Arian Drezner ain’t a spy but her husband is an online gambler who loves PokerClub88

Arian Drezner makes many wrongly believe that she is a spy due to her habit of gazing at everything silently.

Arian has always been a very smart person as she he had already written more than 10 movie stories when she was still in school.

Arian recently got married to a Canadian-Sikh guy named Jaswant Singh. This Canadian-Sikh guy is different from others as he is from Afghanistan and he wears nothing but red turban. Jaswant Singh’s grandfather was the first person to create a dance floor in Afghanistan.

Jaswant Singh’s grandfather always used to say that not only peacocks but all birds, animals and even insects dance when they are happy but other species including homo sapiens sapiens don’t recognize their dance.

Jaswant Singh has a cat whom he cares so much about that his cat has over 6 dozen pair of shoes. Jaswant is a huge fan of and reads each and every post on it very carefully. This is where he learnt about pokerclub88, with which he has made a lot of money and still continues to do so.

Jaswant Singh says that happiness is overrated and so are material goals. He says that each individual has unique desires and each individual should be left to decide what makes him/her feel complete and content.

Jaswant never wants to go back to the Indian subcontinent as he constantly says that even prehistoric people cared more about the fundamental human rights than the people ruling the Indian subcontinent.

Arian has been trying to build a flying motorcycle for the past couple of years. She is going to name it 1859 once it is build and she has named her company Arian’s Innovations.

Having studied MBA at a university, Arian claims that black men are more likely to study business at a university which other ethnicities think of as useless. Arian says that studying business serves great purpose and it is really underrated.

Arian knows several sociopaths, introverts and anti-social people personally and she claims that compelling unsocial people to become more social only makes them sociopath.

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