Hua Hin’s French Restaurant owner has been betting on Thai websites since the day he got fluent in the language

Joseph Dalmau owns one of the most successful French restaurants in the city of Hua Hin in Thailand.

The most popular dish at Joseph’s restaurant is the Beef Bourguignon. Joseph claims on his blog that one of the reasons why the dish is so popular at their restaurant is that they use nothing but the best quality beef imported from India. Joseph claims that they only use the meat of Surti Buffalo imported from India in their Beef Bourguignon.

Joseph is a lawyer by profession but he only practiced for 3 months. Joseph doesn’t hesitate to mention on his blog that he has never fought a court case in his life.

In the March of this year, Joseph’s restaurant started delivering as well. Also in the month of March this year, Joseph became fluent in the Thai language and started betting on Thai websites with the help of blogs like

Joseph’s French restaurant in Hua Hin is very popular with the doctors, lawyers and business people, but Joseph never brags about it.

Joseph’s restaurant has at least over 20 different customers that come for a brunch there almost everyday. This is something that Joseph really brags about.

Joseph claims on his blog that the French dishes are the best if you are looking for a heavy protein diet. Joseph also claims on the same blog that he has been doing his utmost to expose the companies that sell lab grown meat. Joseph writes that it is a pity that the lab meat is being sold more than the lamb meat.

Joseph’s restaurant offers free parking but Joseph has been thinking about eliminating it for a while now. Joseph clearly mentioned on his blog that offering a free parking attracts more people that eat nothing at the restaurant.

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