Reading this Book on the Tribe of Issachar is as fun as betting on a Live Casino

Prateek Roseline is an author from Semarang, Indonesia, who recently completed writing a book on the Tribe of Issachar, one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. He sent me a free copy to read and it is definitely one of the most interesting reads that I ever come across, perhaps only lesser interesting than the Live Casino book that I completed reading about a couple of months ago.

In his book, Prateek claims that the Tribe of Issachar is the Kaifeng Jews of China. He claims that the Kaifeng Jews are the most laborious people in China and perhaps the whole world, but don’t possess as much intelligence as any other Jewish tribe, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why they got lost too.

Prateek writes in his book that it is a pity that the Tribe of Issachar is the most underrated tribe among the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel. He claims that they used to be taunted all the time even when they weren’t one of the lost tribes and till date, the people of Israel, Jews and Non-Jews make fun of them calling them ‘Stupid Donkeys’.

Prateek also claims in his book that one of the proofs why the Kaifeng Jews are in reality the descendants of the Tribe of Issachar is that they are and were the only Jews that put a lot of emphasis on celibacy unlike any other Jewish tribe and perhaps it is their strong practice of celibacy that makes them so hard-working.

Prateek also writes that the theory that the Tribe of Issachar now lives in Mexico is a laughable one.

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