Neurologist from Malang hopes that ball gambling makes him enough money to study the Buddhist monks single-handedly

Dr Andrew Nonnenberg is a neurologist from the city of Malang, Indonesia who claims on his blog that in the ancient times, they used to believe that brain aneurysm is caused by the bite of a common house gecko. Dr Andrew claims that this ridiculous belief is still prevalent in several backward tribes across the globe, especially in the Indian and African subcontinent.

Dr Andrew claims to have met several patients of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in his life. Dr Andrew claims that after careful and thorough investigation, he has concluded that 95% of these patients consume psychedelics.

Dr Andrew is blunt enough to declare publicly that the neurological studies lately have been more unstable than his wins on his most favorite situs judi bola. One such study that Dr Andrew Nonnenberg talks about is the one where the neurologists first used to claim that the caffeine use is the greatest contributor to brain aneurysm but the recent studies give a view that is right the opposite.

Dr Andrew claims that studying the Buddhist monks can help the field of neurology a lot. Dr Andrew wishes if he had the budget and time to do the same. Dr Andrew writes on his blog that if he is not able to do it soon enough and neither does any other neurologist, he will persuade her daughter who is studying neurology to do the same. Dr Andrew claims that he is certain that his daughter will not deny it as she seems more passionate when it comes to the neurology than he himself is.

Dr Andrew writes on his blog that it is surprising that the twin adults are less likely to face any neurological issue compared to their single counterparts although they are more likely to face different other health issues belonging to other medical fields.

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