Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Pennsylvania loves Monitoring the Internet

Patrick Beeman is a SEO Expert and Internet Marketer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who tried his best to create websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Stack Exchange, but they all failed. Patrick writes on his blog that he hasn’t given up on the hope yet and his spirit is still the same if not stronger and he will continue to try creating more such websites no matter what the results be. There is no denying that with each try, the quality of Patrick’s such websites has been getting better and I personally hope and believe that soon he will achieve what he has been striving for.

Patrick writes on his blog that he would have been a cop if not an Internet Marketer.

Patrick only trusts when it comes to monitoring his own and his clients’ websites.

Patrick has over 50 employees at his company but he still talks to each and every client personally. Patrick claims to have never recruited a host or a receptionist at his company ever and he seems to proud about this fact.

Patrick is a Catholic. He claims to have never done the SEO for an adult or pharma website. He does it for the gambling websites though because he believes that it is not against the Catholic religion. He claims that all the Catholic texts that talk against the gambling and money changers are false and were manipulated by the ancient Roman chiefs due to their own personal greed and other selfish reasons.

The latest post on Patrick’s personal blog read that he misses the times when the link farms used to be more common than the irrigation farms.

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