Dr Maddison Biset loves online gambling, Malta’s sunrise and lobsters

Dr. Maddison Biset is a General Practitioner who claims that the Mongol people have the biggest livers. Along with being a General Practitioner, Maddison is a successful businesswoman. Maddison owns a widespread network of grocery and department stores.

Maddison’s husband is an engineer by profession whose ultimate aim is to become the engineer with most inventions in his name one day. He owns a fishery as well. Maddison hates it when she notices her husband getting crazy after seeing beautiful younger girls. Maddison doubts that it has something to do with his habit of eating a lot of seafood which increases testosterone levels.

Anyways, Maddison and her husband just like each winter holidays, spent these winter holidays in Malta where they stayed at the Diplomat Hotel in Sliema like they do each time.

Maddison is not a Victorian but she claims that the Indians farmers are committing suicide not because they are poor but because they are left with no energy to cultivate their crops due to sexual addiction.

Maddison has a thing for history and she is a wannabe amateur historian as well who claims that pre-historic tribes all over the world were democracies. Maddison also claims that most Russians used to be strict vegetarians during the Czar’s time. Maddison says that she sometimes doubt that the Russians can be Hindu-Kshatriya tribes.

Maddison says that central educational institutions all over the world are not stable.

Maddison loves lobsters imported from Bahamas and most favorite pastime is betting on Indonesian websites, especially slot online terlengkap.

Maddison sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that United Nations is the work of the Satan. She says that it may be a paper tiger right now but soon the Illuminati will turn the UN into the ultimate powerhouse and punish the nations that don’t agree with it.

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