We don’t appreciate the prehistoric people and their efforts enough nor do we appreciate the gamblers and lottery winners enough – Paris Parker

Paris Parker used to work at the McDonalds until she learnt about 188bet and the blogs that can help you become an excellent online gambler, for example DominosCoupons.net is one such blog. Today, after winning millions with 188bet, Paris owns a company that manufactures waterproof clothes and a company that manufactures construction equipment and is popular worldwide for its bar bending machines. Paris says that her next target is buying a company that manufactures synthetic leather bags as it is one of her most favorite commodities which she believes is extremely underrated as well.

Paris recently enjoyed watching a video of the Bollywood actors getting beaten by the Pro-Pakistani teens which none of the mainstream media TV channel ever show but is available on the Youtube. Paris doesn’t even know in details what the Kashmir conflict is but she thoroughly enjoyed watching that video as she hates the Bollywood actors and the Bollywood movies because she believes that the Bollywood makes total nonsense movies. Paris says that they either make movies copied from the Hollywood or European cinema or they make exaggerated biopics which only promote hero worship and have very little or sometimes even nothing to do with the personality of the person for whom they made the movie.

Paris wanted to be a politician but she says that political campaigning requires a lot of mental training and in order to win, a politician has to lie a lot otherwise he/she is just wasting their time.

Paris recently interviewed the entire family of the person who got killed for eating porn in Pakistan and it was after this event when they started calling Pakistan as Porkistan. Paris published the video and script of the entire event on her blog.

Paris says that we don’t appreciate most of the things that the prehistoric people did for us including building the houses on the hills.

Arian Drezner ain’t a spy but her husband is an online gambler who loves PokerClub88

Arian Drezner makes many wrongly believe that she is a spy due to her habit of gazing at everything silently.

Arian has always been a very smart person as she he had already written more than 10 movie stories when she was still in school.

Arian recently got married to a Canadian-Sikh guy named Jaswant Singh. This Canadian-Sikh guy is different from others as he is from Afghanistan and he wears nothing but red turban. Jaswant Singh’s grandfather was the first person to create a dance floor in Afghanistan.

Jaswant Singh’s grandfather always used to say that not only peacocks but all birds, animals and even insects dance when they are happy but other species including homo sapiens sapiens don’t recognize their dance.

Jaswant Singh has a cat whom he cares so much about that his cat has over 6 dozen pair of shoes. Jaswant is a huge fan of DominosCoupons.net and reads each and every post on it very carefully. This is where he learnt about pokerclub88, with which he has made a lot of money and still continues to do so.

Jaswant Singh says that happiness is overrated and so are material goals. He says that each individual has unique desires and each individual should be left to decide what makes him/her feel complete and content.

Jaswant never wants to go back to the Indian subcontinent as he constantly says that even prehistoric people cared more about the fundamental human rights than the people ruling the Indian subcontinent.

Arian has been trying to build a flying motorcycle for the past couple of years. She is going to name it 1859 once it is build and she has named her company Arian’s Innovations.

Having studied MBA at a university, Arian claims that black men are more likely to study business at a university which other ethnicities think of as useless. Arian says that studying business serves great purpose and it is really underrated.

Arian knows several sociopaths, introverts and anti-social people personally and she claims that compelling unsocial people to become more social only makes them sociopath.

Proud atheist used to secure the first position in school, now she is a full-time online gambler

Avery Cliburn says that it is a big lie that is being spread by the propagandists that today’s economy is such that the rich will remain permanently rich and the poor will remain permanently poor but in reality it is the other way round, Avery says that gone are the days when the money used to make money but in this day and era of technology, it is the expertise and knowledge that is the most key factor when it comes to making money.

Avery didn’t go to the Harvard Law School but she knows more about the laws than most of the lawyers in her country.

Avery sells vest coats on her own website and also on Shopify. It is a very lucrative business but Avery makes more money gambling online with fun888.

Avery has traveled the world and as mentioned before in this very post that she knows more than the lawyers about the law, Avery claims that only fast-track courts are not sellouts in third world countries including both the communist and democratic nations.

Avery is a proud atheist who claims that you can’t take charge of your life completely until and unless you keep believing in god.

Avery’s brother – Cameron is a dentist who was a very average student in school. Avery says that looking at her own brother it is quite evident that becoming a dentist is easier than becoming an accountant.

Avery is extremely critical of the Islamic countries as she has lived in some of the so-called Islamic countries. Avery claims that creative people are perceived to be the work of the Satan or evil angel – Iblees in the Islamic countries.

Avery was a wonderful student at school and most of the times she used to secure first position in the school.

Dr Maddison Biset loves online gambling, Malta’s sunrise and lobsters

Dr. Maddison Biset is a General Practitioner who claims that the Mongol people have the biggest livers. Along with being a General Practitioner, Maddison is a successful businesswoman. Maddison owns a widespread network of grocery and department stores.

Maddison’s husband is an engineer by profession whose ultimate aim is to become the engineer with most inventions in his name one day. He owns a fishery as well. Maddison hates it when she notices her husband getting crazy after seeing beautiful younger girls. Maddison doubts that it has something to do with his habit of eating a lot of seafood which increases testosterone levels.

Anyways, Maddison and her husband just like each winter holidays, spent these winter holidays in Malta where they stayed at the Diplomat Hotel in Sliema like they do each time.

Maddison is not a Victorian but she claims that the Indians farmers are committing suicide not because they are poor but because they are left with no energy to cultivate their crops due to sexual addiction.

Maddison has a thing for history and she is a wannabe amateur historian as well who claims that pre-historic tribes all over the world were democracies. Maddison also claims that most Russians used to be strict vegetarians during the Czar’s time. Maddison says that she sometimes doubt that the Russians can be Hindu-Kshatriya tribes.

Maddison says that central educational institutions all over the world are not stable.

Maddison loves lobsters imported from Bahamas and most favorite pastime is betting on Indonesian websites, especially slot online terlengkap.

Maddison sounds like a conspiracy theorist when she claims that United Nations is the work of the Satan. She says that it may be a paper tiger right now but soon the Illuminati will turn the UN into the ultimate powerhouse and punish the nations that don’t agree with it.

Misha Bagel is the daughter of an Indian dentist who loves to read, drive vintage cars and bet online

Misha Bagel has a bad addiction of reading newspaper before sleeping; each day after waking up late Misha takes a vow of never touching the newspaper again unless she really needs to read it but she fails it each time.

Misha is an Indian who has been living in Bandung, Indonesia for the past 5 years. Misha claims that the late Indian Prime Minister – Indira Gandhi wanted to make condoms free for the Indian public to reduce/control the population of India but her Sanjay Gandhi took charge and ruined everything by implementing enforced vasectomy on men (mainly in the slum and poor neighborhoods). Misha says that it was the beginning of the end of the Indian National Congress Political Party and the Nehru-Gandhi family’s unchecked dictatorship and its “blind” followers’s trust on it.

Misha’s mother is a dentist who is unfit to run a clinic or work at a hospital anymore but she loves her profession so much that she answers dental related questions on Reddit, Quora and Yahoo all the time.

Misha loves her cars vintage and she owns many vintage cars presently including a 1967 Chevrolet Camero and a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. Misha told me that she is not obsessed with Chevy at all but she bought these 2 cars because she got great deals on these two.

Misha finds socialism to be the worst form of political system and she likes to call the pro-socialists as sociopaths that love slavery. Misha could never make her fortune with Situs Poker Terpercaya if she were living in a socialist country, especially the India of the 1970s and 1980s.

Misha loves to read all the time, her most favorite novel ever is Karma by Cathy Ostlere, it may sound funny to many that Misha doesn’t love this novel because of its content but because it is too easy and fun to read because of the way it is written.

Misha always keeps a tiny book or novel in her pocket to read in spare time.

Nikita Schultz makes CEO money with a small online business and online betting combined

Nikita Schultz is a half-Danish half-Russian woman currently living in Bali, Indonesia. Nikita lived in a third-world country called India for quite a while where she noticed that North Indians use metallic minerals for their rituals and the East Indians (Bengalis) use non-metallic mineral for their rituals while the South Indians use both metallic and non-metallic minerals for their rituals.

Nikita says that Hinduism may boast of scientific approach in a broad spectrum but Hindus are some of the most superstitious people that you will ever find.

Nikita very much liked the tradition of Indian pehlwani (wrestling) and Indian pehlwans (wrestlers). Nikita observed that the Indian pehlwani has been serving as  a way to keep the youngsters away from alcohol and other harmful substances.

Nikita met a funny Indian who said to Nikita that India is going to be the next USSR (a superpower). He told Nikita that India is going to be a superpower when Priyanka Gandhi will take over the Prime Ministership of India. He told Nikita that Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bhutan will become parts of India after Priyanka Gandhi takes over. He said that Sanatan Bharat is Priyanka Gandhi’s ultimate dream.

One Indian that Nikita met told her that the Chola empire of India was so sovereign that even Khalid ibn Al-Walid was scared of it.

One Sai Baba devotee that Nikita met in India told her that Sai Baba of Shirdi took along with him several of his followers to the planet Uranus but all died except Sai, Sai Baba returned back to earth immediately fearing his life.

Nikita Schultz makes CEO money reselling Fiverr services on her own website and with online betting on websites that offer freebet tanpa deposit terbaru.