Childless SEO Expert from Ahvaz loves Football Predictions and hates the term ‘Baby Boomer’

Izad Balkhi from Ahvaz, Iran, is a Website Designer, Internet Marketing and SEO expert, who claims on his official blog that knowing demographics of your website’s visitors don’t do much for the website owners, especially when the websites belong to the small businesses.

Izad writes that having a college degree didn’t help him in any way in his SEO business except for making him look more presentable. Also, it was during his college days that he learnt about football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2) and online gambling, which has been helping him a lot in making great deal of money ever since.

Izad writes that asking your prospects/visitors to fill up a form is definitely one of the best ways that you can use to drive them away from your website. He tells the story that in the beginning of his SEO career, he suggested many of his clients to use Question Pro to learn demographics of their actual users/visitors; All those clients ended up cursing him, calling him an idiot noob and asking for their money back. He claims to have returned the money of 50% of those clients as he didn’t do much of work for them yet.

Izad believes that Mozilla Firefox Browser will soon again rule the world of internet browsing.

Izad claims that most of the internet based demographic researches aren’t accurate and hence are unreliable.

Izad finds the term ‘Baby Boomer’ to be extremely offensive and he claims that he has been trying to make it illegal to use in his nation – Indonesia.

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