Factory owner lady bought a separate mansion on the hills for the monsoons with Toto Dollars

Nikki Flores is a factory owner that wonders why they don’t speak Hindi in the United Nations whereas they do use Chinese. Nikki says that ‘Shining India’ by Narendra Modi is a term that he has been using to fool the masses of India. Nikki recently was on a business trip to India where she noticed that India has gone far behind from where it was the last time she visited it. Nikki observed that the people were wearing older clothes and driving smaller cars than they did this time compared to the last time that she visited India.

Nikki says that most companies don’t do well not because of the bad economy but because the bosses care more about the sycophants than the skilled employees. Nikki is not ashamed to admit that her own boss tried to take advantage of Nikki at her first job. Nikki says that in many of the companies that she worked at, the bosses cared more about the sexual favors than the skills of the employees. Nikki believes that the #metoo movement is going to have not much impact in the long run and it will be almost completely forgotten by the year 2020.

Nikki’s factory manufactures rear-view mirrors for a Japanese automobile company and the company has been growing ever since it was started out.

Nikki seldom reads any sort of news at all, she says that 85% of the news websites on the internet are utter gibberish and 95% of the news on the internet cannot be trusted at all.

In the December of 2018, Nikki bought a separate mansion on the hills to spend her monsoons at. Nikki says that even though she is a factory owner, she couldn’t afford to purchase it without the money that she won with 토토사이트 applying the tips and tricks that she learnt with a blog dedicated to winning with the Toto websites.

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