This tour and travel agent might start her own airline soon if the god keeps showering its love to her like this in the form of ItuQQ money

Rune Chakrabongse wants to revolutionize the air-conditioning industry and she claims to have several plans to do so. Rune’s tour and travel agency was in ruins because of lack of funds for advertising and promotion but because Rune is a dieheart believer in god and she believes that god really does for whatever you ask him for as long as your prayer is true and from the heart – Rune entered into a state of meditation and asked god to help her which god did. When Rune went to sleep, she started seeing ItuQQ written everywhere in her dreams and once she woke up, she googled the term and it turned out that it is the term used for a peculiar type of gambling websites. Rune now comprehended that it was god who was sending her the message to become rich in her dreams, Rune started betting with her eyes closed and with prayer on her lips and it may sound unbelievable to many and miraculous to some that Rune did nothing but ate, slept and won bets for 4 consecutive days until she won money equivalent to 1 million Euros in her currency. Rune has not placed a bet ever since winning those 1 million Euros as she believes that god’s help is not with her anymore and she is only going to place a bet anytime again when god specifically sends her a message to do so.

Rune is the mother of a beautiful 6 months old daughter whom she named Durga after the Indian goddess. Rune is a wonderful mother and she is never tired of researching what’s good and what’s not for her little daughter. Rune always believed that wearing tight clothes does a lot of harm to the hemoglobin and there is a similar belief in Rune’s culture and because of this very reason, Rune never lets her daughter wear tight clothes and she also believes that’s one of the core reasons why her daughter is growing better than others.

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