Auto-Journo wishes if all the car sellers were as honest as the modern online gambling websites

Ashley McHenry is an auto journalist from South Korea who is popular for writing interesting controversial posts, regarding both her personal and profession life.

Ashley recently made a post telling why Maruti-Suzuki cars sell so much in India. In her post, Ashley mentioned that there was almost a monopoly of the Indian car manufacturers in India until the year 1983, which sold nothing but licensed unreliable, expensive to maintain and expensive to buy European and Russian cars to the poor Indian customers. Ashley adds that the only other option that the Indians had back in the day was a Fiat Padmini, which was launched in the financial year 1974 and was sold till the year 2000.

Ashley writes that then the desperate Suzuki Motors launched a 800cc car in collaboration with an Indian sales company – Maruti, which was named Maruti-Suzuki 800. Ashley writes after the launch of the Maruti-Suzuki 800, an average Indian could now buy a car for cheap and as the Indians never experienced the Japanese reliability before, they were amazed at how good the Japanese cars were and how cheap were they to maintain; The cult continued for decades and till now, an average Indian believes that a Maruti-Suzuki car is far more reliable than an average Honda or Toyota and they continue to buy it blindingly without checking any other option available in the market. Ashley writes that she is amazed to learn that over 50% of the cars that sell in India belong to one manufacturer alone – Maruti-Suzuki.

Ashley says that she really hopes that the cult of Maruti-Suzuki ends soon enough in the nation called India and the people of that country become enlightened enough to know that not all the cars that belong to any other make than Maruti-Suzuki are not bad and how the Indian corporations were making a fool out of them. Ashley adds that corporations like 먹튀검증 are very rare to find that only believe in giving away, but the ones that are honest enough to be always fair aren’t hard to find either.

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