The world would have seen a lot more geniuses if there were online pokers back in the day

Yoga Riandika is an author from Tarakan, Indonesia, who recently completed writing a book on his one and only painter brother’s childhood hero, the Hungarian Painter and Art Teacher – Gyula Agghazy.

I happen to be one of the first few readers of this book of his. In the book, Yoga writes that Gyula was bipolar when it came to his sex life. He had a love and hate relationship with sex, like sometimes he would hate it and other times, he would do it like there’s no tomorrow.

Yoga claims in his book that Gyula wasn’t generally an ambitious man, but he believed that his teaching services were extremely underrated and under-priced as well. Gyula wanted to charge a fortune for his teachings but found it impossible when it came to practicality and so did all others who knew about this plan of Gyula.

Yoga feels pity that Gyula didn’t have online poker back in his day, where he could just make a Poker Deposit 10000 and make a living forever without any worries.

Yoga claims in his book that Gyula wanted that tycoon money without any entrepreneurship skills at all and that’s the reason why he was depressed most of the times. Yoga further adds that no matter how hard Gyula tried to sharper his entrepreneurship skills, he could never get good at it.

Yoga claims on his book that Gyula had hallucinations in the old age as severe as many biblical patriarchs, including Abraham, Moses and Jacob.

All those who know even a bit about Gyula Agghuzy, to them it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gyula loved lush greenery, which is very much evident from his art and this is the fact that Yoga has mentioned in his book more times than any other.

Yoga writes that there is no denying in the fact that Gyula was a genius, but like many other geniuses, he likely suffered with an ADHD, because when he was painting, he was thinking music and when he composed music, he couldn’t stop thinking about painting, and when he was teaching his students, he was thinking either or both.

Grown up Maurisa Goldberg doesn’t play with toys anymore, she only plays online casino

Maurisa Goldberg owns a toy store in Phuket, Thailand, which is yet to become popular, but its blog is already popular among readers from all across the globe, thanks to the interesting and honest posts that Maurisa writes on her toy store’s blog.

Maurisa Goldberg claims on her blog that most kids nowadays prefer the Cartoon CDs and DVDs belonging to the 1990s over the modern ones.

Maurisa writes on her blog that she is extremely glad about the higher intelligence of the modern kids. She goes to the extent of stating that the intelligence of the modern kids makes her feel like we are more neanderthals than homo sapiens.

Maurisa writes that it is really surprising to herself and many others that the successful men and women don’t force their kids to buy creativity and intelligence oriented toys anymore, but their kids, owing to the great intelligence that they receive from their parents most of the times, prefer to play with such toys themselves.

Maurisa loved to play with cooking set toys as a kid and she writes that it is a pity that the girl kids don’t like cooking set toys anymore. Now as a grown up adult, Maurisa plays casino online and makes almost as much money with the same as she does with her toy store.

The most recent post on Maurisa’s blog stated that with all the advancement in the technology and the way the parents-kids relationship works, it is surprising that the parents are still as clingy when it comes to the grades of their children.

Ulyssa’s dad wrote the first Hyundai and Skoda jokes, her great-grandfather designed the first 5-door car and she makes a living with Pengeluaran SGP

Ulyssa Tickle was envied and hated in the school by both male and female classmates because she was always a bit arrogant, extraordinarily smart and intelligent and never failed to score great grades. Ulyssa never even dated a single guy in her school, not to say that she is a lesbian but she found the guys in her school a league below her although Ulyssa wasn’t someone very rich or anything but she had sort of a superiority complex and the others could feel that vibe from her. Now since Ulyssa has gained a lot of weight, she recently met a group of her schoolmates who acted like they didn’t recognize her at all. It is funny how they all acted the same without any communication at all.

Ulyssa is a hobbyist car journalist who accuses Mat Watson of CarWow of being a paid and biased journalist. Ulyssa says that most of the cars that he asks you to buy do not be deserved to be bought at the price at all.

Ulyssa says that the love and obsession for cars is in her genes. Ulyssa’s dad was the one who wrote the first popular Hyundai and Skoda jokes. Ulyssa’s great-grandfather was the first one to design the first 5-door car.

Ulyssa recently wrote a post on her blog claiming that Volkswagen Touareg was the biggest blunder ever by the Volkswagen and Volkswagen doesn’t want to accept it and that’s why they have been trying rebuilding the same SUV over and over again but haven’t achieved any success yet. Ulyssa says that Volkswagen can bring back its early 2010s glory if the Volkswagen discontinue this big blunder called Touareg, focus more on improving the other existing cars/SUVs/estates/minivans and inventing more vehicles as well.

Ulyssa says that betting on QQ Poker makes her enough money to pay her bills and save some as well so that she can pursue her hobby in the auto-journalism.

Reading this Book on the Tribe of Issachar is as fun as betting on a Live Casino

Prateek Roseline is an author from Semarang, Indonesia, who recently completed writing a book on the Tribe of Issachar, one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. He sent me a free copy to read and it is definitely one of the most interesting reads that I ever come across, perhaps only lesser interesting than the Live Casino book that I completed reading about a couple of months ago.

In his book, Prateek claims that the Tribe of Issachar is the Kaifeng Jews of China. He claims that the Kaifeng Jews are the most laborious people in China and perhaps the whole world, but don’t possess as much intelligence as any other Jewish tribe, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why they got lost too.

Prateek writes in his book that it is a pity that the Tribe of Issachar is the most underrated tribe among the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel. He claims that they used to be taunted all the time even when they weren’t one of the lost tribes and till date, the people of Israel, Jews and Non-Jews make fun of them calling them ‘Stupid Donkeys’.

Prateek also claims in his book that one of the proofs why the Kaifeng Jews are in reality the descendants of the Tribe of Issachar is that they are and were the only Jews that put a lot of emphasis on celibacy unlike any other Jewish tribe and perhaps it is their strong practice of celibacy that makes them so hard-working.

Prateek also writes that the theory that the Tribe of Issachar now lives in Mexico is a laughable one.

Independent Escort claims that Online Slot Games are greatly responsible for the tremendous increase in Adult Entertainment Industry lately

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