Orthopedist from Bandung believes that the Indonesian Politicians ought to bet a little more and drink more coffee as well

Dr Faisal Padli from Bandung, Indonesia, is an Orthopedist, who writes on his official blog that although the studies say so and it is a common belief that the coffee drinkers have weaker bones, the coffee drinkers are lesser likely to suffer with sports injury than those who don’t drink any coffee.

Dr Faisal writes on his blog that those who indulge in masturbation in their teenage years and early 20s are 450% more prone to getting sports injury in the old age than those who don’t participate in such activities at all.

Dr Faisal writes that he is really impressed with the great work that the online pharmacies have been doing and also the great work that the top daftar judi poker websites have been doing lately as well.

Dr Faisal writes that he is proud that when the politician and legendary wrestler – Kane aka Glenn Jacobs got injured during a match in Bandung, Indonesia, the organizers brought him straight to the Dr Faisal Padli. He writes that it was one of the proudest moments of his medical career because he is a great fan of Glenn Jacobs himself.

Dr Faisal writes that it is a pity that the older patients with strong bones look down upon the men and women of their age with weaker bones. He hopes that he is able to change it one day by developing a foolproof method for strong bones for everyone – old or young.

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