The world would have seen a lot more geniuses if there were online pokers back in the day

Yoga Riandika is an author from Tarakan, Indonesia, who recently completed writing a book on his one and only painter brother’s childhood hero, the Hungarian Painter and Art Teacher – Gyula Agghazy.

I happen to be one of the first few readers of this book of his. In the book, Yoga writes that Gyula was bipolar when it came to his sex life. He had a love and hate relationship with sex, like sometimes he would hate it and other times, he would do it like there’s no tomorrow.

Yoga claims in his book that Gyula wasn’t generally an ambitious man, but he believed that his teaching services were extremely underrated and under-priced as well. Gyula wanted to charge a fortune for his teachings but found it impossible when it came to practicality and so did all others who knew about this plan of Gyula.

Yoga feels pity that Gyula didn’t have online poker back in his day, where he could just make a Poker Deposit 10000 and make a living forever without any worries.

Yoga claims in his book that Gyula wanted that tycoon money without any entrepreneurship skills at all and that’s the reason why he was depressed most of the times. Yoga further adds that no matter how hard Gyula tried to sharper his entrepreneurship skills, he could never get good at it.

Yoga claims on his book that Gyula had hallucinations in the old age as severe as many biblical patriarchs, including Abraham, Moses and Jacob.

All those who know even a bit about Gyula Agghuzy, to them it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gyula loved lush greenery, which is very much evident from his art and this is the fact that Yoga has mentioned in his book more times than any other.

Yoga writes that there is no denying in the fact that Gyula was a genius, but like many other geniuses, he likely suffered with an ADHD, because when he was painting, he was thinking music and when he composed music, he couldn’t stop thinking about painting, and when he was teaching his students, he was thinking either or both.

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