Online marketer and blogger makes tens of thousands of dollars per month as a crypto casino affiliate

Jordan Hernandez is an online marketer and blogger who claims that he makes tens of thousands of dollars a month with online marketing and blogging. Jordan further claims that he makes even more money as crypto casino affiliates, but he doesn’t like to add that in his blogging and rest of the online marketing adventure.

One of Jordan’s blogs is completely dedicated to his opinions on different religions. Jordan once wrote that a Christian priest once told him that Saint Thomas Aquinas died because of a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Although Jordan is not a practicing catholic, Jordan knew that the priest’s claim was a fake and blasphemous one. Before Jordan could report the priest to the higher authorities, he got to learn that the blasphemous priest himself had a cardiac arrest in a nearby happy ending massage parlor and died on the spot.

In one of his blog posts, Jordan claimed that it is the magic of Saint Thomas the Apostle than some Iraqi and Arab Christians haven’t lost their faith yet even after so much pressure from the opposing Muslims that have been trying to convert them from centuries now.

In another of his blog post dedicated to Saint Thomas the Apostle, Jordan mentioned that the prayers that they chant in the Roman Catholic Church are inferior to the ones that they recite in the Indian Catholic Church and the credit of the same goes to one and only St Thomas the Doubting Apostle.

Jordan has mentioned more than once on his blog that the paganic religion practiced by the Vikings was superior to any other paganic religion of the time except for the Hinduism. Jordan also adds each time that he doesn’t like Hinduism at all or justifies the atrocities of the Hindus, like Sati Pratha.

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