Yamaha crazy woman owes all her fortune to Safety Park betting

Sanit Srisuk used to supply red meat all over the state of Kentucky when she was an American citizen but now she manufactures completely natural massage cream, aroma gel, cuticle cream, aroma oil and soaps and sell those all over the world. Sanit says that if she weren’t fluent in the Korean language, it wouldn’t have been possible as everything she owns now she owes it to 안전공원사이트.

Sanit is a motorcycle enthusiast which is very unusual for a woman in her native country. Sanit says that Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki might have come a long way but it is the Yamaha that is still the king of the motorcycle industry.

Sanit doesn’t understand the craze among both the men and women for the bikes like Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, Jawa and Indian Chief. Sanit says that these stupid bikes are extremely dangerous in case an accident occurs, these motorcycles are fuel thirsty, these are uncomfortable to ride and they don’t last as long as a Japanese motorcycle but still the craze for these motorcycles among some people is uncomprehending for sane and smart people like Sanit. Sanit says that she won’t feel good as long as the unfeasible motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, Jawa and Indian Chief don’t go bankrupt. Sanit wonders why these companies still exist even with the prices of the fuel touching the sky.
Sanit says that she is surprised at how far the Indian motorcycle industry has come. Sanit is a great fan of the Bajaj and TVS motorcycles even though she doesn’t one. She says that she enjoyed riding those during her last trip to Goa.

Sanit’s husband is also from India and he used to manage his family business of breeding white rabbits and boer goats before he got married to Sanit.

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