Nurdin Linge, an Indonesian SEO Expert compliments the way his favorite AsianBookie promote their website

Nurdin Linge from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who believes that some other mainstream tube website is soon going to take over the YouTube and is certain that it ain’t going to be the DailyMotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe or Bitchute.

Nurdin Linge writes on his blog that top ten or top five lists don’t generate half as much traffic as they once used to, thanks to every Tom, Dick and Harry that knew how to manipulate paid backlinks for the improvement fo their search engine rankings without writing any good or 100% unique content at all. He adds that he is glad that the internet audience is much smarter today compared to the past decade and they mostly only click on your search result if they are certain that it is not gonna waste their precious time.

Nurdin writes that when it comes to how-to-guides, images are more popular than the videos and that’s the reason why his most favorite online gambling website – asianbookie uses mostly images to promote themselves instead of the videos.

Nurdin claims that charts and graphs are still some of the most popular and high retention method of giving out information online.

Nurdin claims that video games are still more popular than the funny stories, topics and videos online. He writes that different sense of humor appeals to different people but when it comes to the video games, it is usually the same.

Nurdin writes that looking at the constantly growing popularity of podcasts, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they leave videos far behind in terms of popularity.

Football Betting is the cure to most of the ailments of society – Mahdi Rangraz

Mahdi Rangraz from Khuzestan Province, Iran, is a General Practitioner, who claims that the regular practice of Yoga worsens the diabetes as it changes the normal and natural method of breathing in the long run. He writes on his blog that the practitioners of Yoga are also very prone to the asthma and sinus infections.

Mahdi claims on his blog that the Khatri people of India have the highest rates of high blood pressure while the community called Arora belonging to the same region of the Indian subcontinent has the highest rate of people with the low blood pressure.

Mahdi writes that he wishes all the time if the medical science had done some major improvements in discoveries and inventions in the field of dermatology. He believes that what they have achieved in the past 2 decades is next to nothing.

Mahdi claims that the vegetarian kids are more prone to ADHD than their non-vegetarian counterparts and it is a scientifically proven phenomenon.

Mahdi writes that there are more cases of nose-bleeding in Iran than ever before although the people now have better air conditioning methods than ever before in the history of the mankind. He says that it is a mystery that he has been trying to resolve for years now.

Mahdi writes on his blog that the tribal people of the Indian provinces of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa, are some of the most prone people to having chronic bronchitis. He adds that one such tribe being the popular Bheel tribe, which has been responsible for giving the nation of India some of the most notorious gangs of thugs, thieves and robbers. He believes that these people wouldn’t have walked this path if they had the best Iranian football betting site (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال) at their disposal.

Childless SEO Expert from Ahvaz loves Football Predictions and hates the term ‘Baby Boomer’

Izad Balkhi from Ahvaz, Iran, is a Website Designer, Internet Marketing and SEO expert, who claims on his official blog that knowing demographics of your website’s visitors don’t do much for the website owners, especially when the websites belong to the small businesses.

Izad writes that having a college degree didn’t help him in any way in his SEO business except for making him look more presentable. Also, it was during his college days that he learnt about football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2) and online gambling, which has been helping him a lot in making great deal of money ever since.

Izad writes that asking your prospects/visitors to fill up a form is definitely one of the best ways that you can use to drive them away from your website. He tells the story that in the beginning of his SEO career, he suggested many of his clients to use Question Pro to learn demographics of their actual users/visitors; All those clients ended up cursing him, calling him an idiot noob and asking for their money back. He claims to have returned the money of 50% of those clients as he didn’t do much of work for them yet.

Izad believes that Mozilla Firefox Browser will soon again rule the world of internet browsing.

Izad claims that most of the internet based demographic researches aren’t accurate and hence are unreliable.

Izad finds the term ‘Baby Boomer’ to be extremely offensive and he claims that he has been trying to make it illegal to use in his nation – Indonesia.

Orthopedist from Bandung believes that the Indonesian Politicians ought to bet a little more and drink more coffee as well

Dr Faisal Padli from Bandung, Indonesia, is an Orthopedist, who writes on his official blog that although the studies say so and it is a common belief that the coffee drinkers have weaker bones, the coffee drinkers are lesser likely to suffer with sports injury than those who don’t drink any coffee.

Dr Faisal writes on his blog that those who indulge in masturbation in their teenage years and early 20s are 450% more prone to getting sports injury in the old age than those who don’t participate in such activities at all.

Dr Faisal writes that he is really impressed with the great work that the online pharmacies have been doing and also the great work that the top daftar judi poker websites have been doing lately as well.

Dr Faisal writes that he is proud that when the politician and legendary wrestler – Kane aka Glenn Jacobs got injured during a match in Bandung, Indonesia, the organizers brought him straight to the Dr Faisal Padli. He writes that it was one of the proudest moments of his medical career because he is a great fan of Glenn Jacobs himself.

Dr Faisal writes that it is a pity that the older patients with strong bones look down upon the men and women of their age with weaker bones. He hopes that he is able to change it one day by developing a foolproof method for strong bones for everyone – old or young.

Texan girl started a small eBay biz with the money she made with Soccer Predictions, now she is the most successful SEO agency owner in Katy, TX

Gabriel Andre is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Katy, TX, who believes that the forums will dominate the blogs soon enough once again like they did back till the early 2010s. Gabriel writes on her blog that although she owns and writes on her blog herself and doesn’t own a forum, she doesn’t like to read the blogs of others, but she is addicted to reading different forums on different subjects.

Gabriel started her online business journey with selling custom t-shirts on eBay with the money that she made with soccer predictions.

Gabriel wonders all the time if the homo sapiens evolved as rapidly as the SEO. She writes that looking back she finds it unbelievable how far the field of SEO has come.

Gabriel claims that the women and the people belonging to the LGBT community will dominate the SEO industry in the future, just like they have been ruling the fashion industry for so long.

Gabriel writes on her blog that she thinks about creating a NGO-type SEO agency day and night, which she claims will completely run on donations but fears that it will be exploited like an average North Korean citizen and that’s what keeps her from creating one.

Gabriel believes that the governments around the world, especially in the first-world countries should introduce something like Obamacare in the field of SEO, where the government shall provide loans, internet marketing and website creation expertise to the small business owners. She suggests they should name it something like SEOCare.

Gabriel claims that .org domains rank better than any other TLDs for the Google USA including .US and she believes it to be a pity.

Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Pennsylvania loves Monitoring the Internet

Patrick Beeman is a SEO Expert and Internet Marketer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who tried his best to create websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Stack Exchange, but they all failed. Patrick writes on his blog that he hasn’t given up on the hope yet and his spirit is still the same if not stronger and he will continue to try creating more such websites no matter what the results be. There is no denying that with each try, the quality of Patrick’s such websites has been getting better and I personally hope and believe that soon he will achieve what he has been striving for.

Patrick writes on his blog that he would have been a cop if not an Internet Marketer.

Patrick only trusts when it comes to monitoring his own and his clients’ websites.

Patrick has over 50 employees at his company but he still talks to each and every client personally. Patrick claims to have never recruited a host or a receptionist at his company ever and he seems to proud about this fact.

Patrick is a Catholic. He claims to have never done the SEO for an adult or pharma website. He does it for the gambling websites though because he believes that it is not against the Catholic religion. He claims that all the Catholic texts that talk against the gambling and money changers are false and were manipulated by the ancient Roman chiefs due to their own personal greed and other selfish reasons.

The latest post on Patrick’s personal blog read that he misses the times when the link farms used to be more common than the irrigation farms.

The world would have seen a lot more geniuses if there were online pokers back in the day

Yoga Riandika is an author from Tarakan, Indonesia, who recently completed writing a book on his one and only painter brother’s childhood hero, the Hungarian Painter and Art Teacher – Gyula Agghazy.

I happen to be one of the first few readers of this book of his. In the book, Yoga writes that Gyula was bipolar when it came to his sex life. He had a love and hate relationship with sex, like sometimes he would hate it and other times, he would do it like there’s no tomorrow.

Yoga claims in his book that Gyula wasn’t generally an ambitious man, but he believed that his teaching services were extremely underrated and under-priced as well. Gyula wanted to charge a fortune for his teachings but found it impossible when it came to practicality and so did all others who knew about this plan of Gyula.

Yoga feels pity that Gyula didn’t have online poker back in his day, where he could just make a Poker Deposit 10000 and make a living forever without any worries.

Yoga claims in his book that Gyula wanted that tycoon money without any entrepreneurship skills at all and that’s the reason why he was depressed most of the times. Yoga further adds that no matter how hard Gyula tried to sharper his entrepreneurship skills, he could never get good at it.

Yoga claims on his book that Gyula had hallucinations in the old age as severe as many biblical patriarchs, including Abraham, Moses and Jacob.

All those who know even a bit about Gyula Agghuzy, to them it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gyula loved lush greenery, which is very much evident from his art and this is the fact that Yoga has mentioned in his book more times than any other.

Yoga writes that there is no denying in the fact that Gyula was a genius, but like many other geniuses, he likely suffered with an ADHD, because when he was painting, he was thinking music and when he composed music, he couldn’t stop thinking about painting, and when he was teaching his students, he was thinking either or both.

Grown up Maurisa Goldberg doesn’t play with toys anymore, she only plays online casino

Maurisa Goldberg owns a toy store in Phuket, Thailand, which is yet to become popular, but its blog is already popular among readers from all across the globe, thanks to the interesting and honest posts that Maurisa writes on her toy store’s blog.

Maurisa Goldberg claims on her blog that most kids nowadays prefer the Cartoon CDs and DVDs belonging to the 1990s over the modern ones.

Maurisa writes on her blog that she is extremely glad about the higher intelligence of the modern kids. She goes to the extent of stating that the intelligence of the modern kids makes her feel like we are more neanderthals than homo sapiens.

Maurisa writes that it is really surprising to herself and many others that the successful men and women don’t force their kids to buy creativity and intelligence oriented toys anymore, but their kids, owing to the great intelligence that they receive from their parents most of the times, prefer to play with such toys themselves.

Maurisa loved to play with cooking set toys as a kid and she writes that it is a pity that the girl kids don’t like cooking set toys anymore. Now as a grown up adult, Maurisa plays casino online and makes almost as much money with the same as she does with her toy store.

The most recent post on Maurisa’s blog stated that with all the advancement in the technology and the way the parents-kids relationship works, it is surprising that the parents are still as clingy when it comes to the grades of their children.

Ulyssa’s dad wrote the first Hyundai and Skoda jokes, her great-grandfather designed the first 5-door car and she makes a living with Pengeluaran SGP

Ulyssa Tickle was envied and hated in the school by both male and female classmates because she was always a bit arrogant, extraordinarily smart and intelligent and never failed to score great grades. Ulyssa never even dated a single guy in her school, not to say that she is a lesbian but she found the guys in her school a league below her although Ulyssa wasn’t someone very rich or anything but she had sort of a superiority complex and the others could feel that vibe from her. Now since Ulyssa has gained a lot of weight, she recently met a group of her schoolmates who acted like they didn’t recognize her at all. It is funny how they all acted the same without any communication at all.

Ulyssa is a hobbyist car journalist who accuses Mat Watson of CarWow of being a paid and biased journalist. Ulyssa says that most of the cars that he asks you to buy do not be deserved to be bought at the price at all.

Ulyssa says that the love and obsession for cars is in her genes. Ulyssa’s dad was the one who wrote the first popular Hyundai and Skoda jokes. Ulyssa’s great-grandfather was the first one to design the first 5-door car.

Ulyssa recently wrote a post on her blog claiming that Volkswagen Touareg was the biggest blunder ever by the Volkswagen and Volkswagen doesn’t want to accept it and that’s why they have been trying rebuilding the same SUV over and over again but haven’t achieved any success yet. Ulyssa says that Volkswagen can bring back its early 2010s glory if the Volkswagen discontinue this big blunder called Touareg, focus more on improving the other existing cars/SUVs/estates/minivans and inventing more vehicles as well.

Ulyssa says that betting on QQ Poker makes her enough money to pay her bills and save some as well so that she can pursue her hobby in the auto-journalism.

Reading this Book on the Tribe of Issachar is as fun as betting on a Live Casino

Prateek Roseline is an author from Semarang, Indonesia, who recently completed writing a book on the Tribe of Issachar, one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. He sent me a free copy to read and it is definitely one of the most interesting reads that I ever come across, perhaps only lesser interesting than the Live Casino book that I completed reading about a couple of months ago.

In his book, Prateek claims that the Tribe of Issachar is the Kaifeng Jews of China. He claims that the Kaifeng Jews are the most laborious people in China and perhaps the whole world, but don’t possess as much intelligence as any other Jewish tribe, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why they got lost too.

Prateek writes in his book that it is a pity that the Tribe of Issachar is the most underrated tribe among the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel. He claims that they used to be taunted all the time even when they weren’t one of the lost tribes and till date, the people of Israel, Jews and Non-Jews make fun of them calling them ‘Stupid Donkeys’.

Prateek also claims in his book that one of the proofs why the Kaifeng Jews are in reality the descendants of the Tribe of Issachar is that they are and were the only Jews that put a lot of emphasis on celibacy unlike any other Jewish tribe and perhaps it is their strong practice of celibacy that makes them so hard-working.

Prateek also writes that the theory that the Tribe of Issachar now lives in Mexico is a laughable one.

Independent Escort claims that Online Slot Games are greatly responsible for the tremendous increase in Adult Entertainment Industry lately

For those who simply want some time with an attractive and willing partner, Alycia Young is the independent escort lady to go for. It is a happiness business and Alycia does her best to make everyone who crosses her path a happy dude.

You may be wondering why am I promoting a female escort here? I recently met Alycia at a party and spent some time together with her only to enjoy paradise for a little while. No! I didn’t pay her for her services, neither she did ask me for it, it was just a random attraction thing and Alycia is someone who just cannot get enough of men and many times she doesn’t care whether they are paying to spend some time with her. I recognized that she is the woman that I saw on an escort website some time ago, I kept staring at her while I was enjoying a beer and finally she asked me for a dance. After the dance, we decided to have some private time together. After we were done, I asked her if she is the same person, she told me “Yes”, she was too happy instead of being angry or embarrassed to know that I have seen her on the internet already.” She exchanged the numbers with me afterwards and told me to feel free to call her whenever I am in need of some naughty companionship.

Anyway, Alycia told me that she is amazed to see her business growing up at such a steady and rapid pace recently that she had to triple the price for her services. She attributed the rise in business to the huge amount of money that men and women are winning with online slot games using casino bonus codes found at different websites like Slots4Play.

We don’t appreciate the prehistoric people and their efforts enough nor do we appreciate the gamblers and lottery winners enough – Paris Parker

Paris Parker used to work at the McDonalds until she learnt about 188bet and the blogs that can help you become an excellent online gambler, for example is one such blog. Today, after winning millions with 188bet, Paris owns a company that manufactures waterproof clothes and a company that manufactures construction equipment and is popular worldwide for its bar bending machines. Paris says that her next target is buying a company that manufactures synthetic leather bags as it is one of her most favorite commodities which she believes is extremely underrated as well.

Paris recently enjoyed watching a video of the Bollywood actors getting beaten by the Pro-Pakistani teens which none of the mainstream media TV channel ever show but is available on the Youtube. Paris doesn’t even know in details what the Kashmir conflict is but she thoroughly enjoyed watching that video as she hates the Bollywood actors and the Bollywood movies because she believes that the Bollywood makes total nonsense movies. Paris says that they either make movies copied from the Hollywood or European cinema or they make exaggerated biopics which only promote hero worship and have very little or sometimes even nothing to do with the personality of the person for whom they made the movie.

Paris wanted to be a politician but she says that political campaigning requires a lot of mental training and in order to win, a politician has to lie a lot otherwise he/she is just wasting their time.

Paris recently interviewed the entire family of the person who got killed for eating porn in Pakistan and it was after this event when they started calling Pakistan as Porkistan. Paris published the video and script of the entire event on her blog.

Paris says that we don’t appreciate most of the things that the prehistoric people did for us including building the houses on the hills.

Arian Drezner ain’t a spy but her husband is an online gambler who loves PokerClub88

Arian Drezner makes many wrongly believe that she is a spy due to her habit of gazing at everything silently.

Arian has always been a very smart person as she he had already written more than 10 movie stories when she was still in school.

Arian recently got married to a Canadian-Sikh guy named Jaswant Singh. This Canadian-Sikh guy is different from others as he is from Afghanistan and he wears nothing but red turban. Jaswant Singh’s grandfather was the first person to create a dance floor in Afghanistan.

Jaswant Singh’s grandfather always used to say that not only peacocks but all birds, animals and even insects dance when they are happy but other species including homo sapiens sapiens don’t recognize their dance.

Jaswant Singh has a cat whom he cares so much about that his cat has over 6 dozen pair of shoes. Jaswant is a huge fan of and reads each and every post on it very carefully. This is where he learnt about pokerclub88, with which he has made a lot of money and still continues to do so.

Jaswant Singh says that happiness is overrated and so are material goals. He says that each individual has unique desires and each individual should be left to decide what makes him/her feel complete and content.

Jaswant never wants to go back to the Indian subcontinent as he constantly says that even prehistoric people cared more about the fundamental human rights than the people ruling the Indian subcontinent.

Arian has been trying to build a flying motorcycle for the past couple of years. She is going to name it 1859 once it is build and she has named her company Arian’s Innovations.

Having studied MBA at a university, Arian claims that black men are more likely to study business at a university which other ethnicities think of as useless. Arian says that studying business serves great purpose and it is really underrated.

Arian knows several sociopaths, introverts and anti-social people personally and she claims that compelling unsocial people to become more social only makes them sociopath.

Proud atheist used to secure the first position in school, now she is a full-time online gambler

Avery Cliburn says that it is a big lie that is being spread by the propagandists that today’s economy is such that the rich will remain permanently rich and the poor will remain permanently poor but in reality it is the other way round, Avery says that gone are the days when the money used to make money but in this day and era of technology, it is the expertise and knowledge that is the most key factor when it comes to making money.

Avery didn’t go to the Harvard Law School but she knows more about the laws than most of the lawyers in her country.

Avery sells vest coats on her own website and also on Shopify. It is a very lucrative business but Avery makes more money gambling online with fun888.

Avery has traveled the world and as mentioned before in this very post that she knows more than the lawyers about the law, Avery claims that only fast-track courts are not sellouts in third world countries including both the communist and democratic nations.

Avery is a proud atheist who claims that you can’t take charge of your life completely until and unless you keep believing in god.

Avery’s brother – Cameron is a dentist who was a very average student in school. Avery says that looking at her own brother it is quite evident that becoming a dentist is easier than becoming an accountant.

Avery is extremely critical of the Islamic countries as she has lived in some of the so-called Islamic countries. Avery claims that creative people are perceived to be the work of the Satan or evil angel – Iblees in the Islamic countries.

Avery was a wonderful student at school and most of the times she used to secure first position in the school.

Dr Maddison Biset loves online gambling, Malta’s sunrise and lobsters

Dr. Maddison Biset is a General Practitioner who claims that the Mongol people have the biggest livers. Along with being a General Practitioner, Maddison is a successful businesswoman. Maddison owns a widespread network of grocery and department stores.

Maddison’s husband is an engineer by profession whose ultimate aim is to become the engineer with most inventions in his name one day. He owns a fishery as well. Maddison hates it when she notices her husband getting crazy after seeing beautiful younger girls. Maddison doubts that it has something to do with his habit of eating a lot of seafood which increases testosterone levels.

Anyways, Maddison and her husband just like each winter holidays, spent these winter holidays in Malta where they stayed at the Diplomat Hotel in Sliema like they do each time.

Maddison is not a Victorian but she claims that the Indians farmers are committing suicide not because they are poor but because they are left with no energy to cultivate their crops due to sexual addiction.

Maddison has a thing for history and she is a wannabe amateur historian as well who claims that pre-historic tribes all over the world were democracies. Maddison also claims that most Russians used to be strict vegetarians during the Czar’s time. Maddison says that she sometimes doubt that the Russians can be Hindu-Kshatriya tribes.

Maddison says that central educational institutions all over the world are not stable.

Maddison loves lobsters imported from Bahamas and most favorite pastime is betting on Indonesian websites, especially slot online terlengkap.

Maddison sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that United Nations is the work of the Satan. She says that it may be a paper tiger right now but soon the Illuminati will turn the UN into the ultimate powerhouse and punish the nations that don’t agree with it.

Misha Bagel is the daughter of an Indian dentist who loves to read, drive vintage cars and bet online

Misha Bagel has a bad addiction of reading newspaper before sleeping; each day after waking up late Misha takes a vow of never touching the newspaper again unless she really needs to read it but she fails it each time.

Misha is an Indian who has been living in Bandung, Indonesia for the past 5 years. Misha claims that the late Indian Prime Minister – Indira Gandhi wanted to make condoms free for the Indian public to reduce/control the population of India but her Sanjay Gandhi took charge and ruined everything by implementing enforced vasectomy on men (mainly in the slum and poor neighborhoods). Misha says that it was the beginning of the end of the Indian National Congress Political Party and the Nehru-Gandhi family’s unchecked dictatorship and its “blind” followers’s trust on it.

Misha’s mother is a dentist who is unfit to run a clinic or work at a hospital anymore but she loves her profession so much that she answers dental related questions on Reddit, Quora and Yahoo all the time.

Misha loves her cars vintage and she owns many vintage cars presently including a 1967 Chevrolet Camero and a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. Misha told me that she is not obsessed with Chevy at all but she bought these 2 cars because she got great deals on these two.

Misha finds socialism to be the worst form of political system and she likes to call the pro-socialists as sociopaths that love slavery. Misha could never make her fortune with Situs Poker Terpercaya if she were living in a socialist country, especially the India of the 1970s and 1980s.

Misha loves to read all the time, her most favorite novel ever is Karma by Cathy Ostlere, it may sound funny to many that Misha doesn’t love this novel because of its content but because it is too easy and fun to read because of the way it is written.

Misha always keeps a tiny book or novel in her pocket to read in spare time.

Nikita Schultz makes CEO money with a small online business and online betting combined

Nikita Schultz is a half-Danish half-Russian woman currently living in Bali, Indonesia. Nikita lived in a third-world country called India for quite a while where she noticed that North Indians use metallic minerals for their rituals and the East Indians (Bengalis) use non-metallic mineral for their rituals while the South Indians use both metallic and non-metallic minerals for their rituals.

Nikita says that Hinduism may boast of scientific approach in a broad spectrum but Hindus are some of the most superstitious people that you will ever find.

Nikita very much liked the tradition of Indian pehlwani (wrestling) and Indian pehlwans (wrestlers). Nikita observed that the Indian pehlwani has been serving as  a way to keep the youngsters away from alcohol and other harmful substances.

Nikita met a funny Indian who said to Nikita that India is going to be the next USSR (a superpower). He told Nikita that India is going to be a superpower when Priyanka Gandhi will take over the Prime Ministership of India. He told Nikita that Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bhutan will become parts of India after Priyanka Gandhi takes over. He said that Sanatan Bharat is Priyanka Gandhi’s ultimate dream.

One Indian that Nikita met told her that the Chola empire of India was so sovereign that even Khalid ibn Al-Walid was scared of it.

One Sai Baba devotee that Nikita met in India told her that Sai Baba of Shirdi took along with him several of his followers to the planet Uranus but all died except Sai, Sai Baba returned back to earth immediately fearing his life.

Nikita Schultz makes CEO money reselling Fiverr services on her own website and with online betting on websites that offer freebet tanpa deposit terbaru.

Meet Margola Chastain, an Anti-Feminist Indonesian gambler

Margola Chastain has tats all over legs with the name of one of her ex. Margola is not a lesbian or any such thing but she wishes all the time if she were born a man. She finds men much more superior to the women and she feels very inferior around men, especially the handsome and intelligent ones.

Calling Margola an anti-feminist wouldn’t be correct, she is just her own person which cannot be defined with one word or put into a category. Margola loves black men with long Afro hair and even dated one in the past.

Margo was born in a middle-income household. Her father was a social psychologist and a professor of psychology at one of the most popular universities in Kansas. Margo’s mother was a homemaker.

Margola is very much interested in politics and has her own political views, she believes that income distribution is a recipe for disaster as the incentive for making money is lessened. Income distribution makes the companies get weakened making it even harder to be competitive on the global market resulting in fewer jobs.

Margola thinks that populism was the inevitable reaction to the elite neo-liberal establishment that stopped caring about the average citizen. It is necessary to bring back some balance to the order of things in her opinion.

She believes that most of the people are naive and ignorant. She says that politicians exploit the fear and the desires of people to do propaganda.

When Margola is not doing something important she is doing the most important and that’s gambling online. Gambling is where most of the income of Margola comes from, she has been betting online for years now and she keeps herself updated with latest online gambling games, especially bandar tembak ikan indonesia.

Scholar makes money with playing Bandarq full-time

Elok Budiarto thinks that anybody who disagrees with her is either trying to act like a Jedi Master or worse he/she thinks of himself/herself as a god. Elok’s mother died only after 9 days she was born. Elok was raised by her stepmom and biological father. Elok’s stepmom gave birth to 4 children with Elok’s father – 2 girls and 2 boys.

Elok’s stepmom would hit Elok whenever nobody was looking. Elok had a set of wind-chimes in her room that her stepmom once broke deliberately and then acted like nothing happened at all. Elok would visit the Sunut beach each time she had a fight/disagreement with her stepmother. She used to feel very calm at the Sunut beach.

Elok moved out as soon as she became an adult. Elok was always an extremely bright student and she received a scholarship for her college studies as well. Moving out at the age of 18 is extremely unusual for a girl in Indonesia but would you be surprised if I tell you that Elok’s father never even tried to locate his daughter. Candidly, Elok didn’t want that to happen either but it literally confirmed to Elok that his father had no place for Elok in his heart.

Elok is no sheep who wants to be a hero. Elok is a tigress and she has proven it time and again. A part-time job at the nearby supermarket or McDonalds wasn’t enough for Elok and she wanted to do it big from the very beginning. Elok prayed to the god and asked for a boon to only win at the Bandarq and she really earned it. It shouldn’t be a surprise for most that since Elok started playing poker she has only been winning. GOD rocks!

Learning the Chinese language all by yourself with reading gambling posts is a great idea

Briana Norai is a Spanish speaker who has been trying to learn Hindi and Thai language for the past 5 months all by herself. Briana mostly loves to read content related to her favorite activity and that is online gambling. Briana loves to read gambling related blogs as these help her learn more about the latest gambling websites, games, pools and techniques to win more. Briana recently won a huge amount of Hongkong prize money with one particular website and she has never been any happier.

Briana has an unbelievably great memory and willpower since she was a little girl. Briana owns one of the most popular meme websites. She creates some of the dumbest memes and most of those become viral instantly. Briana never forgets to share her memes instantly on Instagram, Imgur, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Briana claims that online chats and gossips are more progressive than physical ones. People online are more real and original while in person they have a superiority complex, and they act and talk very sophisticated and politically correct.

Briana’s favorite social media website is snapchat which she seldom uses because it doesn’t help any of her online businesses much.

Personally, Briana uses Youtube to learn new stuff, Instagram for the inspiration and motivation and Snapchat to get in touch with the market trends. When people say that social media is bad, it pisses Briana off, she says that it depends upon how you use it which I myself do quite agree with. See, food can be toxic too if overeaten or without any care. She says that guys like these apply a very wide brush to the whole site.

She hates one thing about Instagram and that is – a user is required to follow at least 3 users in order to be allowed to use it.

New York born Tokyo resident bets online in hope to win millions some day

Yotam Kahane is a young Japanese-American who was born in the New York City but his family moved to Tokyo when Yotam was 11. Yotam hits the gym everyday and he has been saving money to buy a bungalow by the beach in Tel Aviv city.

Before going to sleep each night, Yotam prays to god for more skills, more talent, more health, longevity, more money and more spiritual and material knowledge.

Yotam has this peculiar quality of never feeling bored. Yotam attributes this quality of his to not looking at the women lustfully. Yotam says that looking at women lustfully releases dopamine equivalent to shooting heroin and the rest of the day when you are not doing that perverse activity you feel absolutely bored and lifeless. Though a Jew, Yotam has a great respect in his heart for Jesus and he is a great lover of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. He repeats the twenty-eighth verse of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew at least once a day to remind himself of not looking at women lustfully.

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Yotam loves to read, especially religious fables and stories. He loves Indian mythology but finds it way too stoic to enjoy life.

Architect fulfilled her dream of having an architecture firm with the help of freebet terbaru

Abeer Ajram owns an architect company which has its headquarters in the swanky downtown of Houston city of Texas. Abeer only recruits Turkish architects since she saw Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Abeer is an architect who couldn’t find the job as an architect five years ago so she started selling stuff on eBay which made her enough money to pay her bills, Abeer’s life took a turn when she started reading online gambling forums. Abeer does nothing but win most of the times and within 2 years of discovering freebet terbaru, she is a millionaire now.

Abeer’s uncle recently fought elections for Mayor in Dallas city. He lost the elections as he thought that he was too smart. He was trying to impress voters of each and every religion, every race, every color. Someone asked him “Do you believe that Jesus was a Messiah?” and he refused to answer.

This uncle of Abeer recently started a taxi company with the hope of becoming the next Uber. He lost so much money fighting the elections that he is now forced to sell Red Bulls online.

In one of his election speeches, he said “Modern Western Civilization will soon become the ancient western civilization because it is not possible for it to last the way it is moving.” In another election speech he said “Modern Western Civilization is one of the best things that has ever happened to the mankind. We must be thankful to the architects of this sort of civilization.”

He perhaps had no idea that everything he said was being recorded in the phones of the listeners and they were all noticing how big of a hypocrite and fake this guy was.  It had been better if his tongue was paralyzed before the elections so that he couldn’t give these fake speeches so much.

I am personally yet to see a politician with a paralyzed tongue, if you know one please send me his/her name.

Judi QQ is the greatest revolution in the recent history of online gambling

“Success is something that you attract, not something that you pursue.” – Jim Rohn

Alter Starer’s great-grandfather used to be one of the greatest revolutionaries of his time. He was one of the top boxers of his time too who knocked out some of the greatest boxers of his time in the ring. Still, when Alter’s great-grandfather needed a driving license, it took him several attempts to get one. As they say that hard-work really pays off, it did too in the case of Alter’s great-grandfather, their revolutionary movement was a great success of their time.

Many thought of the revolution industry as a massive scale industry back in the day which it wasn’t in the case of Alter’s great-grandfather. These guys had their movement focused on social good and social welfare only. It wasn’t something that they did in order to get into the power.

Alter’s great-grandfather was a huge proponent of chastity and he attributed his extraordinary energy, larger than life overall personality, stunningly beautiful hair, magnetic charisma, full beard and mustache to the virtue of chastity. The guy looked at least 10 times better than Joseph Stalin himself.

I can tell that Alter’s great-grandmother must have an unbelievable self-control because her husband apparently made love to her only twice a year and he was really a handsome guy. It must have been hard to resist for Alter’s great-grandmother to resist the temptation.

The only person that has inspired Alter in his family is his great-grandfather. Alter finds all the living members of his family negative and uninspiring. In fact, the only person that has ever been able to leave a real imprint on Alter’s life is his great-grandfather. Alter is not willing to become a revolutionary in the sense that his great-grandfather did but he has been earning money with unconventional and revolutionary methods like Judi QQ. Alter’s laptop is his temple and online gambling is his laptop’s soul.

Daughter of a billionaire keeps promoting a betting website on her magazine for free

Iwonka Bathla is the daughter of a billionaire whom I wouldn’t name here but I will give one hint that this billionaire only buys chateau styled mansions.

Iwonka is a medical student who claims that the science books taught at high school are nothing but useless bondages, they have no applicability or practicality in the real world.

Iwonka claims that many ancient tribes including Babylonian, Mesopotamian and African used to believe that antelopes were the most nutritious food and their first priority while hunting used to be an antelope.

Iwonka is a fitness freak who works out everyday and rides her bicycle 20 kilometers a day to bring chicken soups home. The roads and streets that come in her way are very high traffic and Iwonka got hit by cars twice but she doesn’t care, she still uses bicycle to travel.

Iwonka loves to read a lot and she reads about almost every topic. Iwonka has read a lot about the yoga and meditation and she is obsessed with achieving the higher states of consciousness. Iwonka claims that the battalions are in the state of turiya during a war and this state of turiya is what made one of the richest men – Osama Bin Laden obsessed with terrorism and battles.

Iwonka claims that the Kurds have a very peculiar military intelligence and that’s why so many enemies are after them fearing their military genius. Iwonka says that Kurds make up the greatest gangsters and Aslan Usoyan aka Grandpa Hassan is just one example.

Iwonka claims that the army chiefs in general are much wiser, intelligent and intuitive than the top politicians.

Iwonka runs a Chicago based magazine where she keeps promoting
pengeluaran sgp for free as it made her tons of money.

Portuguese woman loved her experience in Thailand and everything about the country

France Lobo has lived for 10 years in India and 2 years in Thailand. Her experience in Thailand was pretty great, she loved it and her experience in India was horrible, she hated it.

The thing that France hated most about India was its celebrity culture. The Indians worship celebrities like gods. “What else can you expect from idol worshipers?”, said France. France studied, learnt and did a lot of research on Indian mythology aka Hindu religion aka ‘Sanatan Dharma’. France says that it is a conglomeration of several petty pagan religions and is funnier than the most funny comic book she ever read.

Marathi people of India worship a demigod named ‘Ganesha’. Ganesha’s story is quite funny. France claims that the ancient Maharashtrian people used to worship elephants and they thought of them as some godly creatures. India was never one country, it was divided into thousands of different petty nations a couple of thousand years ago and a celibate named Shankaracharya used to wander all over the Indian subcontinent in a hope to maintain harmony among the different tribes of the subcontinent which were all fighting each other for their differences in the belief of the god.

Bengalis are highly sexual people because they eat nothing but seafood and therefore Bengalis have always worshiped a goddess called Durga. Their worshiping rituals or culture has nothing to do with the sexuality but it is a common sense among the highly religious people belonging to the non-pagan religions that the pagan religions that worship female god are generally slaves to their lower senses and it is highly evident looking at the Bengali movies what these Bengali kiddos are slaves of.

Anyways, France won 200, 000 USD in one day betting on UFA. UFA is the latest sensation in the world of gambling and even the most trustworthy gambling blogs cannot recommend UFA enough.

Online Baccarat = Success, you just need to find the right website like Marta Craven did

Marta Craven used to work as a toilet cleaner just about until 3 years ago and while working as a toilet cleaner she got the idea to develop a toilet cleaning liquid that is unparalleled in quality and quite innovative in its own way. Marta didn’t have enough money to create her own product as she was an ordinary toilet cleaner who worked for a meager wage of 8 dollar an hour. Marta knew that if she develops this product, she will be an overnight success and she was ready to do whatever it takes to get the money to develop this toilet cleaning liquid, she asked her friends some ways to make a quick buck, most of them told her some stupid ideas but a very few of her friends, especially the females older than her told her that finding a trusted Baccarat website is the sure-shot way to get what she was looking for. Marta did the same and here she is, a multi-millionaire woman and a celebrity in her own way. Marta invested each and every penny that she won with บาคาร่า in her innovative business and her hard-work really payed her off.

Marta is not merely a businesswoman, she is a very interesting and intelligent human being as well. Marta has some interesting ideas and theories to tell like she says that Fox is wrongly credited as the most clever animal whereas in reality, the bat is the most clever and intelligent of them all.

Marta says that she has noticed several similar traits and characteristics in wild bears and cattle. Marta says that wild bears including polar, pandas, sloths and others have all been evoluted from different species of cattle. Marta says that she will explain more in an upcoming blog post of hers which she is going to publish on 21st of this month. I will most definitely paste an excerpt from that post here on my blog.

This tour and travel agent might start her own airline soon if the god keeps showering its love to her like this in the form of ItuQQ money

Rune Chakrabongse wants to revolutionize the air-conditioning industry and she claims to have several plans to do so. Rune’s tour and travel agency was in ruins because of lack of funds for advertising and promotion but because Rune is a dieheart believer in god and she believes that god really does for whatever you ask him for as long as your prayer is true and from the heart – Rune entered into a state of meditation and asked god to help her which god did. When Rune went to sleep, she started seeing ItuQQ written everywhere in her dreams and once she woke up, she googled the term and it turned out that it is the term used for a peculiar type of gambling websites. Rune now comprehended that it was god who was sending her the message to become rich in her dreams, Rune started betting with her eyes closed and with prayer on her lips and it may sound unbelievable to many and miraculous to some that Rune did nothing but ate, slept and won bets for 4 consecutive days until she won money equivalent to 1 million Euros in her currency. Rune has not placed a bet ever since winning those 1 million Euros as she believes that god’s help is not with her anymore and she is only going to place a bet anytime again when god specifically sends her a message to do so.

Rune is the mother of a beautiful 6 months old daughter whom she named Durga after the Indian goddess. Rune is a wonderful mother and she is never tired of researching what’s good and what’s not for her little daughter. Rune always believed that wearing tight clothes does a lot of harm to the hemoglobin and there is a similar belief in Rune’s culture and because of this very reason, Rune never lets her daughter wear tight clothes and she also believes that’s one of the core reasons why her daughter is growing better than others.

An evil person can be recognized by his/her hate for the sunlight and a rich one by his/her love for online gambling

Nancy Davis recently opened the first Bollywood themed restaurant on the island of Malta and Gozo. Nancy is a proud owner of a toothpaste company and a face wash company both of which have always earned her good profits but it was betting on SBO that made Nancy aware of how much profit can betting online shrewdly with the help of expert blogs like can earn you.

Nancy is a huge fan of the motivational speaker – Les Brown and just like him Nancy never knew her parents. Nancy says that if it weren’t for Les Brown, she wouldn’t know how to stand firm in hard times.

Nancy is a hardcore catholic who says that Fatima predicted that the moon will collapse with the earth if the sins of the flesh keep growing like they were during the time when Fatima appeared on earth. Nancy believes that the earth will soon be destroyed and we are living in the end times and that’s the biggest reason why Nancy hasn’t married yet and she is never going to have babies because she cannot imagine the earth getting destroyed altogether while her kids are still on it.

Nancy’s best friend is a Russian who told Nancy that Putin has took an oath to make Lada bigger than Toyota by 2025. This friend of Nancy also told her that she believes that Rasputin’s predictions are true and one of those is that there will be no boundaries of nations on earth by 2100. Nancy herself believes that earth will no longer be existent by 2100.

Nancy says that she has met several people throughout her life and different types of them. Nancy says that an evil man/woman can be identified with his/her love for the darkness and hatred for the sunlight.

Automotive engineer buying a Tesla Model S with the football gambling money speaks a lot for itself

Monique Benton lived in Havana, Cuba for over a decade and she claims that the Cuban cigar is one of the biggest scams that ever happened on earth. She says that the Cuban cigars are extremely overrated and overpriced and a Marlboro is better than a Cuban cigar any day for her.

Monique’s brother – Mickey is an automotive engineer who says that Germany’s iron and steel is no match to its Scandinavian counterparts but the opposite is true when it comes to the engineering. Mickey says that the Jaguar, Land Rover or Volvo could never compare to the Mercedes, Audi or BMW when it came to the engineering but Volvo cars’ steel quality was the best thing about it and now when 90% of the Volvo cars are made in the Republic of China, it is not worth to buy a Volvo, it is best to stick with the German cars. Mickey says that if Jaguar starts buying steel for its car from Norwegian or Swedish company, it can increase its sales multifold.

Mickey says that it is his personal experience and observation that the tall people are great leaders and have a quality of taking along the common people together whereas short people are brilliant thinkers and strategists.

Mickey claims that Christine Lagarde – the MD and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a secret investor in several Japanese CVT companies including some of the top ones. He says that she is so corrupt that nobody has an idea about how much money she made with working at IMF.

Mickey says that having worked with so many different top companies, he believes that the modern multi-billion dollar businesses aren’t as responsible towards the society as their previous counterparts.

Having worked for automotive companies for the most of his life, Mickey claims that the mechanics make more money that most think or believe.

Mickey recently bought a Tesla Model S with the money that he won with SBOBET, thanks to Agen SBOBET and Mickey’s fluency in the Indonesian language, without which he couldn’t even think about making this much amount of money with online gambling.

Miss Ergemlidze works a 9-5 job but that doesn’t stop her from sending regular donations to the impoverished tribes

Misha Ergemlidze loves science and appreciates the progress that this field of study has achieved in the previous 2 centuries but she is very critical of the scientists and doctors several times. Misha says that when nobody ever could count stars, how can they come to the conclusion that there are billions of the same in the sky?

Misha says that one of the areas of biology that needs the most focus and emphasis is Cytogenetics. Misha says that the Cytogenetics is one field of biology which is full of contradictions.

Misha studied Cryptography for a long while (2-3 years). Misha says that studying Cryptography was a complete waste of time for her and it would have been better if she learnt some Middle-Eastern languages including Hebrew and Arabic at the same time. Misha says that she literally regrets studying Cryptography.

Misha believes that there is not much progress going on in the field of Zoology. Misha says that Zoology is perhaps the oldest branch of life sciences but still it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is still in its infant stage.

Misha recently enjoyed a tour of 5 different countries of Africa and she has a lot of positive to say about Africa. Misha says that the literacy rate of Zimbabwe is the proof that Zimbabwe is going to be the first superpower in Africa. Misha says that Zimbabwe did a very visionary thing when they made English their official language. Zimbabwe says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise in the future if the Zimbabwean Dollar becomes the standard currency of the world.

Misha works a 9-5 job but she has been sending regular donations to the impoverished Bedouin tribes of Africa and Southwest Asia since the day she came from her trip to Africa out of the money that she keeps winning with bets. Misha is a regular reader of websites like betting parlour that help you find the right sports betting websites, she says that if it weren’t for such sites, she would have been living in a homeless shelter.

Gambling hobbyist obsessed with playing Fifa 55 on 2khtarekhorshid

Aleksander Coen is a gambling hobbyist. His latest obsession is playing Fifa 55 on 2khtarekhorshid.

Aleksander has two unique uncles who are priests in the church. These 2 guys are loads of fun and they know how to make a sinner feel special. Each year, Aleksander goes to these 2 uncles of his to ask for forgiveness for his gambling addiction and each time they ask him “Why you keep playing when you know it is a sin?” Each time Aleksander replies “I can’t stop myself, I win hundreds of thousands of dollars with it each year without any hard work.”

Aleksander is married to an Indian woman whose name is Kinjal. Kinjal has a heavenly body that will make your jaw drop, everything about her spells sexiness. She is a perfect woman with an imperfect man. She shows elegance and sophistication in any environment, both social and private. She definitely exudes the sexiness and alluring appeal of the land of kamasutra. Kinjal is the real heat! Aleksander certainly made the best possible choice that he could. She never disappoints him. She performs like a dream in the bed, has a great attitude and is extremely warm and friendly. She learnt most of her bedroom skills while working as an escort in North Goa, which she says was the best time of her life.

Kinjal’s hobbies include writing, traveling, dancing and shopping.

Kinjal still follows Indian politics and other things about India and she is a big fan of the journalist and author P Sainath. She loves him for his work, cause, professionalism and outspokenness.

Kinjal maintains a radical lifestyle with more priority to spirituality. One of the uncles of Kinjal is a member of the United Nations General Assembly. Kinjal has lived in several countries by now including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Casino lover has a hobby of reading gambling blogs in different languages

Sofia Dreyfus enjoyed a trip to Kathmandu after staying in Goa for 17 days where she even had a stint as a South Goa escort for a couple of days. Sofia didn’t miss a single casino in the Indian subcontinent. During her 17 days in Goa, Vickie enjoyed betting at each and every casino within the boundaries of Goa, be it in North or South Goa. Her favorite casino in Goa is Deltin Royale in Panjim. When Sofia is not busy betting at a casino, you can find her gambling online on a FIFA55 website.

Sofia is a huge believer of the term that ‘most useful things are either cheap or free’. One of Sofia’s major hobbies is reading, her favorite topic when it comes to reading is online gambling and her favorite blog is domaine des ormes.

Sofia’s one and only sibling is busy trying to make some major revolutions in the world of voice, data and video technology.

All of Sofia’s cars are painted in the same pink pastel color.

Sofia likes to know about the different religions of the world too and her recent claim is that Yazidies are the ancient Pharisees.

Sofia owns and manages a statistics website covering topics like inbreeding, poverty, health, diseases, lifespan, height, alcoholism, drug addiction, religious beliefs.

Sofia celebrated the Sadbhawna Diwas with Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan on Bhagat Singh’s 111th Birthday and sung Rang de Basanti Chola with the audience and the celebrities altogether. It was a very joyous moment for everyone there.

Sofia now only believes in maintaining and nurturing nourishing relationships that bring the best out of her. She has already given up on all the toxic relationships that she had in the past.

Gruna Bret parted her ways from her family business just because she found the way to make a bank with blogging

Gruna Bret had parting of ways between her and her family business. Gruna couldn’t dare take this step before finding out how she could make a lot of money working as an Escort in Tel Aviv.

Gruna recently enjoyed a trip to India where she noticed things she never noticed anywhere else before. She saw a fake sadhu there who was begging as a Hindu sadhu on the red lights and then he was found worshiping in a mosque, in other words, this fake sadhu was indeed a Muslim who was pretending to be a Hindu sadhu.

Gruna is a very open-minded woman and she lets her husband have fun with other women. Her husband recently called an escort agency which sent her the picture of another escort than the one that they really had. The funniest thing was that the escort that showed up look even better than the one in the pictures. Gruna was really happy for her husband that he had a great time with her.

Gruna is writing her first book which will be available only as a paperback, the name of her book will be “From traveling on camels to Jaguars”, the book is about how the oil made the Arabs rich and how it changed their lifestyles and turned more than half of them to atheists from strict Sunni Muslims.

One of Gruna’s close friends is an Arab who used to own a coal and wood selling business in Saudi Arabia but with his newfound oil money, he moved to the United States forever and founded a bumper and windows creation business. Gruna says that this guy is still a strict Sunni Muslim who doesn’t even play the game of golf or cricket just because it is haram (prohibited) in Islam.

Tel Aviv born and raised international dancer made millions being her own booster

Chava Leib was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Chava is a very kind and hot lady who has a habit of never rushing on anything significant. She is very lovely, bubbly and talkative too.

Chava used to be a dancer in her younger days and she remembers dancing in a Russian movie behind the lead actress in a scene but unfortunately, even stellar performers are paid only dimes for their amazing performances in Russia. Chava caused a sensation in Russia with her dance performance, gestures and looks; she gained more fame than the lead actress in Russia after that performance, she was offered more jobs as a dancer but for mere pennies which Chava rejected. “Russia and Russians don’t know how to appreciate an artist”, Chava claims.

While Chava was in Russia, she was in this cab that met an accident with a SUV. The owner of the SUV came out of his SUV, grabbed the cab driver out of his cab and started beating him, the taxi driver fought back and while all this was happening, Chava was crying and screaming like a baby. After seeing Chava crying, the SUV owner left the cab driver and went his way. Chava’s experience in Russia was truly horrible.

Chava claims that many of the Russian women that she met in Russia were dying to go to India to work as Mumbai Foreign Escorts because they believed that there is so much money to be made as a Russian escort in Mumbai, which quite surprised Chava, because India is a very poor country.

Chava regularly participates in bicycle races. She also does yoga Bikram Chaudhry style.

Chava is her own booster, she doesn’t need anyone else to boost her mood, enthusiasm or motivation. Recently, Chava made millions by reading online gambling tricks on fitjung and applying those on FIFA55 websites to know how and she was her own booster even then.

Chava was born to Ukrainian-Jewish parents who moved to Israel after the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Feminist discord server owner doubles her money twice a week with Singapore’s Online Casinos

Kris Ahlborn claims that hers might not be the most popular feminist server on discord but it is definitely the best because it has got an admin like herself. She brags about this all the time on her server as well and I think that’s the reason why her server’s member count is so low.

Kris is also known as a Nazi admin by the fellow members and her rival discord server owners love her for that. She just bans anyone that differs from her own opinion and after getting banned they join a different server. Some of the ladies are there on her server just because they love to see other members getting banhammered. By doing this, on one hand she reduces the member-count of her own server and on the other, it increases the member-count of her rival server and then she complains that she doesn’t have the same number of members on her discord as the others. She thinks she is too smart, when some new member asks questions like “Why are there so few members on this server as compared to other feminist servers?’ Kris replies “Very few women can relate and comprehend with the intelligent stuff that Kris talks about on her server.”

Kris doesn’t do any promotion for her chatroom at all. Her rival chatroom owners are busy promoting their chatrooms on Twitter, Reddit and other social media websites. The only promotion that Kris does is that she bumps her server once in a couple of days on Disboard (a discord server directory), that’s the only promotion that Kris does for her server.

Kris has a hobby of gambling online and whenever I talk to her on the phone she has some Singapore online casino free credit available with her. Before getting to know about online casinos’ free credit, Kris was broke. She didn’t have any money and as she didn’t even go to the high school, she didn’t have any future at all. Then she prayed to the god who showed her the path of online casinos in a dream.

Tinder is giving people STDs, Bumble is destroying people spiritually but 188Bet is making people millions

Alva Capoor has traveled the world and she believes that the parents in the African continent’s Senegal country are the worst parents in the modern times as they don’t give any sort of freedom to their kids and treat them like objects and abuse them in several inhumane ways.

Alva Capoor laughs her ass off on the guys who believe that a nuclear war is about to happen. Alva says that the major multinationals, mainly the car manufacturers won’t let a nuclear happen.

Alva never trusts a newspaper article no matter which newspaper it was published on.

Alva is a wealthy businesswoman  who openly says that business leaders aren’t as energetic or brilliant as they are perceived to be but they are rather cunning and manipulative. Alva says that she couldn’t have become so financially well if she didn’t register on 188Bet (link đăng ký 188bet).

Alva is the owner of a department store chain. The unique thing about Alva’s department stores is that all these stores are located in neighborhoods that all start with R. Alva believes that the letter ‘R’ is her lucky charm.

Alva is a single and sexual woman who never tried her luck on Tinder herself but she got shocked when several of her girlfriends told her that they got some sort of STDs after having sexual relationships through Tinder. Alva’s friends that used Bumble say that they never got any sort of STDs because of it but they got sort of karmic bondages due to it and they are often depressed for no reason because of it. The astonishing fact is that none of her friends that used Bumble ever believed in any sort of spirituality before discovering Bumble.

HL8 is one of the hottest sites on global gambling magazines nowadays

Renata Nicks has enough money now to never worry about it. Renata recently gifted her boyfriend a coffee mug made of gold on his birthday. Renata loves her boyfriend the way she can’t even describe, she claims. She has a special place for him in her heart like she never had for anyone else including her parents and ex-boyfriends. The couple loves to have desserts together.

Renata has always been passionate, spontaneous, loving, caring and honest with all the people she is related to or friends with.

Renata recently started a weekly published magazine about casinos and gambling. The first article featured on the first publication out was about how a young Thai gentleman become a millionaire within a couple of months with checking the odds ratio (tỷ lệ kèo) everyday. This magazine of Renata has since become one of the most recommended gambling and casino magazines on the internet.

Renata believes that rich kids lack ambition but they are a lot more intelligent than the kids born to poor or middle income parents.

Renata listens to her favorite song ‘Tell me lies’ by Fleetwood Mac whenever she is in a bad mood.

In her spare time, Renata has been researching and writing a book on the ‘Oddfather – Vincent Gigante’. The Italian-American mobster whose daughter Rita Gigante also featured on several shows telling about the personal life of her father.

Psychologist from Mobile prints his own calendar each year

Dr Jacob Hogan is a Psychologist from one of the coastal cities in the state of Alabama – Mobile. While Dr Jacob Hogan himself lives and practices in Mobile, he is against the excessive use of the Mobile Phones and claims that the excessive use of the same leads to several different psychological disorders including ADD, ADHD and even Bipolar Disorder if you watch tons of sexually exciting images and videos on it.

Dr Jacob Hogan claims on his blog that growing veganism is one of the reasons behind the growing depression among the masses, especially the people between the age group of 18-35.

Dr Jacob Hogan’s most recent post read that it is phenomenal how far the anxiety care therapies have come lately but they are still far from being perfect. Dr Jacob believes that the day is not far when such therapies will achieve perfection.

Dr Jacob writes on his blog that for people who are more social and extroverts, the group therapies work wonders and for the reserved introverts, individual counseling are the best. Dr Jacob claims that the group therapies may sometimes even worsen the conditions of the introverts and he learned it very early in his career.

Dr Jacob writes on his blog that the people who do a lot of creative work, are least likely to go into depression, Hollywood stars excluded. Dr Jacob loves to do himself everything that he can, including printing his own calendar each year.

Dr Jacob claims that shy people are less likely to go into chronic depression than their bold and brash counterparts according to his personal observations. Dr Jacob says that forget about the reason behind the same, they are not even conducting a study to find out the ratio of how likely is it to happen.

Her only passive income source is RatuQQ with the help of which she bought a tissue box company just last month

Rasma Cimen acted as a guide to late diplomat Mr Kofi Annan when he visited Croatia. Before working for the Croatian government, Rasma used to work for a civil aviation company.

Rasma likes to do a lot of research on the cultures, traditions, progress, development and other things of different nations and continents. Rasma says that Australians are the most creative people and Australia is the country that has the greatest potential to become another superpower after the USA.

Rasma’s mother used to be a teacher and most of her students used to be either Swedish or Australian. She always said that the Swedish children are very disciplined and not wild like the Australian ones.

Rasma says that it is a myth created by the Hindu fundamentalists and Hindu nationalists that the medieval India had tons of gold and diamonds, all it had was arable land and nothing else. Rasma believes that the Hindu fundamentalists are worst than the fanatic Muslims.

Rasma claims that the Indian royals used to be the most atrocious people on the planet earth and the village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan is just one example.

Rasma did a lot of research on the different tribes of Africa as well and she says that more than 70% of the people of Bantu tribes don’t even know what an email is.

About China, Rasma says that this nation which once used to be full of opium addicts has definitely progressed a lot but one thing that she cannot understand about it is that the most Chinese men don’t believe in divorce but women do.

Rasma really believes in the power of passive income and her source of passive income has been a trusted QQ websites (Ratuqq) for the past sometime now. Rasma made enough passive income with her source to inaugurate a tissue box company of her own in the September of this year.

Driving and car enthusiast Matt is also an online togel freak

Matt Hooper is an internet marketer who used to be a huge proponent of creating forum websites with MyBB until he lost all of his well-established and popular forum due to just one minor mistake and the support was unable to help him although he tried his best in finding the solution for one complete month.

Matt recently bought a black Honda CR-V. You will be surprised to know that Matt never saw a black colored Honda CR-V before buying one. He believed that the alloy wheels on the SUV would be black by default. After finding that the alloy wheels were of the regular color and it was the same for every color and every model of the car, Matt was pissed, although the dealership offered him black alloy wheels for some extra money and he liked those alloy wheels but he refused the offer because he was so pissed at the dealership and its employees (dealership primarily, the employees were extremely polite with him all the time).

Matt is an online gambling freak. No, he is not an addict. His one and only passion is driving but the money that he makes gambling which then he uses to buy new cars and gasoline is the thing that has turned him into a gambling freak. Even all his dreams are nothing but about winning at gambling and investing that money in cars.

Matt’s most favorite car is his Ford Mustang.

Matt keeps looking for new online gambling games whenever he can and he recently discovered which he cannot get enough of. Matt doesn’t speak Thai and he has to translate the characters into the English language but he loves the game so much that he doesn’t bother about the hassle that he has to go through while translating those words into the English language.

Indonesian husband and Polish wife enjoying high life with Macaubet

Purnama Sinar received the best cowgirl action from his wife that he ever received in his life last Friday. Purnama’s Polish wife Eva is a great company to be with. Though she allows Purnama to have fun with her in fairly limited ways, whatever ways she allows, she does it the best ways possible. Eva is after one thing and one thing only and that is Purnama’s complete and utter happiness. She is driven to make sure that Purnama is 100% satisfied with the time he spends with her and stops at nothing to ensure that his experience is the one that he will never forget. She really always understands what Purnama expects from her.

Purnama spent his teenage before he met Eva always busy trading one addiction for another. He was addicted to several wrong things which he still regrets. Before his marriage, Purnama met several different ladies of Russian, Brazilian, Czech and Latin backgrounds but none of those could fascinate him, Eva is the only lady who could really fascinate him. He fell in love on sight with her.

Purnama owns expensive Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Dodge bikes. I personally consider it a waste of money but Purnama doesn’t because he doesn’t have to work hard for that money. All he does is that he bets on 1xbetindo and multiplies his money. Yes, Purnama was born with this good luck sort of a thing that no matter what he never loses any bets.

In the month of August this year, Purnama got a thorough taste of the local Polish flair with Eva by his side when they enjoyed a 11 day vacation to Poland’s Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin and Sopot together.

Son of low-middle income fishing family is already a millionaire with no hard work, thanks to Hanabet

Bagus Tanzil has been going back and forth to Ukraine to meet his online girlfriends in the flesh and have some good time with them for the past one year.

Bagus was born to a low middle income fishing family in the Lamalera village of Indonesia. Bagus was always a believer of the statement ‘An idea can make you rich’. Bagus sees those ‘angel numbers’ all the time and he got an idea to bet using those angel numbers with hanabet mobile.

Would you be surprised if I tell you that his idea really worked? Bagus has been making tens of thousands of American dollars per month since then and he claims that he is soon going to touch 6 digits. I really believe that he can do it and my best wishes are with him.

Bagus is extremely eager to buy Aramco shares and he checks at least once a week when are they going to be available for the Indonesian citizens.

Bagus was married once and divorced his wife within less than a year. Both the spouses were annoyed with each other all the time. His wife still sends her emails, Whatsapp messages, Facebook pings once in a while but he never even check those. I personally think that Bagus should at least hear her out. It is very rude to not even check her messages.

Because Bagus doesn’t work hard for the money, he is always busy spending it on his girlfriends abroad, on modifying his cars, video games and stuff like that.

Bagus still prefers money order instead of PayPal and he believes that PayPal is unlucky for him. Bagus sometimes makes very wild claims with nothing to back them up and his usage of money order instead of PayPal is one of those to me.

MAX Life Insurance Agent from India now speaks fluent Malay and bets regularly on ‘Online Bola’

Sonia Dhingra is a Max Life Insurance Agent in New Delhi, India. Before becoming a life insurance agent, Sonia lived a very meager life, it was very hard for her to pay the school fee, she failed to pay up the school fee for her kids most of the times. She has 2 lovely daughters and both study at one of the best schools of East Delhi.

The only place that Sonia used to ever travel to before becoming a life insurance agent with MAX life insurance company was Vaisno Devi (a Hindu pilgrimage site). Since becoming a life insurance agent with the MAX company, she has been enjoying trips throughout the different Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam.

I forgot to tell you that Sonia even met her husband during a trip to Vaishno Devi, they saw each other and instantly fell in love.

Sonia now speaks fluent English and she regularly bets on online football betting websites with the help of a trusted bookie (bandar bola online).

Sonia’s husband is a fitness freak who works out for 3 hours after the day he eats junk food. He eats big to stay big, he eats a lot of mutton, red meat, chicken soup, almonds and other healthy food. He recently replaced creatine with Muscle Tech Phase 8 Protein.

Everyday Sonia ends up eating junk food like pizza, burger and other even worse stuff and makes false promises to herself that from the next day on she will never touch that stuff.

According to Sonia’s husband, all the negative people he has met eat tons load of sugar and Sonia is lucky yet to haven’t turned like any of those.

Lincoln Denis bought a Lincoln Crossover with the Online Slot Machines

Lincoln Denis is an automotive engineer who claims that Japan produces the best automotive engineers and he has learnt more from the Japanese automotive engineers than any other group.

Lincoln claims that the government of Ukraine is secretly funding a group of engineers that claim that they can produce marvelous cars that will run totally on coal energy and will give the petroleum run cars a run for their money. These cars Lincoln claims that will be more economical to run, more reliable, more durable, faster and more fun to drive than their petrol or diesel run counterparts.

Lincoln lived in the communist country called Cuba for a while and Lincoln claims that he knew a family there which used to have the secret knowledge about the hidden tin underneath the crust of the Cuba and this family sold this tin to the Brazilian government secretly. This family used to live right next to Lincoln and a little kid from this family told Lincoln about their deeds to Lincoln. Lincoln later found out that the kid was right and he was taking a revenge on his family after a quarrel.

Lincoln claims that Singapore is going to be a bankrupt state with the rise of North Korea. Lincoln claims that soon enough with American President Donald Trump’s help, the North Korea is going to build the best trading ports the world has never seen and this move alone will destroy more than half of the Singaporean economy and be one of the first steps to destroy the Singaporean economy. Lincoln has advised his cousins that have been living in Singapore for quite a while to move out from there but they wouldn’t listen, Lincoln says that they are soon going to regret not listening to him and Lincoln is going to celebrate that day.

Lincoln recently bought a Lincoln MKC with the money that he won with the bets he made with slot machines online (losimo automatai online) using the tips and tricks he learnt with different Discord servers, online forums and blogs. Lincoln says that it is his first Non-Japanese car and driving an American car is much more fun experience than driving a Japanese car.

Memory Latham has several remarkable memories about winning the bets online

Memory Latham (name changed) owns a pretty successful company that manufactures LDPE bags, wrapping films and laminated rolls. There was a time when Memory used to work at a McDonalds but things changed when Memory said to herself “I’ve had it.”

Memory started betting online on top online trusted live betting (Canlı Bahis) websites and made a fortune with the same owing to her good luck.

Memory has several friends working in Japanese car companies. Memory claims that the designers in Toyota and Lexus are on the payroll of rival companies and that’s the reason why they have been designing cars that look ugly to most. Memory claims that soon enough Toyota’s top engineers will also be on the payroll of Toyota’s rivals and there goes down the decades old Toyota’s claim of unrivaled reliability down the drain.

Memory’s one and only sister – Malisha owns a company that creates and sells only dull gold and rose gold wheels. Malisha’s husband is busy creating what he calls will be the greatest LED head torch company ever. Malisha’s husband is a fashion designer who designs, creates and sells only high-collared shirts on eBay but after buying a couple of LED head torches from Amazon, he has got into this obsession of creating the best ever LED head torch company. Malisha has traveled about 48 countries including India. Malisha’s favorite place in India is Goa. Malisha fell in love with what is now called Dudhsagar Falls in Goa. Malisha inquired about the history of Dudhsagar Falls and turned out that it used to be called Da Rosa e Da Rocha Falls until the Portuguese Rule in 1962. As soon as the state of India took over Goa, they renamed several sights including Da Rosa e Da Rocha Falls

Amateur scientist has been trying to replace her smoking addiction with online gambling

Giga Celik claims that she has developed the latest technology that promises preferred gendered child birth and it never fails, 100% accuracy guaranteed. Giga is not a scientist, I don’t know what made her invent that technology.

Giga has been struggling with smoking addiction. Smoking makes her irrational but she does it nevertheless. She once made it to 53 days without smoking. The last time I spoke to her she was on day 5.

Giga wants to live a life for herself, she wants to live it for her family’s happiness’s sake and her possible future children. She meditates whenever she gets hit hard by the urges to smoke.

She thinks that she is still figuring out the mindset that she needs to be in if she wants to beat the evil addiction called ‘smoking’.

Giga voted for Cruz in her state.

Last Sunday, Giga tried exercising but literally all day she couldn’t stop thinking about how badly she wanted that cigarette, she couldn’t get any of her tasks done, so she tried using Youtube as an escape and she ended up watching Youtube all day.

Sometimes when Giga smokes, her anxiety gets so bad that she can’t even talk normally with her own parents. The most powerful thing for Giga to stop smoking is that she can convince herself that the only reason she was always too anxious to ask her college long crush out was constantly ramping up her social anxiety with cigarettes.

Giga has been trying to replace her smoking addiction with a good one like online gambling. Giga has been quite lucky with gambling yet, she has got 12.4% return on the total bets she made. Giga loves to read gambling related blogs and football betting (พนันบอล).

Viviana Beswick started her own major tarpaulin export business with slot money

Viviana Beswick used to make more money with renting out tents part-time than her day-job and she wanted to make it big in the tent business but as she didn’t have enough money to expand her business and she didn’t want to borrow a loan either, she was looking for an innovative way to raise funds for her business which she finally did.

Viviana started gambling online on trusted websites like goldenslot and finally got enough money to start her own waterproof tarpaulins export business.

Viviana is a sort of a conspiracy theorist blogger and she is a regular on posting things like the nation of Sri Lanka has nuclear weapons that they bought from North Korea. Viviana wrote that it was seen by the members of the CIA and Pentagon through the satellite but they were all bribed by the government of Sri Lanka later on.

Viviana claims that the nations of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar) are secretly planning to make a union and a military alliance to become the ultimate tiger in the region called Southeast Asia. Viviana says that she has many online friends from these 4 countries who told her the same.

Viviana recently changed her gym after a psycho grabbed one of her breasts at the gym and after she slapped him on the face, he replied “Please beat me some more”. Viviana then decided to change her gym immediately and thankfully, the psycho hasn’t yet been able to track her yet.

Viviana recently traveled to Australia and after doing an extensive research and study on Kangaroos, she came to a theory probably never heard by anyone or even thought by anyone before that Kangaroos are the fallen stars who have been punished by the god for their sins.

Exceptionally smart couple has a hobby of betting on Fun88

Adam Rappaport is a gentleman who is very well-aware of himself, others, and his surroundings, he thinks it is a very rare attribute that very few possess. Adam’s wife Elisha finds him very sexy and sweet for this attribute and her search for the perfect man really stopped when she discovered Adam at a Starbucks cafe where they were both very frequent. Elisha used to be very stressed because she wasn’t able to find someone throughout her 25 years of life whom she could think of as someone eligible for her. After meeting Adam, Elisha dated some other men too but it was always Adam who kept popping to the top of her list.

Adam is respectful, squeaky clean and well-groomed, defined gentleman who is easy to be with and that’s what Elisha loves him so much for. Elisha herself is quite graceful with a magnetic charisma. She has an athletic figure, a very high libido and is always excited for some fun with Adam.

Adam and Elisha have such a great chemistry that they speak every thought that come into their mind, lost in each other’s arms, lost in words, they don’t notice down had the Saturday night flown. They make love only once in a week and that is every Saturday but when they do, it is something so hot that you can’t even imagine. They both satisfy each other fully. Some Saturdays Adam splash Elisha 6 times in a night with respect and being a gentleman.

Adam leaves Elisha breathless each time and makes sure that she has been transported to the universal joy.

Elisha’s favorite hobby is betting on fun88 each night before getting to sleep or have some fun with Adam.

Factory owner lady bought a separate mansion on the hills for the monsoons with Toto Dollars

Nikki Flores is a factory owner that wonders why they don’t speak Hindi in the United Nations whereas they do use Chinese. Nikki says that ‘Shining India’ by Narendra Modi is a term that he has been using to fool the masses of India. Nikki recently was on a business trip to India where she noticed that India has gone far behind from where it was the last time she visited it. Nikki observed that the people were wearing older clothes and driving smaller cars than they did this time compared to the last time that she visited India.

Nikki says that most companies don’t do well not because of the bad economy but because the bosses care more about the sycophants than the skilled employees. Nikki is not ashamed to admit that her own boss tried to take advantage of Nikki at her first job. Nikki says that in many of the companies that she worked at, the bosses cared more about the sexual favors than the skills of the employees. Nikki believes that the #metoo movement is going to have not much impact in the long run and it will be almost completely forgotten by the year 2020.

Nikki’s factory manufactures rear-view mirrors for a Japanese automobile company and the company has been growing ever since it was started out.

Nikki seldom reads any sort of news at all, she says that 85% of the news websites on the internet are utter gibberish and 95% of the news on the internet cannot be trusted at all.

In the December of 2018, Nikki bought a separate mansion on the hills to spend her monsoons at. Nikki says that even though she is a factory owner, she couldn’t afford to purchase it without the money that she won with 토토사이트 applying the tips and tricks that she learnt with a blog dedicated to winning with the Toto websites.

Xi Jingping owns Geely not Li Shufu, claims TOTO millionaire Ewa Rowberry’s conspiracy theorist Sikh friend

Ewa Rowberry sold her 2004 purple Chevrolet SSR (Super Sport Roadster) to a desperate man from Lexington, Kentucky for US Dollar 120, 000 and invested the same on buku mimpi bergambar and today she is a millionaire.

Ewa is a great Star Movies fan and she claims that she has watched each and every Star War movie tens of times.

One of Ewa’s best friends is a Sikh dude named Harjot Gill who is a celibacy advocate but he doesn’t practice what he preaches because he claims that he gets misogynistic if he doesn’t have any sexual encounter within 2 months.

Harjot Gill is sort of a conspiracy theorist who claims that the real owner of AB Volvo is Xi Jinping and not Li Shufu. Harjot claims that Li Shufu is just a fall guy who is gets to enjoy the life of a billionaire with Xi Jinping’s money and power for acting like he is the founder of Geely.

Harjot says that Xi Jingping is just a songwriter, music composer and now an actor as well.

Harjot claims that the Illuminati (the people who run and control the world) wants to carve out 2 more Islamic countries out of India and that’s why the prime minister of India, their ministers, the mainstream media and right-wing organizations are doing their best to frustrate the Muslims so that they start separatist movements. Harjot says that they are doing their best to carve out one different nation for Christians as well the same way.

Harjot says that one of his best friends – Aasif who is a Muslim as is evident from his name, doesn’t play golf, cricket and table tennis as these sports are considered haram in Islam. Aasif only plays football or rugby because these 2 sports are halal in Islam. Aasif says that golf can also be considered halal according to Islam if and only if, the shooter runs to the hole on his feet and not in a golf cart.