Nikita Schultz makes CEO money with a small online business and online betting combined

Nikita Schultz is a half-Danish half-Russian woman currently living in Bali, Indonesia. Nikita lived in a third-world country called India for quite a while where she noticed that North Indians use metallic minerals for their rituals and the East Indians (Bengalis) use non-metallic mineral for their rituals while the South Indians use both metallic and non-metallic minerals for their rituals.

Nikita says that Hinduism may boast of scientific approach in a broad spectrum but Hindus are some of the most superstitious people that you will ever find.

Nikita very much liked the tradition of Indian pehlwani (wrestling) and Indian pehlwans (wrestlers). Nikita observed that the Indian pehlwani has been serving as  a way to keep the youngsters away from alcohol and other harmful substances.

Nikita met a funny Indian who said to Nikita that India is going to be the next USSR (a superpower). He told Nikita that India is going to be a superpower when Priyanka Gandhi will take over the Prime Ministership of India. He told Nikita that Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bhutan will become parts of India after Priyanka Gandhi takes over. He said that Sanatan Bharat is Priyanka Gandhi’s ultimate dream.

One Indian that Nikita met told her that the Chola empire of India was so sovereign that even Khalid ibn Al-Walid was scared of it.

One Sai Baba devotee that Nikita met in India told her that Sai Baba of Shirdi took along with him several of his followers to the planet Uranus but all died except Sai, Sai Baba returned back to earth immediately fearing his life.

Nikita Schultz makes CEO money reselling Fiverr services on her own website and with online betting on websites that offer freebet tanpa deposit terbaru.

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