We don’t appreciate the prehistoric people and their efforts enough nor do we appreciate the gamblers and lottery winners enough – Paris Parker

Paris Parker used to work at the McDonalds until she learnt about 188bet and the blogs that can help you become an excellent online gambler, for example DominosCoupons.net is one such blog. Today, after winning millions with 188bet, Paris owns a company that manufactures waterproof clothes and a company that manufactures construction equipment and is popular worldwide for its bar bending machines. Paris says that her next target is buying a company that manufactures synthetic leather bags as it is one of her most favorite commodities which she believes is extremely underrated as well.

Paris recently enjoyed watching a video of the Bollywood actors getting beaten by the Pro-Pakistani teens which none of the mainstream media TV channel ever show but is available on the Youtube. Paris doesn’t even know in details what the Kashmir conflict is but she thoroughly enjoyed watching that video as she hates the Bollywood actors and the Bollywood movies because she believes that the Bollywood makes total nonsense movies. Paris says that they either make movies copied from the Hollywood or European cinema or they make exaggerated biopics which only promote hero worship and have very little or sometimes even nothing to do with the personality of the person for whom they made the movie.

Paris wanted to be a politician but she says that political campaigning requires a lot of mental training and in order to win, a politician has to lie a lot otherwise he/she is just wasting their time.

Paris recently interviewed the entire family of the person who got killed for eating porn in Pakistan and it was after this event when they started calling Pakistan as Porkistan. Paris published the video and script of the entire event on her blog.

Paris says that we don’t appreciate most of the things that the prehistoric people did for us including building the houses on the hills.

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