Family man loves rb88 more than his family and surprisingly, the family knows it as well

Michael Dahmer is a martial artist and a dance school owner from Krabi, Thailand. Michael tried his hand in the martial arts business twice but both times it failed but Michael considers learning martial arts and having 2 failed schools to be the secret behind him now running a successful dance school and having a beautiful wife and 2 lovely kids. Michael met his wife at his martial arts school when she used to come there to learn the martial arts. Michael laughs that she was the only female student in his entire school and they fell in love over time, Michael says that it was love at first sight for him but for his wife, it happened gradually.

Michael hates racism but he believes that the reason why neither of his martial arts school did well is because the people of Thailand believed that a white person cannot be as good of a martial arts instructor as an average Thai instructor which Michael claims is certainly not the case in reality. Michael claims that the only reason he traveled to Thailand was to learn the martial arts but things kept happening. Michael had the idea in his mind that the foreigners like himself that travel all the way from their countries to Thailand in order to learn the martial arts would be more interested in a native English speaking martial arts instructor than someone whose first language is not English but rather Thai, but was he wrong. Michael then met his wife with the help of whom he found the dance school that he has been running for 3 years now and decided to settle forever in Thailand because of its natural beauty, scenic views and economy.

What Michael loves even more than his kids, wife or the beautiful piece on earth called Thailand is ทางเข้า rb88, and his wife knows it very well.

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