Miss Ergemlidze works a 9-5 job but that doesn’t stop her from sending regular donations to the impoverished tribes

Misha Ergemlidze loves science and appreciates the progress that this field of study has achieved in the previous 2 centuries but she is very critical of the scientists and doctors several times. Misha says that when nobody ever could count stars, how can they come to the conclusion that there are billions of the same in the sky?

Misha says that one of the areas of biology that needs the most focus and emphasis is Cytogenetics. Misha says that the Cytogenetics is one field of biology which is full of contradictions.

Misha studied Cryptography for a long while (2-3 years). Misha says that studying Cryptography was a complete waste of time for her and it would have been better if she learnt some Middle-Eastern languages including Hebrew and Arabic at the same time. Misha says that she literally regrets studying Cryptography.

Misha believes that there is not much progress going on in the field of Zoology. Misha says that Zoology is perhaps the oldest branch of life sciences but still it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is still in its infant stage.

Misha recently enjoyed a tour of 5 different countries of Africa and she has a lot of positive to say about Africa. Misha says that the literacy rate of Zimbabwe is the proof that Zimbabwe is going to be the first superpower in Africa. Misha says that Zimbabwe did a very visionary thing when they made English their official language. Zimbabwe says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise in the future if the Zimbabwean Dollar becomes the standard currency of the world.

Misha works a 9-5 job but she has been sending regular donations to the impoverished Bedouin tribes of Africa and Southwest Asia since the day she came from her trip to Africa out of the money that she keeps winning with bets. Misha is a regular reader of websites like betting parlour that help you find the right sports betting websites, she says that if it weren’t for such sites, she would have been living in a homeless shelter.

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