Baby clothing store chain owner claims that the more she donates the luckier she gets with her betting adventures

Dumora Sirait owns a baby clothing store chain with 10 different stores in 5 different cities of Indonesia including Bandung, West Jakarta, East Jakarta, Palembang and Malang.

Dumora’s company specializes in party wear for the kids.

Dumora brags on her blog that those who come for the gander only to her store, don’t leave without buying anything 80% of the times.

Dumora writes that she cannot comprehend how the companies that showcase one product online and send another one are able to survive for so long. Dumora really appreciates the buyers that do a lot to expose and campaign against such baby clothing stores, both online and offline.

Dumora writes that wrestling fan parents that want their baby sons to grow up like their most favorite wrestler do nothing but buy their favorite wrestler’s costume for their baby boys and that’s the reason why Dumora recently introduced some of the most comfortable WWE and WCW star costumers for the babies.

Dumora writes on her blog that the parents are now buying clothes for their babies separately for the special occasions with both their hands like never before.

Dumora’s next target is to create a brand for the kids that will offer furniture and decor, exclusively for the babies and kids.

Dumora donates clothes to emergency reliefs around the world. She also donates 20% of the company’s profits to the charities. Dumora claims that the more she donates to the charities, the luckier she gets with her online gambling adventures and that keeps her closer to her online gambling agent (bandar judi online) as well.

Dumora believes that most modern clothing for babies is not made to last long, which is a pity.

Dumora brags that more than the kids, it is the parents that enjoy shopping at her stores.

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