Grown up Maurisa Goldberg doesn’t play with toys anymore, she only plays online casino

Maurisa Goldberg owns a toy store in Phuket, Thailand, which is yet to become popular, but its blog is already popular among readers from all across the globe, thanks to the interesting and honest posts that Maurisa writes on her toy store’s blog.

Maurisa Goldberg claims on her blog that most kids nowadays prefer the Cartoon CDs and DVDs belonging to the 1990s over the modern ones.

Maurisa writes on her blog that she is extremely glad about the higher intelligence of the modern kids. She goes to the extent of stating that the intelligence of the modern kids makes her feel like we are more neanderthals than homo sapiens.

Maurisa writes that it is really surprising to herself and many others that the successful men and women don’t force their kids to buy creativity and intelligence oriented toys anymore, but their kids, owing to the great intelligence that they receive from their parents most of the times, prefer to play with such toys themselves.

Maurisa loved to play with cooking set toys as a kid and she writes that it is a pity that the girl kids don’t like cooking set toys anymore. Now as a grown up adult, Maurisa plays casino online and makes almost as much money with the same as she does with her toy store.

The most recent post on Maurisa’s blog stated that with all the advancement in the technology and the way the parents-kids relationship works, it is surprising that the parents are still as clingy when it comes to the grades of their children.

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