numbers’ all the time and he got an idea to bet using those angel numbers with hanabet mobile.

Would you be surprised if I tell you that his idea really worked? Bagus has been making tens of thousands of American dollars per month since then and he claims that he is soon going to touch 6 digits. I really believe that he can do it and my best wishes are with him.

Bagus is extremely eager to buy Aramco shares and he checks at least once a week when are they going to be available for the Indonesian citizens.

Bagus was married once and divorced his wife within less than a year. Both the spouses were annoyed with each other all the time. His wife still sends her emails, Whatsapp messages, Facebook pings once in a while but he never even check those. I personally think that Bagus should at least hear her out. It is very rude to not even check her messages.

Because Bagus doesn’t work hard for the money, he is always busy spending it on his girlfriends abroad, on modifying his cars, video games and stuff like that.

Bagus still prefers money order instead of PayPal and he believes that PayPal is unlucky for him. Bagus sometimes makes very wild claims with nothing to back them up and his usage of money order instead of PayPal is one of those to me.

MAX Life Insurance Agent from India now speaks fluent Malay and bets regularly on ‘Online Bola’

Sonia Dhingra is a Max Life Insurance Agent in New Delhi, India. Before becoming a life insurance agent, Sonia lived a very meager life, it was very hard for her to pay the school fee, she failed to pay up the school fee for her kids most of the times. She has 2 lovely daughters and both study at one of the best schools of East Delhi.

The only place that Sonia used to ever travel to before becoming a life insurance agent with MAX life insurance company was Vaisno Devi (a Hindu pilgrimage site). Since becoming a life insurance agent with the MAX company, she has been enjoying trips throughout the different Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam.

I forgot to tell you that Sonia even met her husband during a trip to Vaishno Devi, they saw each other and instantly fell in love.

Sonia now speaks fluent English and she regularly bets on online football betting websites with the help of a trusted bookie (bandar bola online).

Sonia’s husband is a fitness freak who works out for 3 hours after the day he eats junk food. He eats big to stay big, he eats a lot of mutton, red meat, chicken soup, almonds and other healthy food. He recently replaced creatine with Muscle Tech Phase 8 Protein.

Everyday Sonia ends up eating junk food like pizza, burger and other even worse stuff and makes false promises to herself that from the next day on she will never touch that stuff.

According to Sonia’s husband, all the negative people he has met eat tons load of sugar and Sonia is lucky yet to haven’t turned like any of those.

Lincoln Denis bought a Lincoln Crossover with the Online Slot Machines

Lincoln Denis is an automotive engineer who claims that Japan produces the best automotive engineers and he has learnt more from the Japanese automotive engineers than any other group.

Lincoln claims that the government of Ukraine is secretly funding a group of engineers that claim that they can produce marvelous cars that will run totally on coal energy and will give the petroleum run cars a run for their money. These cars Lincoln claims that will be more economical to run, more reliable, more durable, faster and more fun to drive than their petrol or diesel run counterparts.

Lincoln lived in the communist country called Cuba for a while and Lincoln claims that he knew a family there which used to have the secret knowledge about the hidden tin underneath the crust of the Cuba and this family sold this tin to the Brazilian government secretly. This family used to live right next to Lincoln and a little kid from this family told Lincoln about their deeds to Lincoln. Lincoln later found out that the kid was right and he was taking a revenge on his family after a quarrel.

Lincoln claims that Singapore is going to be a bankrupt state with the rise of North Korea. Lincoln claims that soon enough with American President Donald Trump’s help, the North Korea is going to build the best trading ports the world has never seen and this move alone will destroy more than half of the Singaporean economy and be one of the first steps to destroy the Singaporean economy. Lincoln has advised his cousins that have been living in Singapore for quite a while to move out from there but they wouldn’t listen, Lincoln says that they are soon going to regret not listening to him and Lincoln is going to celebrate that day.

Lincoln recently bought a Lincoln MKC with the money that he won with the bets he made with slot machines online (losimo automatai online) using the tips and tricks he learnt with different Discord servers, online forums and blogs. Lincoln says that it is his first Non-Japanese car and driving an American car is much more fun experience than driving a Japanese car.

Memory Latham has several remarkable memories about winning the bets online

Memory Latham (name changed) owns a pretty successful company that manufactures LDPE bags, wrapping films and laminated rolls. There was a time when Memory used to work at a McDonalds but things changed when Memory said to herself “I’ve had it.”

Memory started betting online on top online trusted live betting (Canlı Bahis) websites and made a fortune with the same owing to her good luck.

Memory has several friends working in Japanese car companies. Memory claims that the designers in Toyota and Lexus are on the payroll of rival companies and that’s the reason why they have been designing cars that look ugly to most. Memory claims that soon enough Toyota’s top engineers will also be on the payroll of Toyota’s rivals and there goes down the decades old Toyota’s claim of unrivaled reliability down the drain.

Memory’s one and only sister – Malisha owns a company that creates and sells only dull gold and rose gold wheels. Malisha’s husband is busy creating what he calls will be the greatest LED head torch company ever. Malisha’s husband is a fashion designer who designs, creates and sells only high-collared shirts on eBay but after buying a couple of LED head torches from Amazon, he has got into this obsession of creating the best ever LED head torch company. Malisha has traveled about 48 countries including India. Malisha’s favorite place in India is Goa. Malisha fell in love with what is now called Dudhsagar Falls in Goa. Malisha inquired about the history of Dudhsagar Falls and turned out that it used to be called Da Rosa e Da Rocha Falls until the Portuguese Rule in 1962. As soon as the state of India took over Goa, they renamed several sights including Da Rosa e Da Rocha Falls

Amateur scientist has been trying to replace her smoking addiction with online gambling

Giga Celik claims that she has developed the latest technology that promises preferred gendered child birth and it never fails, 100% accuracy guaranteed. Giga is not a scientist, I don’t know what made her invent that technology.

Giga has been struggling with smoking addiction. Smoking makes her irrational but she does it nevertheless. She once made it to 53 days without smoking. The last time I spoke to her she was on day 5.

Giga wants to live a life for herself, she wants to live it for her family’s happiness’s sake and her possible future children. She meditates whenever she gets hit hard by the urges to smoke.

She thinks that she is still figuring out the mindset that she needs to be in if she wants to beat the evil addiction called ‘smoking’.

Giga voted for Cruz in her state.

Last Sunday, Giga tried exercising but literally all day she couldn’t stop thinking about how badly she wanted that cigarette, she couldn’t get any of her tasks done, so she tried using Youtube as an escape and she ended up watching Youtube all day.

Sometimes when Giga smokes, her anxiety gets so bad that she can’t even talk normally with her own parents. The most powerful thing for Giga to stop smoking is that she can convince herself that the only reason she was always too anxious to ask her college long crush out was constantly ramping up her social anxiety with cigarettes.

Giga has been trying to replace her smoking addiction with a good one like online gambling. Giga has been quite lucky with gambling yet, she has got 12.4% return on the total bets she made. Giga loves to read gambling related blogs and football betting (พนันบอล).

Viviana Beswick started her own major tarpaulin export business with slot money

Viviana Beswick used to make more money with renting out tents part-time than her day-job and she wanted to make it big in the tent business but as she didn’t have enough money to expand her business and she didn’t want to borrow a loan either, she was looking for an innovative way to raise funds for her business which she finally did.

Viviana started gambling online on trusted websites like goldenslot and finally got enough money to start her own waterproof tarpaulins export business.

Viviana is a sort of a conspiracy theorist blogger and she is a regular on posting things like the nation of Sri Lanka has nuclear weapons that they bought from North Korea. Viviana wrote that it was seen by the members of the CIA and Pentagon through the satellite but they were all bribed by the government of Sri Lanka later on.

Viviana claims that the nations of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar) are secretly planning to make a union and a military alliance to become the ultimate tiger in the region called Southeast Asia. Viviana says that she has many online friends from these 4 countries who told her the same.

Viviana recently changed her gym after a psycho grabbed one of her breasts at the gym and after she slapped him on the face, he replied “Please beat me some more”. Viviana then decided to change her gym immediately and thankfully, the psycho hasn’t yet been able to track her yet.

Viviana recently traveled to Australia and after doing an extensive research and study on Kangaroos, she came to a theory probably never heard by anyone or even thought by anyone before that Kangaroos are the fallen stars who have been punished by the god for their sins.

Exceptionally smart couple has a hobby of betting on Fun88

Adam Rappaport is a gentleman who is very well-aware of himself, others, and his surroundings, he thinks it is a very rare attribute that very few possess. Adam’s wife Elisha finds him very sexy and sweet for this attribute and her search for the perfect man really stopped when she discovered Adam at a Starbucks cafe where they were both very frequent. Elisha used to be very stressed because she wasn’t able to find someone throughout her 25 years of life whom she could think of as someone eligible for her. After meeting Adam, Elisha dated some other men too but it was always Adam who kept popping to the top of her list.

Adam is respectful, squeaky clean and well-groomed, defined gentleman who is easy to be with and that’s what Elisha loves him so much for. Elisha herself is quite graceful with a magnetic charisma. She has an athletic figure, a very high libido and is always excited for some fun with Adam.

Adam and Elisha have such a great chemistry that they speak every thought that come into their mind, lost in each other’s arms, lost in words, they don’t notice down had the Saturday night flown. They make love only once in a week and that is every Saturday but when they do, it is something so hot that you can’t even imagine. They both satisfy each other fully. Some Saturdays Adam splash Elisha 6 times in a night with respect and being a gentleman.

Adam leaves Elisha breathless each time and makes sure that she has been transported to the universal joy.

Elisha’s favorite hobby is betting on fun88 each night before getting to sleep or have some fun with Adam.

Factory owner lady bought a separate mansion on the hills for the monsoons with Toto Dollars

Nikki Flores is a factory owner that wonders why they don’t speak Hindi in the United Nations whereas they do use Chinese. Nikki says that ‘Shining India’ by Narendra Modi is a term that he has been using to fool the masses of India. Nikki recently was on a business trip to India where she noticed that India has gone far behind from where it was the last time she visited it. Nikki observed that the people were wearing older clothes and driving smaller cars than they did this time compared to the last time that she visited India.

Nikki says that most companies don’t do well not because of the bad economy but because the bosses care more about the sycophants than the skilled employees. Nikki is not ashamed to admit that her own boss tried to take advantage of Nikki at her first job. Nikki says that in many of the companies that she worked at, the bosses cared more about the sexual favors than the skills of the employees. Nikki believes that the #metoo movement is going to have not much impact in the long run and it will be almost completely forgotten by the year 2020.

Nikki’s factory manufactures rear-view mirrors for a Japanese automobile company and the company has been growing ever since it was started out.

Nikki seldom reads any sort of news at all, she says that 85% of the news websites on the internet are utter gibberish and 95% of the news on the internet cannot be trusted at all.

In the December of 2018, Nikki bought a separate mansion on the hills to spend her monsoons at. Nikki says that even though she is a factory owner, she couldn’t afford to purchase it without the money that she won with 토토사이트 applying the tips and tricks that she learnt with a blog dedicated to winning with the Toto websites.

Xi Jingping owns Geely not Li Shufu, claims TOTO millionaire Ewa Rowberry’s conspiracy theorist Sikh friend

Ewa Rowberry sold her 2004 purple Chevrolet SSR (Super Sport Roadster) to a desperate man from Lexington, Kentucky for US Dollar 120, 000 and invested the same on buku mimpi bergambar and today she is a millionaire.

Ewa is a great Star Movies fan and she claims that she has watched each and every Star War movie tens of times.

One of Ewa’s best friends is a Sikh dude named Harjot Gill who is a celibacy advocate but he doesn’t practice what he preaches because he claims that he gets misogynistic if he doesn’t have any sexual encounter within 2 months.

Harjot Gill is sort of a conspiracy theorist who claims that the real owner of AB Volvo is Xi Jinping and not Li Shufu. Harjot claims that Li Shufu is just a fall guy who is gets to enjoy the life of a billionaire with Xi Jinping’s money and power for acting like he is the founder of Geely.

Harjot says that Xi Jingping is just a songwriter, music composer and now an actor as well.

Harjot claims that the Illuminati (the people who run and control the world) wants to carve out 2 more Islamic countries out of India and that’s why the prime minister of India, their ministers, the mainstream media and right-wing organizations are doing their best to frustrate the Muslims so that they start separatist movements. Harjot says that they are doing their best to carve out one different nation for Christians as well the same way.

Harjot says that one of his best friends – Aasif who is a Muslim as is evident from his name, doesn’t play golf, cricket and table tennis as these sports are considered haram in Islam. Aasif only plays football or rugby because these 2 sports are halal in Islam. Aasif says that golf can also be considered halal according to Islam if and only if, the shooter runs to the hole on his feet and not in a golf cart.

Research scientist claims she can prove that the spirits exist and her businessman husband claims he can prove that UFABET means profits

Bluma Dinsmore is a research scientist who claims that the progeny born to men and women that underwent chemotherapy is going to have strong and sometimes even lethal health conditions. Bluma says that either the scientists and doctors become aware of this fact earlier or they will be responsible for defaming their profession and field.

Bluma is married to a Finnish gentleman who owns a company that manufactures insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. Bluma’s husband is addicted to UFABET and he keeps gifting Bluma with jewelry and other stuff with the money that he regularly wins with UFABET.

Bluma’s husband was a poor student at school but he has been studying Geology, Biology, Physics and Chemistry for the past few years as a hobby.

Bluma has contributed to many Aerostatics related books and she tried to publish her belief and what she calls her observation about the progeny born to the people that underwent chemotherapy, but it was never published, which some say happened for the good only and whenever Bluma hears someone getting disagreed to her observation or belief, she gets infuriated.

Bluma says that no matter how hard they pretend or try to save the environment, they are not going to succeed.

Bluma says that scientists sound nothing less than tyrants when they say that the matter only comprises of solid, liquid and gasses and some invisible things like air. Bluma says that with some effort, she can prove that the spirits exist as well but no scientist or government will give her a chance.

Bluma’s favorite topic in the school used to be biometrics and she has always been excellent at this subject while she will disagree with the word ‘excellent’ for herself.

Her degree in Business, Economics and History couldn’t make her a fortune but Internet Judi did

Yuri Schultz is an amateur political analyst very critical of the current Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi. Yuri has high hopes with the recently elected Prime Minister of Pakistan – Imran Khan. Yuri says that whereas India’s Human Development Index (HDI) has only suffered since Narendra Modi took over, she believes that the Pakistan’s Human Development Index will only see a linear rise during the Imran Khan’s tenure.

Yuri has a degree in Business, Economics and History but she worked at a 9-5 job for over a decade because she couldn’t get a job with her so-called degree. Yuri couldn’t ever get enough time to work-out or practice yoga although she has always been interested in becoming her healthiest and fittest version. Yuri could only become financial independent after finding the right Situs Judi Online Terpercaya company and becoming a millionaire with its help.

Yuri started a sandals and open-toed shoe business with the money she won with Judi Slot.

Yuri recently caught psoriasis and she is very disappointed with the Garra Rufa fish pedicures and the claim that they alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis. Yuri claims that she went through several Garra Rufa Fish pedicures but she is yet to see any sort of improvement in the symptoms of psoriasis.

Yuri is not ready to believe the myth that Garra Rufa fishes were spared as a food in the prehistoric Syria because they believed that the Syrians believed that eating Garra Rufa fishes brought bad luck because of their appetite of snacking on the bad skin of the people. Yuri is also not ready to believe the myth that several men and women have died due to eating Garra Rufa fishes because after going inside the body of the humans, the Garra Rufa fishes ate up their significant body organs.

Indian-American psychiatrist started an X-Ray machine business with the money she won with Betway Mobile

Dr Jessica Gilani is a psychiatrist with specialty in PTSDs. Dr Gilani never had an idea that she will be able to fulfill her dream of starting an X-Ray machine business so early as she has but her dream really became a reality within a time span unbelievable with the help of amazing betway tips and tricks she learnt from her friends and applying the same on betway มือถือ.

Dr Jessica Gilani has a sister who sells chastity cages and belts online. Her parents recently found out what her business is and they were really angry about it but somehow she managed to convince them. It is nothing less than a miracle for a traditional Indian parents to let their daughter sell something like chastity cages, it proves that Jessica’s sister has marvelous convincing and communication skills.

Dr Jessica Gilani says that the scientists must be given more luxurious labs. Jessica says that the scientists are taken for granted and are very undervalued although their contribution is perhaps the most in the building of the modern civilization. Dr Jessica challenges that if more than 5% of the random people that are asked to name a scientist that lived a luxurious life are able to come up with the name within less than 5 seconds, she will leave her practice.

Being a psychiatrist, Dr Jessica Gilani claims that petite women cheat lesser on their spouses and lie lesser as well. Dr Jessica Gilani also claims that watching pornography more than 1 hour a day leads to degeneracy over 85% of the times.

Dr Jessica Gilani’s husband – Solomon owns a company that manufactures rubber gloves, yoga mats and rubber pull reducers. Solomon says that he only recruits the ones at his company that reach first for the interview.

Yamaha crazy woman owes all her fortune to Safety Park betting

Sanit Srisuk used to supply red meat all over the state of Kentucky when she was an American citizen but now she manufactures completely natural massage cream, aroma gel, cuticle cream, aroma oil and soaps and sell those all over the world. Sanit says that if she weren’t fluent in the Korean language, it wouldn’t have been possible as everything she owns now she owes it to 안전공원사이트.

Sanit is a motorcycle enthusiast which is very unusual for a woman in her native country. Sanit says that Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki might have come a long way but it is the Yamaha that is still the king of the motorcycle industry.

Sanit doesn’t understand the craze among both the men and women for the bikes like Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, Jawa and Indian Chief. Sanit says that these stupid bikes are extremely dangerous in case an accident occurs, these motorcycles are fuel thirsty, these are uncomfortable to ride and they don’t last as long as a Japanese motorcycle but still the craze for these motorcycles among some people is uncomprehending for sane and smart people like Sanit. Sanit says that she won’t feel good as long as the unfeasible motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, Jawa and Indian Chief don’t go bankrupt. Sanit wonders why these companies still exist even with the prices of the fuel touching the sky.
Sanit says that she is surprised at how far the Indian motorcycle industry has come. Sanit is a great fan of the Bajaj and TVS motorcycles even though she doesn’t one. She says that she enjoyed riding those during her last trip to Goa.

Sanit’s husband is also from India and he used to manage his family business of breeding white rabbits and boer goats before he got married to Sanit.

Family man loves rb88 more than his family and surprisingly, the family knows it as well

Michael Dahmer is a martial artist and a dance school owner from Krabi, Thailand. Michael tried his hand in the martial arts business twice but both times it failed but Michael considers learning martial arts and having 2 failed schools to be the secret behind him now running a successful dance school and having a beautiful wife and 2 lovely kids. Michael met his wife at his martial arts school when she used to come there to learn the martial arts. Michael laughs that she was the only female student in his entire school and they fell in love over time, Michael says that it was love at first sight for him but for his wife, it happened gradually.

Michael hates racism but he believes that the reason why neither of his martial arts school did well is because the people of Thailand believed that a white person cannot be as good of a martial arts instructor as an average Thai instructor which Michael claims is certainly not the case in reality. Michael claims that the only reason he traveled to Thailand was to learn the martial arts but things kept happening. Michael had the idea in his mind that the foreigners like himself that travel all the way from their countries to Thailand in order to learn the martial arts would be more interested in a native English speaking martial arts instructor than someone whose first language is not English but rather Thai, but was he wrong. Michael then met his wife with the help of whom he found the dance school that he has been running for 3 years now and decided to settle forever in Thailand because of its natural beauty, scenic views and economy.

What Michael loves even more than his kids, wife or the beautiful piece on earth called Thailand is ทางเข้า rb88, and his wife knows it very well.

Online marketer and blogger makes tens of thousands of dollars per month as a crypto casino affiliate

Jordan Hernandez is an online marketer and blogger who claims that he makes tens of thousands of dollars a month with online marketing and blogging. Jordan further claims that he makes even more money as crypto casino affiliates, but he doesn’t like to add that in his blogging and rest of the online marketing adventure.

One of Jordan’s blogs is completely dedicated to his opinions on different religions. Jordan once wrote that a Christian priest once told him that Saint Thomas Aquinas died because of a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Although Jordan is not a practicing catholic, Jordan knew that the priest’s claim was a fake and blasphemous one. Before Jordan could report the priest to the higher authorities, he got to learn that the blasphemous priest himself had a cardiac arrest in a nearby happy ending massage parlor and died on the spot.

In one of his blog posts, Jordan claimed that it is the magic of Saint Thomas the Apostle than some Iraqi and Arab Christians haven’t lost their faith yet even after so much pressure from the opposing Muslims that have been trying to convert them from centuries now.

In another of his blog post dedicated to Saint Thomas the Apostle, Jordan mentioned that the prayers that they chant in the Roman Catholic Church are inferior to the ones that they recite in the Indian Catholic Church and the credit of the same goes to one and only St Thomas the Doubting Apostle.

Jordan has mentioned more than once on his blog that the paganic religion practiced by the Vikings was superior to any other paganic religion of the time except for the Hinduism. Jordan also adds each time that he doesn’t like Hinduism at all or justifies the atrocities of the Hindus, like Sati Pratha.

Auto-Journo wishes if all the car sellers were as honest as the modern online gambling websites

Ashley McHenry is an auto journalist from South Korea who is popular for writing interesting controversial posts, regarding both her personal and profession life.

Ashley recently made a post telling why Maruti-Suzuki cars sell so much in India. In her post, Ashley mentioned that there was almost a monopoly of the Indian car manufacturers in India until the year 1983, which sold nothing but licensed unreliable, expensive to maintain and expensive to buy European and Russian cars to the poor Indian customers. Ashley adds that the only other option that the Indians had back in the day was a Fiat Padmini, which was launched in the financial year 1974 and was sold till the year 2000.

Ashley writes that then the desperate Suzuki Motors launched a 800cc car in collaboration with an Indian sales company – Maruti, which was named Maruti-Suzuki 800. Ashley writes after the launch of the Maruti-Suzuki 800, an average Indian could now buy a car for cheap and as the Indians never experienced the Japanese reliability before, they were amazed at how good the Japanese cars were and how cheap were they to maintain; The cult continued for decades and till now, an average Indian believes that a Maruti-Suzuki car is far more reliable than an average Honda or Toyota and they continue to buy it blindingly without checking any other option available in the market. Ashley writes that she is amazed to learn that over 50% of the cars that sell in India belong to one manufacturer alone – Maruti-Suzuki.

Ashley says that she really hopes that the cult of Maruti-Suzuki ends soon enough in the nation called India and the people of that country become enlightened enough to know that not all the cars that belong to any other make than Maruti-Suzuki are not bad and how the Indian corporations were making a fool out of them. Ashley adds that corporations like 먹튀검증 are very rare to find that only believe in giving away, but the ones that are honest enough to be always fair aren’t hard to find either.

Packager and labeler owns 9 Fords that are all painted blue, thanks to soccer betting

Brad Kilmer is an Indonesian gentleman who owns a packaging and labeling company in the Cilegon city, Java, Indonesia. Packaging and labeling stuff maybe Brad’s business but his passion is writing conspiracy theories. Brad is highly obsessed and passionate about the conspiracies that are going on around the Indian subcontinent and that’s what he writes the most about.

Brad believes that most Indian authors are overrated and he claims that he has never completed a book by an Indian author ever.

Brad loves the blue color so much that all of his nine cars are painted with the blue color and they are all Fords, do you want to know why? The answer is because Ford’s logo is painted in the blue color as well. You will perhaps be surprised to learn that Brad didn’t buy a single one of his car with the money he made with his conspiracy blogs or his packaging and labeling company, but instead with the money that he made with betting on situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya.

Brad claims that ‘Player of the Series’ award in a cricket test match is gifted to the bookies’ favorite player only. Brad claims that 99.99% of the cricket matches in India are fixed.

Brad recently made a post on his blog claiming that he and his family recently met the Irish professional wrestler – Becky Lynch, at a festival. Brad’s younger brother tried to flirt with her only to get tightly slapped on the left cheek of his.

Neurologist from Malang hopes that ball gambling makes him enough money to study the Buddhist monks single-handedly

Dr Andrew Nonnenberg is a neurologist from the city of Malang, Indonesia who claims on his blog that in the ancient times, they used to believe that brain aneurysm is caused by the bite of a common house gecko. Dr Andrew claims that this ridiculous belief is still prevalent in several backward tribes across the globe, especially in the Indian and African subcontinent.

Dr Andrew claims to have met several patients of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in his life. Dr Andrew claims that after careful and thorough investigation, he has concluded that 95% of these patients consume psychedelics.

Dr Andrew is blunt enough to declare publicly that the neurological studies lately have been more unstable than his wins on his most favorite situs judi bola. One such study that Dr Andrew Nonnenberg talks about is the one where the neurologists first used to claim that the caffeine use is the greatest contributor to brain aneurysm but the recent studies give a view that is right the opposite.

Dr Andrew claims that studying the Buddhist monks can help the field of neurology a lot. Dr Andrew wishes if he had the budget and time to do the same. Dr Andrew writes on his blog that if he is not able to do it soon enough and neither does any other neurologist, he will persuade her daughter who is studying neurology to do the same. Dr Andrew claims that he is certain that his daughter will not deny it as she seems more passionate when it comes to the neurology than he himself is.

Dr Andrew writes on his blog that it is surprising that the twin adults are less likely to face any neurological issue compared to their single counterparts although they are more likely to face different other health issues belonging to other medical fields.

Hua Hin’s French Restaurant owner has been betting on Thai websites since the day he got fluent in the language

Joseph Dalmau owns one of the most successful French restaurants in the city of Hua Hin in Thailand.

The most popular dish at Joseph’s restaurant is the Beef Bourguignon. Joseph claims on his blog that one of the reasons why the dish is so popular at their restaurant is that they use nothing but the best quality beef imported from India. Joseph claims that they only use the meat of Surti Buffalo imported from India in their Beef Bourguignon.

Joseph is a lawyer by profession but he only practiced for 3 months. Joseph doesn’t hesitate to mention on his blog that he has never fought a court case in his life.

In the March of this year, Joseph’s restaurant started delivering as well. Also in the month of March this year, Joseph became fluent in the Thai language and started betting on Thai websites with the help of blogs like https://ashotoftruth.org

Joseph’s French restaurant in Hua Hin is very popular with the doctors, lawyers and business people, but Joseph never brags about it.

Joseph’s restaurant has at least over 20 different customers that come for a brunch there almost everyday. This is something that Joseph really brags about.

Joseph claims on his blog that the French dishes are the best if you are looking for a heavy protein diet. Joseph also claims on the same blog that he has been doing his utmost to expose the companies that sell lab grown meat. Joseph writes that it is a pity that the lab meat is being sold more than the lamb meat.

Joseph’s restaurant offers free parking but Joseph has been thinking about eliminating it for a while now. Joseph clearly mentioned on his blog that offering a free parking attracts more people that eat nothing at the restaurant.

Singaporean historian thanks online lottery for putting food on her table while she was busy exploring the Russian history

Alison Laing is a Singaporean historian who was born in Scotland but is obsessed with the Russian history. Alison recently completed writing a book on one of the most popular Russians ever – Rurik the Emperor. I have read the book and here are some of the excerpts from Alison’s book.

Alison writes in her book that Rurik was both envious and fearful of both his brothers – Sineus and Truvor and that’s the reason why he planned the murder of them both with the help of the local tribes that belonged to the area that he captured.

Alison writes in her book that the name ‘Rurik’ is prevalent all around the world including in the Surya Vanshi aka Rajput tribes of India. Alison writes that the Surya Vanshis of India have a belief for over 1000 years that if they keep the name of their son – Rurik, he is going to be as virile, brave and valorous as Rurik – the founder of Kievan Rus.

Alison writes in her book that the claims that Rurik belonged to one of the lost tribes of Israel is a phony and funny one. Alison has written in her book that she is going to make an announcement on her blog that she will award the person 20000 Singaporean Dollar to the person who can prove that Rurik belonged to one of the lost tribes of Israel. Alison also has thanked pengeluaran sgp for putting food on her table while she was busy exploring the Russian history.

Alison writes in her book that there is no denying that Rurik suffered with megalomania and where the disease called ‘Megalomania’ has been responsible for ruining lives across the world, for Rurik – the founder of Kievan Rus, it proved to be an extremely beneficial thing rather.

Baby clothing store chain owner claims that the more she donates the luckier she gets with her betting adventures

Dumora Sirait owns a baby clothing store chain with 10 different stores in 5 different cities of Indonesia including Bandung, West Jakarta, East Jakarta, Palembang and Malang.

Dumora’s company specializes in party wear for the kids.

Dumora brags on her blog that those who come for the gander only to her store, don’t leave without buying anything 80% of the times.

Dumora writes that she cannot comprehend how the companies that showcase one product online and send another one are able to survive for so long. Dumora really appreciates the buyers that do a lot to expose and campaign against such baby clothing stores, both online and offline.

Dumora writes that wrestling fan parents that want their baby sons to grow up like their most favorite wrestler do nothing but buy their favorite wrestler’s costume for their baby boys and that’s the reason why Dumora recently introduced some of the most comfortable WWE and WCW star costumers for the babies.

Dumora writes on her blog that the parents are now buying clothes for their babies separately for the special occasions with both their hands like never before.

Dumora’s next target is to create a brand for the kids that will offer furniture and decor, exclusively for the babies and kids.

Dumora donates clothes to emergency reliefs around the world. She also donates 20% of the company’s profits to the charities. Dumora claims that the more she donates to the charities, the luckier she gets with her online gambling adventures and that keeps her closer to her online gambling agent (bandar judi online) as well.

Dumora believes that most modern clothing for babies is not made to last long, which is a pity.

Dumora brags that more than the kids, it is the parents that enjoy shopping at her stores.

British born South Korean citizen owns 3 Indian restaurants that are being financed by online gambling money

Eric Pound is a South Korean restaurateur of British origin who currently owns 3 Indian restaurants in 3 different cities of South Korea.

Eric’s restaurants stopped delivering food because Eric only believes in serving fresh, hot and the most delicious possible food. Eric says that there is no compromise when it comes to any of that, at all.

Eric writes on his personal blog that it is a pity that the Kashmiri restaurants have separated themselves from the Indian ones. Eric says that they now refer to the lamb meat as a Kashmiri recipe instead of referring to it as Indian, because only the Kashmiri people eat lamb meat in India.

Eric is a conspiracy theorist as well, not as crazy as David Icke but he really has some interesting theories to share.

Eric writes that the Indians suffer with a chronic inferiority complex and one of the examples to prove the same is that they consider Winston Churchill as one of their heroes although he openly hated on them.

Eric has been called Anti-Catholic many times including once when he wrote that those who believe and claim that Jesus could have escaped the torture and the rest of the agony in the garden without any efforts are clearly out of their mind.

Eric writes that the Indian parliament has been a cheap imitation of the British parliament since the very beginning and that’s one of the foremost reasons why it is a fake democracy.

Eric claims that Russia is going to turn Communist soon again and become a superpower as well.

Eric claims that a group of young German engineers has been working on to create video game simulators so great that most never even imagined before. Eric says that he couldn’t care less. He would only care if they create simulators for the game of 먹튀검증.

Certified Neurologist from West Jakarta enjoys a game of Sbobet each Saturday night after he is done making some controversial statements

Dr George Tracy is a certified neurologist based in the city of West Jakarta, who is popular for his blunt and interesting posts and statements on his official practice blog.

Dr George Tracy claims that the alcoholism and depression is far more prevalent in the communities that have been involved in agriculture for centuries. He likes to give example of Punjab in India and Pakistan.

Dr George Tracy also claims that the cure and prevention of the Alzheimer’s and Dementia is hidden somewhere in Acarology. He claims that he has been studying each and every book that he could find on the subject for a while now. He says that he is determined to find the cure by himself.

Dr George Tracy claims that the children born to parents with kyphosis, scoliosis, or lordosis are 400% more prone to getting Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis before the age of 15.

Dr George Tracy has been experimenting with garlics, onions and gingers since he learnt that these are used as a cure for the Depression, Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Ayurvedic medicine and many Indian villagers who cannot afford the modern western medicinal treatment have been claiming to have achieved great results with the same.

Dr George Tracy claims that those who do aerobic exercises have lesser cases of spinal injuries than the ones that don’t exercise at all or workout in the gym.

Dr George Tracy also claims that cerebral palsy used to be far more common until the 1960s, they just didn’t take it as something very serious back then.

Dr George Tracy says that parents that suffered glioma in the past are more likely to give birth to children with damaged frontal lobe, blindness or psychological disorders.

Dr George Tracy likes to take a chill pill with the help of his trusted Agen Sbobet each Saturday night before he gets to have a relaxed deep sleep.

Antireligion campaigner from Mukdahan says that she cannot live without Toto

Hillary Hart is an antireligion campaigner from the town of Mukdahan in Thailand. Hillary Hart is also a music composer and music teacher.

One of Hillary’s all-time favorite character is Mansur Al-Hallaj and her blog is full of posts that show sympathy with this character.

Hillary writes that the Sufi contemporaries that disapprove of Mansur Al-Hallaj’s actions either don’t know the Sufism or are scared of the others. Hillary claims that Mansur Al-Hallaj’s actions, devotion and beliefs were 100% as per the Sufism and there is no power that can change those beliefs. Hillary writes that they will need to create a different sect if they want to change it because Mansur Al-Hallaj was a living definition of what Sufism is.

Hillary claims that Al-Hallaj never lost his ability to speak the Persian language but it was a drama that he acted in order to show the Arabians that he belongs to them completely. The Arabians would doubt the Persians and treated them as second class citizens, especially the Persian speaking ones. Al-Hallaj was a second generation Muslim and hence the doubt on people like him was meant to be stronger.

Hillary writes that the notion among the European historians that Mansur Al-Hallaj was secretly a Christian is completely false one. She writes that he secretly studied the Christianity and also appreciated it as well but he was far from being a Christian. Hillary writes that Mansur Al-Hallaj shouldn’t even be called a Muslim, he was far from being limited to any religion.

Hillary writes that no matter where she is, she can live without writing but she cannot live without her favorite Toto website – 토토사이트

This Indonesian author is writing a book on the life of the dead English criminals that also loved to gamble like himself

Banyu Rais is an Indonesian blogger and author who is perhaps the first Indonesian to write a book on the life of the English criminals – Kray Twins. Banyu is naming his book – “Kray Twins – Born in East London died in Slough and Norwich”.

Banyu has already released several excerpts from his book on one of his blogs.

Banyu writes that Ronnie Kray loved the company of the villains but Reggie Kray despised it and it is proven from several different accounts including some by their elder brother – Charlie Kray.

Banyu claims that Reggie Kray’s bladder cancer was the result of the practice of edging that he used to perform all the time as told by the fellow prisoners.

Banyu has also compared Ronnie Kray with the dead leader of Mexico’s Tijuana Cartel – Ramon Arellano Felix. Banyu writes that there are several things that are common between Ronnie Kray and Ramon Arellano Felix, like they were both physically strong, both were notorious for violence, both did drugs, both were sort of Schizophrenic, both were megalomaniac, sociopaths, bisexual and last but not the least, both had their names starting with the letter ‘R’.

Banyu claims that the Kray Twins tried their best to bribe the police officer – Leonard Ernest “Nipper” Read but this police officer was incorruptible. He even claims that they tried to murder him because he wasn’t willing to take any bribe but before they could do it, they were both already arrested.

Banyu also claims that the interviewer who interviewed the twins on Television was afraid of getting beaten or threatened after the interview was over because he had to ask some tough questions in the interview but the twins did nothing bad to him, which is really miraculous looking at their history.

Banyu loves to enjoy everything good that this life has to offer and that’s the reason why he never misses a chance to avail those JasaBola services.

Windscreen glasses and tyre manufacturer’s favorite thing to do is online casino betting

Abram Zimin is an entrepreneur, author and gambler who owns a company that manufactures and exports windscreen glasses and tyres.

Abram recently made a trip to India where he noticed several things he never heard or knew before.

Abram has been to many Arabian countries before and he has come to a conclusion that the Hijda community of India (transsexuals) have a lot to do with Hijra of Arabic. In Arabic, the word ‘Hijra’ means migration and the Hijda of India are also bound to migrate a lot. Another thing is that, they only use the word ‘Hijda’ for the transsexuals of India where they still speak or used to speak the Urdu language – a language that was constructed with the combination of Persian, Arabic and Hindi.

Abram also noticed that there are many similarities between the Khatri (originally Kshatriya) tribes of India and the Arab tribes. Like, the Khatris consider anyone other than themselves to be inferior although the Brahmins are superior to them hierarchically according to the Vedas and other Hindu beliefs.

Another thing that Abram noticed while he was there in India was that many of the traits in India are borrowed from the Judaism and Israel. Like, the Jews in the ancient times also used to have only one name, sometimes followed by the phrase – “Son of” in Israel or the individual’s hometown or the name of the person’s brothers or spouse, the case is still the same with the tribal people of India, he says.

Abram’s favorite pastime while he was in India, used to be betting on his most favorite gambling website – http://proreelemperor.ru and he really missed Russia all the time while he was there.

Professor of Philosophy believes that online casinos are the only thing that can end your misery

Amy Rosine is a professor of philosophy at the University of Waikato. Amy has always been obsessed with the enlightenment era and the French revolution.

Amy recently completed writing around 10, 000 words long article on her blog on Montesquieu. Amy writes that Montesquieu didn’t withdraw himself from the practice of law because he wanted to devote himself to study and writing but because he was a flop lawyer and he believed that studying further will only make him better.

Amy believes that Montesquieu considered his living in Italy a complete wastage of time as he didn’t attain much significant knowledge about the past of the Italy while living there. She says that all that he already knew about the Roman empire through the books was what he learnt even after visiting Italy in person.

Amy writes that there is no denying that with the ban of ‘The Spirit of the Laws’, a great percentage of the Catholics lost the respect for the Catholic Church in their eyes although they never gathered and said this publicly; Amy adds that this moment was one of the very few moments that made the Protestants look far superior to the Catholics. Amy claims that when the book received the highest of the praise from the Britain, the French were full of varied emotions – some were envious, some were angry, some were both angry and envious, some were hateful, some regretful and some even believed that the Britishers were doing this in order to mock the French, Amy adds that no matter what, one magical and uncommon thing that happened for certain was that the Catholic Church found its empire shaken once again.

Amy is a proud gambler as well and she finds a lot of potential in the growing nzd online casinos and believes that the online casinos of New Zealand are far superior to any other.

Real Estate Agent, Choreographer and Blogger from Ninh Binh believes that Bitcoin Gambling is the future

Tom Ta is a Real Estate Agent, Choreographer and Blogger from the Ninh Binh city in Vietnam.

Tom Ta’s blog is full of interesting posts about almost everything that Tom Ta is all about, be it Bitcoin Gambling Vietnam or Choreography.

In one of his posts, Tom Ta wrote that one must not trust the Real Estate Agents that write personal stuff on their official websites like how proud they are of their spouse(s), children, pets, etc. Tom Ta says that this only depicts their incapability and nothing else.

Tom Ta believes that Real Estate Agencies with an inside restaurant/coffee are the future of the industry just like Bitcoin Gambling Vietnam is the future of online gambling in Vietnam.

Tom Ta says that Acrylic houses for the pets are in trend back again and with enough demand and less suppliers, it is one of the best and most lucrative businesses to get into at the moment anywhere in the world.

Tom Ta also warns against going for the choreographers that fault on their websites and blogs about how good they are yoga and meditation when clearly they don’t teach yoga or meditation. Tom says that it is understood that Yoga helps in improving the flexibility which a choreographer requires very much and meditation keeps you calm and composed but he asks that why would someone who teaches choreography and not yoga or meditation would want to tell the visitors on his/her choreography teaching/services official website about what age they started practicing meditation or yoga and whether they used the money they got as monthly allowance or their parents encouraged them or their grandma did or one of their parents were angry about it. Tom Ta finds this ridiculous and crazy and warns again that these sort of choreographers must be avoided.

Indonesian bookstore owner of Indian origin keeps a list of trusted betting websites inside her pocket all the time

Divya Adani is an Indonesian national of Indian origin who owns a very popular bookstore in one of the plushest neighborhoods in the city of North Jakarta.

Divya believes that the number of apps for the books and the bookstore industry are plenty but there is a huge shortage of the same when it comes to the really productive ones, especially for the bookstore owners. Divya claims to have several ideas for the bookstore owner apps and she claims that she has been learning about how to create one as she has no app creation background.

Divya says that one of the best things that you can do to make your bookstore a success is to hire staff that itself is a book reader and lover.

Divya sometimes doubts that either the independent book store industry only is going to survive or the chain stores are going to survive but both are not going to survive in the current competitive circumstances that give each of these an edge on the other one.

Divya’s bookstore is completely designed in the Victorian style and she believes that it could have been even more popular and successful if it were designed in the modern style.

Divya claims that the profit margins have always been meager in the bookstore industry but nobody could have imagined that even the most successful of the bookstores will have to work on losses.

Divya says that 99% of the men that come to her store do not read fictional novels and the women are not interested in those as much anymore either.

Divya is an ardent lover of online casinos and gambling to a level that she always keeps a list of trusted Indonesian pokerqq websites in her pocket all the time.

Scottish-Indonesian Neurosurgeon recommends online card gambling to his patients with Parkinson’s

Dr Bob Stewart is a Scottish-Indonesian neurosurgeon who started his career with practicing at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland but has been having his own practice in the Surabaya city in Indonesia for the past 10 years now.

On his blog, Dr Bob Stewart says that Chordoma seems to be higher among the people with food poisoning history and he has already written application to different unions to do study on this.

Dr Bob also claims that the combination of amphetamines and unsatisfied sexual desires is responsible for more cases of stroke than any other. Dr Bob advises his patients with a history of stroke to be sexually active to save themselves from having more of it.

Dr Bob claims that more whiplashes are caused to the females because of an orgasm rather than any other reason.

Dr Bob Stewart says that no neurosurgeon is ready to admit that the Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) is being mostly caused by the practice of compulsive/excessive than any other reason. Dr Bob Stewart says that they will all tell you that the abnormal curve develops for unknown reasons but roughly as much as 40% of those neurosurgeons know the exact reason already, Dr Stewart claims. Dr Bob Stewart adds that never before so much pornography was available to the adolescents and never before we had so many adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Dr Bob Stewart also claims that the mothers who don’t abstain from alcohol or/and drugs during pregnancy and/or are malnourished are 1100% more likely to give birth to a child with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.

Dr Bob Stewart believes that online card gambling (judi kartu online) is great for the health of the brain, especially if you have dementia or Parkinson’s and that’s why he recommends it to most of his adult patients.

General Practitioner from Kharkiv started his own gambling business using a young expert’s insight

Dr Andrey Kulakevich is a General Practitioner from the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine. Dr Andrey has a blog on the official website of his practice which is full of interesting posts.

Dr Andrey claims that the people are not as patient as they once used to be and this can be learnt and verified by reading the reviews of any doctor belonging to any field on Google Places. Dr Andrey claims that never before even after the advent of the internet and websites like Google Places and others where the user could post a review, so many negative reviews against the front desk clerks were seen. Dr Andrey doesn’t agree with most of those reviews as he claims that never before the front desk clerks were paid so much and never before there was a more rigorous selection criteria for their recruitment.

Dr Andrey believes that every clinic should have more than two clerks and they should be given complete freedom when it comes to take a day or two off. Dr Andrey says that getting the forms filled correctly is a very significant task and great misdeeds can happen if the doctor is provided with a wrongly filled form and he has heard of several cases where the results of these ignorance caused lethal consequences and he can point out some of the genuine articles and reviews on different websites telling the real tales.

Dr Andrey has always been passionate about making as much money as he can and he has also always been passionate about the gambling industry. Last month, with the help of a young guy named Rizvi’s Gambling Business Insights, Dr Andrey Kulakevich found his own gambling website which has been doing better than what they both expected.

Book store owner is a book and bet lover who doesn’t refrain customers from betting at her book store

Cemre Cerci owns a very popular book store in the city of Adana in Turkey. Cemre claims that she is so much in love with the books and her book store that she thinks that she is never going to find enough time for marriage due to the same.

Cemre has a blog dedicated to the books and her book store where she posts really interesting stuff all the time. Cemre says that the customers at the book stores are so smart nowadays that they can tell whether the coffee they are drinking is made of expensive or cheap stuff just by the smell of it. Cemre claims that she uses nothing but the most expensive coffee possible for her at the price that they sell it at her book store but she is more concerned about the fact that the customers of book stores are nowadays are more concerned about the coffee than the books themselves.

Cemre says that she realized it very early that she required tables large enough at her book store that the customers could keep their laptops on those whereas most of her competitors did it too late and that’s what gave Cemre a great edge over them.

Cemre says that it is funny how the people that read knowledgeable books are more prone to eating health food and the ones that eat pastries are more prone to reading fictional stuff.

Cemre says on her blog that she first used to have only books belonging to the Turkish and English language but on the advise of a friend, she started buying books belonging to all the major languages which has incredibly helped her business. She says that along with bringing more profit, carrying books belonging to almost every major language has really increased the number of positive reviews for her book store on Google Places and other websites.

Cemre says that many of the customers only come to the book store so that they can bet on their favorite Taruhan Bola websites in a new atmosphere/environment but Cemre or her staff never interrupt or refrain them from betting as Cemre is a gambling and casino lover herself.

Surabaya event planner is scared about the future of the industry and DominoQQ is the only thing that is keeping her sane

Timmy Cappello is an event planner from the city of Surabaya who is an extremely interesting and blunt person and nonetheless courageous as well. Timmy fears that with the growing technology, the future of the event planning looks shaky and uncertain and there is nothing that can be said about it.

Timmy says that many event planners including herself are so scared that the institution of marriage is soon going to come to an end and that’s the reason why Timmy has already started focusing on other events other than marriage already.

Another thing that scares Timmy all day, all night long is the illness that is found among the wedding planners across the world. Timmy says that the wedding planners nowadays do not listen to your phone calls if you call for more than a couple of times and they only respond to you through Whatsapp which Timmy personally finds irresponsible, unprofessional and ignorant.

Timmy claims that an event planning business which is run by a group of friends is generally the best as no employee can match the creativity and passion of one of the founders.

Timmy says on her blog that one must not go for an event planner having more than one office as event planning is a job that requires the planner to be passionate about the business and not care about the money and someone who is having more than one office is definitely putting the money prior to everything else. Timmy says that if by any chance you decide to go for the one that has more than one office, then only go for the one where the owner himself is the chief and does all the things principally. Timmy has always believed that 99% of the employees that work at an event planning company are really not what you were looking for, a hard-working, passionate, intelligent and smart event planner will not work for another company for more than a specific period of time because this is a business that doesn’t require much investment and anybody who has all the qualities to be a great event planner would rather have his/her own company than working for someone else.

Timmy says that to keep her fears about the future away, she spends a lot of her time betting on Dominoqq online and that’s the only thing that has been keeping her sane for a long.

Event Planner from Depok believes that the gambling websites need more promos through events

Huugo Varma is an event planner that only provides his services in the city of Depok exclusively. Huugo is a very outspoken event planner and this should be evident from the fact that his blog is one of the most visited in the event planning throughout Indonesia.

On his blog, Huugo claims that some event planners focus too much on the marketing and very less on making alliance/friends with some of the best catering services which costs them beyond their imagination in the long term. Huugo attributes the fall of one of the most widely spread and popular Indonesian event planning company to this reason only.

Huugo says that if you get tired very easily then event planning is not for you and more experienced event planner doesn’t necessarily mean a better one which is a common belief among many event planners and prospects/clients.

Huugo says that nautical theme weddings were the most popular in the financial year 2018 but now seeing their popularity in the year 2019, it looks like that after a couple of more years, nautical theme weddings will turn into history.

Huugo believes that the measure of a good event planner is that he/she amazes everybody in a positive sense and a good event planner also always believes in improving and innovating all the time.

Huugo says that while LED furniture has been gaining popularity since the day of its debut in all of Asia, it is considered outdated in United States and the Europe. Huugo says that the same is the case with online gambling industry, the only difference is that along with gaining popularity in Asia, especially Indonesia, online gambling has been gaining popularity in Europe sand US as well. Huugo is himself good friends with one AgenQQ personally and it looks like their friendship will last till infinity.

Anybody who is against online gambling is either stupid or a part of Illuminati, claims Aditya Van

Aditya Van is a conspiracy theorist, author and blogger who claims that defaming online gambling is a conspiracy by the elite. Aditya Van is Pro-Gambling and his blog is full of posts recommending Bandar Bola for good health and wealth.

On his blog, Aditya claims that the Germany will be divided into two different parts soon enough – Catholic Germany and Protestant Germany. He claims that the Illuminati has been already been working towards achieving this for the past 9 years and they are almost about to reach the victory. Aditya claims that the Muslims will all have to migrate to the Protestant Germany or their home country as the Catholics will not let them live in the Catholic Germany.

Aditya also claims that soon enough the Scandinavian countries will all become one including the Finland and this region will be a far greater economy than any other in all of Europe including Protestant and Catholic Germany combined.

Aditya claims that the Spiritists also known as the Kardecist and the Voodoo followers will make all type of magics extremely popular whence most of them get an internet connection.

One of Aditya’s great friends is a Kardecist who claims that the Mount Elbrus on the Russian-Georgian border is a cursed mountain/volcano and everybody who lives near it will have nothing but a miserable life.

Aditya recently did a study on the Indian Awards and several other things Indian and he has concluded that the Indian Awards are completely paid drama. One of Aditya’s friends of Indian origin once brought an Onida Television to Indonesia and Aditya claims that he has never seen a worst television set before. Onida is an Indian company and they won an “Award for Excellence in Electronics” in the year 1999 from the Ministry of Information Technology.

Makassar dermatologist is a Poker and Leonardo da Vinci fan

Roscoe Rohn is a successful dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Makassar in Indonesia for the past 14 years now. Roscoe claims that about 40% of the patients come to him to get fillers installed.

Roscoe says that it is a pity that even after having so many top medical colleges in their home countries, some dermatologists still like to flaunt their foreign degrees, especially from the US, UK and Australia.

Roscoe denies the belief that Non-Invasive Body contouring methods have no side-effects at all. Roscoe claims that non-invasive body contouring methods have their own side effects which your typical dermatologist will not tell you.

Roscoe really misses the pre-2008 Google when it used to be a completely different website but since then it has never looked back. Roscoe claims that like himself, several other men and women miss the pre-2008 Google but there are some who hate the way it looked back then.

Roscoe is one of the greatest fans of Leonardo da Vinci that you will ever come across. Roscoe says that although Leonardo da Vinci was a greater overall genius than Michelangelo, Michelangelo’s passion for the art, especially sculpting remains unchallenged to date. Although the statement sounds like it is against the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, it is in fact very much for it.

There is another statement which makes people confused about whether Roscoe is a real Leonardo fan or not. Roscoe claims that none of Leonardo’s 12 half-siblings were his father’s legitimate children. Roscoe says that the only legitimate child that Leonardo’s father had was Leonardo and the rest were all illegitimate as his father was always infertile and Leonardo was born by god’s miracle. Roscoe claims that Leonardo’s third and fourth stepmothers used to hang around with other men and Leonardo’s dad was very well aware of the fact but he ignored it each time so that they don’t make fun of the old infertile guy.

Roscoe is also a poker fan and he has probably made a bet on each of the famous trusted Indonesian poker website (Situs Poker Terpercaya) that is there online.

Extremely hard-working SEO expert travels to Cape Town regularly to get some relief

Diego Lee is the son of a farmer who owns 1000 acres of farm land in Nebraska. Diego studied each and every book that he could find on the subject of agronomy to help his father in his efforts and his father is quite appreciative of the same.

Diego is also a student of Bionomics and Biometeorology and he claims that the field of Bionomics and Biometeorology have come a long way in the past 4 decades although he has only been studying these for the past 8 years.

Diego had a failed luck with a courier business and just like when he did during the times when he owned and operated a courier company, Diego still campaigns for one of the topmost and largest courier companies ever – TNT to change their name as he believes that the name sounds violent and create violent impulses in some.

Diego recently bought a Volvo XC90 without taking any test drive just because he fell so much in love with the way the SUV looks. Now when his obsession with the looks is over, he wrote on his blog that the Volvo should focus more on engineering and less on gimmicky safety features that are more likely to kill you than save you. Diego says that Volvo’s cars drive just like their buses do, he says that they are both horrible.

After having failed attempts of many different businesses, Diego is now well established in the field of SEO. Diego works at least 16-17 hours a day and to get some relief once in a while, he travels to South Africa where he enjoys sensual massage Cape Town.

Diego has a very popular SEO niche blog where he writes interesting posts regularly. Diego says that Google shouldn’t try to better its filters for a while as they have already improvised a lot recently and further attempts only seem to worsen the condition.

Diego says that it is a pity that Microsoft has already given up on its search industry aspirations. Diego further says that looking at the recent versions of the Windows and seeing that Bill Gates’ kids aren’t as ambitious or creative or as great leaders as their father, it looks like that the days of Microsoft are going to be over soon and we will read about Microsoft in the history books.

Diego claims to have the secret information that Yahoo is again attempting to surpass Google beginning with a much better looking and better-functional image search function. Diego further claims that the Yahoo is not willing to take the help of Bing in improving its image search as it is not willing to part its success with any other company.

Stanley Bowie from Siam, Thailand is a SEO guy who makes extraordinary statements regarding UFABet almost all the time

Stanley Bowie owns one of the largest SEO firms in the city of Siam in Thailand. Stanley has been trying his best to promote his SEO firm through blogging lately and his blog has been receiving great number of visitors and great positive feedback as well lately.

On his blog, Stanley claims that the updates that Google announces cannot be fully relied upon although there is some truth in those most of the times but they, especially Matt Cutts never tell you exactly what they are up to and if you still believe them, ‘Good Luck’ with your SEO efforts.

Stanley claims that he is surprised to see how many of the people involved in SEO think like him and perhaps he would have never known this if he didn’t start his own blog.

Stanley says that it is a pity that most of the reviewers on Google Places never visited the location in the first place which means that roughly about 70% of the reviews that you read on the Google Places are fake. Stanley claims that the fake reviews constituted about 95% of the Google Places Pre-2017 but Google’s efforts in the reduction of fake reviews is really something plausible. Stanley says that if the fake reviewers didn’t get smart as well, the fake reviews would constitute even less than 1% of the total reviews on the Google Places.

Stanley claims to have the secret information that Google is planning to launch a site very similar to the Soundcloud in the music niche but this website by Google is going to be way more advanced, better and simpler when it comes to the ease of use and features.

Stanley claims to have a lot more secret information regarding Google including that a great percentage of Google’s staff in Thailand loves to bet on UFABet and some of the top bosses of Google that speak Thai bet each Saturday and Sunday on UFABet.

Bandung’s Italian restaurant owner uses only ingredients imported from Italy and gambles on only football gambling websites

Edward Carson owns a unique Italian restaurant in a plush neighborhood of Indonesian city – Bandung. Edward’s Italian restaurant is unique in the Bandung city as they only use ingredients imported from Italy there including coffee.

Edward doesn’t have any experience as a chef but he used to be a manager at a prominent Italian restaurant in East Jakarta before finding his own in his hometown – Bandung. Edward says that even though the restaurant that he worked at is still one of the most popular Italian restaurant in the entire Indonesia but it still has a lot of flaws that it had back in the day when Edward used to work there and it really shows how ignorant the local population of Indonesia is when it comes to eating Italian food.

Edward says that naming your Italian restaurant with an Indonesian name is one of the stupidest things that you can do but unfortunately many of the Italian restaurants have committed the same mistake and although that has always had a negative impact on their sales and reputation, most of them don’t seem to learn from it.

Edward further says that one should never expect great quality Italian food from a multicuisine restaurant. Edward further says that forget about a multicuisine restaurant, an eater shouldn’t even expect great quality Italian food from an Italian restaurant that doesn’t use ingredients imported from Italy.

Edward says that family run restaurants are always your best bet for delicious and healthy food. Edward says that one must avoid restaurant chains irrespective of how popular they are.

Edward is a very big fan of online gambling and his restaurant’s official website has the name of different online football gambling agents (Agen Judi Bola) written all over.

Night club owner believes in Pangea and Baccarat

Nikola Daly owns a couple of night clubs in the city of Pattaya in Thailand. Nikola is a blogger by hobby and he doesn’t hesitate or feel embarassed to post personal stuff on his blog.

Nikola says that the side effects of breast implants need more publicity and promotion than mastectomy. Nikola’s wife recently went through breast implants on the suggestion of Nikola and one of her best friends only to regret it later on.

Nikola says that the dice has been rolled in the case of masturbation and smoking completely. Nikola says that in the Victorian era, they used to blame masturbation for everything negative but nowadays they blame smoking for almost everything negative that happens.

Nikola was recently in India where he observed some of the things which he claims were never observed by anybody else. Nikola claims that the Jat people of India are in reality the lost tribes of the nation of Gabon who first settled down in the modern day Russia where they got their skin naturally brightened up and after a huge agricultural famine there, they turned pastoral and settled down in North India finally where they have been living ever since. Nikola says that it is hard to figure out how long the Jat people have been living in India for but one thing that Nikola is certain about is that they have been living in different parts of the Indian subcontinent for at least 2000 years now.

Nikola doesn’t believe the theory that the origin of all human beings on earth is the modern day African continent but he is a huge believer and advocate of the Pangea theory. Nikola claims that there is every proof that the Pangea is true just like it is true that playing baccarat (บาคาร่า) regularly brings nothing but good luck.

Dermatologist from Suwon city has 먹튀 written everywhere inside her clinic

Fae Mar is a dermatologist based out of Suwon city in South Korea. Fae gained popularity on the internet after she wrote a controversial post telling that the notion that the chronic skin disease – Vitiligo doesn’t cause premature gray hair as it is widely perceived and there are lot of fake and mythical notions about the dermatology which they need to get rid of, as they are already causing a lot of mistrust of the patients among the dermatologists and draining millions of dollars of patients per year in not more.

Fae claims that the notion that drinking milk shortly after eating fish or citrus fruits is absolutely right and they need to do a thorough and reliable research in order to find the reality. Fae claims that the International Society of Dermatology is already well-aware of the fact that drinking milk shortly after eating fish or citrus fruits causes Vitiligo but they are not willing to conduct any study as they are scared that they will lose hundreds millions of dollars per year if they do so.

Fae says that she doesn’t care at all if her license to practice is taken away, all she is concerned about is helping the society. Fae is probably the only doctor in South Korea who has 먹튀 written in large and bold letters everywhere inside her clinic. Fae claims that she believes in sports betting and it has made her as much money in years as her dermatology practice usually does in 6 months and she wants every visitor that comes to her clinic to enjoy the same.

Fae does provide same day treatments but she doesn’t provide same day treatments in case of major conditions no matter how much the patient is willing to pay her for the same as the quality of treatment that she offers matters more to her than money.

3rd generation dry cleaning business owner loves Toto as much as he loves his family business

Ange Kahn recently inherited a dry cleaning business from his grandfather. Ange’s grandfather founded this dry cleaning business when he was a young man and Ange is obviously the third generation managing it.

Ange claims that he was always passionate about managing this dry cleaning business founded by his grandfather. Ange remembers the time when all his classmates used to wonder about becoming a pilot, doctor or enter other major professions after they grow up, Ange used to imagine himself in the place of his grandfather managing his dry cleaning business.

Ange says that never before in the history of dry cleaning, the speed mattered more than the convenience.

Ange says that there should be a government body to regulate the prices of dry cleaning and laundry services. Ange believes that some dry cleaners are looters in disguise, especially the ones that are based in extremely upscale neighborhoods.

Ange claims that it wasn’t long ago when over 50% of the dry cleaners didn’t service draperies, bedspreads or tablecloths but now most of those do.

Ange claims that one of the ways to have a guaranteed success in the dry cleaning and laundry service is to provide round the clock service and always be open to custom services.

Ange claims and believes that a laundry or dry cleaning service that doesn’t provide drop-off and pick up service has no chance of survival in the modern day. Ange claims that he has seen several of the dry cleaning and laundry services shut down just because they didn’t provide drop-off or pick-up services.

Ange loves betting on Toto websites (토토사이트) as much as he loves operating and managing his beloved dry cleaning and laundry cleaning business if not more.

This football gambling lover started out as an individual copywriter but today owns one of the largest SEO firms

Rotha Kem started her online career as an individual copywriter but today she owns one of the largest SEO firms in the city that she was born, raised and still lives in.

Rotha is a political analyst and conspiracy theorist who perhaps uses the same in order to become popular which ultimately results her in having more clients. Whatever the case may be, one cannot deny that Rotha’s conspiracy theories and political analysis is always extremely interesting.

Rotha claims that the current IMF chief Christine Lagarde was deliberately chosen for the job in order to defame the Catholic religion in France. Rotha says that everyone who knows IMF Chief Christine Lagarde knows that she is a sex addict lesbian and when sexually immoral people like herself attain such big designations, it is a message to the common people that sexual immorality makes you smarter and happier instead of the opposite.

Rotha says that it is a pity that they named Albert Einstein as the person of the century on their December 31, 1999 cover. Rotha says that how could they forget that the very same man was responsible in the creation of the atomic bomb and he even advised Roosevelt to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Rotha says that far greater people like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi walked the earth in the previous century but the Jewish controlled media could find none other than Albert Einstein to name as the person of the century.

One of Rutha’s secret vices is betting regularly on football gambling related websites and she is perhaps aware of each and every football gambling agent (Agen Bola) that is out there online.

Wife of Cambodia’s Super SEO-CEO spends a lot of her spare time betting on Pasar QQ

Pol Khlot used to be a bouncer at a local club roughly about 5 years ago but today he is the founder, CEO and Chairperson of one of the most popular SEO companies in Cambodia. Pot has a very popular blog on the official website of his SEO company where Pot posts everything from SEO to world politics.

Pot has no scientific or inventional background but he has also been working on inventing a unique microscopic-ultrasound-normal mode glasses which he claims will bring about one of the greatest revolutions in the world especially for the ones that are interested in knowing everything they can.

Pot claims that e-mail marketing is not dead, it is still as prominent but highly overlooked and one of the reasons behind Pot’s extraordinary success. Pot claims that he still uses e-mail marketing a lot and that’s the reason why his company is one of the biggest in all of Cambodia.

Pot also claims that SMM matters more than SEO for 37% of the business niches around the world and the percentage is only likely to go up as before 2015 it used to be only 25% and hasn’t fallen down ever since he stepped in the industry.

Pot’s wife is highly interested in doing social welfare for the society that she lives in. She is a homemaker who dedicates all her spare time to counter the click fraud on behalf and as per instructions of Pot. She is busy betting on pasarqq whenever she has some spare time left after taking care of her babies, countering click fraud and all the other things homemaking.

Pot claims that there is a lot of misconception about the good match or bad regarding adwords everywhere and someone really needs to do something about it as Matt Cutts will not do anything in this regard like always.

Law firm owner wishes if she could help the impoverished with the money she keeps winning with sbobet

Jane Victorian owns a law firm in the city of Bangkok in Thailand. Jane has a blog on the official website of her law firm where she regularly posts.

Jane is an extremely honest lady and this should be evident from the fact that although she owns a law firm herself, she bluntly claims on her blog that it is always a better and more shrewd decision to hire an independent attorney.

Jane claims that she is the best car and auto accident attorney in all of Thailand and she wonders all the time if she were born in Russia.

Another blunt statement that Jane made on her blog more than a couple of times is that economic status matters a lot while hiring an attorney no matter what they tell you.

Jane says that nothing helps more in fighting a case passionately than thinking of your client as a part of your family.

Jane says that it is a pity that confidentiality is being overlooked by many independent lawyers and law firms nowadays and it doesn’t seem to change soon.

Jane says that if you are choosing a male lawyer for your criminal case, always choose the one with supposedly high testosterone levels. Jane claims that men with high testosterone levels are mostly great criminal lawyers and that’s the reason why across the world, they choose a high testosterone level actor as a criminal lawyer in the movies.

Jane claims that drowning accident lawsuits have made several pools in the city go bankrupt and she wishes if she could do something about it.

Jane also wants to do a lot to help the impoverished around the world. Jane is not willing to use her regular income for the same and the money that she keeps on winning with sbobetsc is not even enough to pay 25% of her bills and there is no way that she can do much with it for the impoverished.