Psychologist from Mobile prints his own calendar each year

Dr Jacob Hogan is a Psychologist from one of the coastal cities in the state of Alabama – Mobile. While Dr Jacob Hogan himself lives and practices in Mobile, he is against the excessive use of the Mobile Phones and claims that the excessive use of the same leads to several different psychological disorders including ADD, ADHD and even Bipolar Disorder if you watch tons of sexually exciting images and videos on it.

Dr Jacob Hogan claims on his blog that growing veganism is one of the reasons behind the growing depression among the masses, especially the people between the age group of 18-35.

Dr Jacob Hogan’s most recent post read that it is phenomenal how far the anxiety care therapies have come lately but they are still far from being perfect. Dr Jacob believes that the day is not far when such therapies will achieve perfection.

Dr Jacob writes on his blog that for people who are more social and extroverts, the group therapies work wonders and for the reserved introverts, individual counseling are the best. Dr Jacob claims that the group therapies may sometimes even worsen the conditions of the introverts and he learned it very early in his career.

Dr Jacob writes on his blog that the people who do a lot of creative work, are least likely to go into depression, Hollywood stars excluded. Dr Jacob loves to do himself everything that he can, including printing his own calendar each year.

Dr Jacob claims that shy people are less likely to go into chronic depression than their bold and brash counterparts according to his personal observations. Dr Jacob says that forget about the reason behind the same, they are not even conducting a study to find out the ratio of how likely is it to happen.

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