Online marketer and blogger makes tens of thousands of dollars per month as a crypto casino affiliate

Jordan Hernandez is an online marketer and blogger who claims that he makes tens of thousands of dollars a month with online marketing and blogging. Jordan further claims that he makes even more money as crypto casino affiliates, but he doesn’t like to add that in his blogging and rest of the online marketing adventure.

One of Jordan’s blogs is completely dedicated to his opinions on different religions. Jordan once wrote that a Christian priest once told him that Saint Thomas Aquinas died because of a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Although Jordan is not a practicing catholic, Jordan knew that the priest’s claim was a fake and blasphemous one. Before Jordan could report the priest to the higher authorities, he got to learn that the blasphemous priest himself had a cardiac arrest in a nearby happy ending massage parlor and died on the spot.

In one of his blog posts, Jordan claimed that it is the magic of Saint Thomas the Apostle than some Iraqi and Arab Christians haven’t lost their faith yet even after so much pressure from the opposing Muslims that have been trying to convert them from centuries now.

In another of his blog post dedicated to Saint Thomas the Apostle, Jordan mentioned that the prayers that they chant in the Roman Catholic Church are inferior to the ones that they recite in the Indian Catholic Church and the credit of the same goes to one and only St Thomas the Doubting Apostle.

Jordan has mentioned more than once on his blog that the paganic religion practiced by the Vikings was superior to any other paganic religion of the time except for the Hinduism. Jordan also adds each time that he doesn’t like Hinduism at all or justifies the atrocities of the Hindus, like Sati Pratha.

Auto-Journo wishes if all the car sellers were as honest as the modern online gambling websites

Ashley McHenry is an auto journalist from South Korea who is popular for writing interesting controversial posts, regarding both her personal and profession life.

Ashley recently made a post telling why Maruti-Suzuki cars sell so much in India. In her post, Ashley mentioned that there was almost a monopoly of the Indian car manufacturers in India until the year 1983, which sold nothing but licensed unreliable, expensive to maintain and expensive to buy European and Russian cars to the poor Indian customers. Ashley adds that the only other option that the Indians had back in the day was a Fiat Padmini, which was launched in the financial year 1974 and was sold till the year 2000.

Ashley writes that then the desperate Suzuki Motors launched a 800cc car in collaboration with an Indian sales company – Maruti, which was named Maruti-Suzuki 800. Ashley writes after the launch of the Maruti-Suzuki 800, an average Indian could now buy a car for cheap and as the Indians never experienced the Japanese reliability before, they were amazed at how good the Japanese cars were and how cheap were they to maintain; The cult continued for decades and till now, an average Indian believes that a Maruti-Suzuki car is far more reliable than an average Honda or Toyota and they continue to buy it blindingly without checking any other option available in the market. Ashley writes that she is amazed to learn that over 50% of the cars that sell in India belong to one manufacturer alone – Maruti-Suzuki.

Ashley says that she really hopes that the cult of Maruti-Suzuki ends soon enough in the nation called India and the people of that country become enlightened enough to know that not all the cars that belong to any other make than Maruti-Suzuki are not bad and how the Indian corporations were making a fool out of them. Ashley adds that corporations like 먹튀검증 are very rare to find that only believe in giving away, but the ones that are honest enough to be always fair aren’t hard to find either.

Packager and labeler owns 9 Fords that are all painted blue, thanks to soccer betting

Brad Kilmer is an Indonesian gentleman who owns a packaging and labeling company in the Cilegon city, Java, Indonesia. Packaging and labeling stuff maybe Brad’s business but his passion is writing conspiracy theories. Brad is highly obsessed and passionate about the conspiracies that are going on around the Indian subcontinent and that’s what he writes the most about.

Brad believes that most Indian authors are overrated and he claims that he has never completed a book by an Indian author ever.

Brad loves the blue color so much that all of his nine cars are painted with the blue color and they are all Fords, do you want to know why? The answer is because Ford’s logo is painted in the blue color as well. You will perhaps be surprised to learn that Brad didn’t buy a single one of his car with the money he made with his conspiracy blogs or his packaging and labeling company, but instead with the money that he made with betting on situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya.

Brad claims that ‘Player of the Series’ award in a cricket test match is gifted to the bookies’ favorite player only. Brad claims that 99.99% of the cricket matches in India are fixed.

Brad recently made a post on his blog claiming that he and his family recently met the Irish professional wrestler – Becky Lynch, at a festival. Brad’s younger brother tried to flirt with her only to get tightly slapped on the left cheek of his.

Neurologist from Malang hopes that ball gambling makes him enough money to study the Buddhist monks single-handedly

Dr Andrew Nonnenberg is a neurologist from the city of Malang, Indonesia who claims on his blog that in the ancient times, they used to believe that brain aneurysm is caused by the bite of a common house gecko. Dr Andrew claims that this ridiculous belief is still prevalent in several backward tribes across the globe, especially in the Indian and African subcontinent.

Dr Andrew claims to have met several patients of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in his life. Dr Andrew claims that after careful and thorough investigation, he has concluded that 95% of these patients consume psychedelics.

Dr Andrew is blunt enough to declare publicly that the neurological studies lately have been more unstable than his wins on his most favorite situs judi bola. One such study that Dr Andrew Nonnenberg talks about is the one where the neurologists first used to claim that the caffeine use is the greatest contributor to brain aneurysm but the recent studies give a view that is right the opposite.

Dr Andrew claims that studying the Buddhist monks can help the field of neurology a lot. Dr Andrew wishes if he had the budget and time to do the same. Dr Andrew writes on his blog that if he is not able to do it soon enough and neither does any other neurologist, he will persuade her daughter who is studying neurology to do the same. Dr Andrew claims that he is certain that his daughter will not deny it as she seems more passionate when it comes to the neurology than he himself is.

Dr Andrew writes on his blog that it is surprising that the twin adults are less likely to face any neurological issue compared to their single counterparts although they are more likely to face different other health issues belonging to other medical fields.

Hua Hin’s French Restaurant owner has been betting on Thai websites since the day he got fluent in the language

Joseph Dalmau owns one of the most successful French restaurants in the city of Hua Hin in Thailand.

The most popular dish at Joseph’s restaurant is the Beef Bourguignon. Joseph claims on his blog that one of the reasons why the dish is so popular at their restaurant is that they use nothing but the best quality beef imported from India. Joseph claims that they only use the meat of Surti Buffalo imported from India in their Beef Bourguignon.

Joseph is a lawyer by profession but he only practiced for 3 months. Joseph doesn’t hesitate to mention on his blog that he has never fought a court case in his life.

In the March of this year, Joseph’s restaurant started delivering as well. Also in the month of March this year, Joseph became fluent in the Thai language and started betting on Thai websites with the help of blogs like

Joseph’s French restaurant in Hua Hin is very popular with the doctors, lawyers and business people, but Joseph never brags about it.

Joseph’s restaurant has at least over 20 different customers that come for a brunch there almost everyday. This is something that Joseph really brags about.

Joseph claims on his blog that the French dishes are the best if you are looking for a heavy protein diet. Joseph also claims on the same blog that he has been doing his utmost to expose the companies that sell lab grown meat. Joseph writes that it is a pity that the lab meat is being sold more than the lamb meat.

Joseph’s restaurant offers free parking but Joseph has been thinking about eliminating it for a while now. Joseph clearly mentioned on his blog that offering a free parking attracts more people that eat nothing at the restaurant.

Singaporean historian thanks online lottery for putting food on her table while she was busy exploring the Russian history

Alison Laing is a Singaporean historian who was born in Scotland but is obsessed with the Russian history. Alison recently completed writing a book on one of the most popular Russians ever – Rurik the Emperor. I have read the book and here are some of the excerpts from Alison’s book.

Alison writes in her book that Rurik was both envious and fearful of both his brothers – Sineus and Truvor and that’s the reason why he planned the murder of them both with the help of the local tribes that belonged to the area that he captured.

Alison writes in her book that the name ‘Rurik’ is prevalent all around the world including in the Surya Vanshi aka Rajput tribes of India. Alison writes that the Surya Vanshis of India have a belief for over 1000 years that if they keep the name of their son – Rurik, he is going to be as virile, brave and valorous as Rurik – the founder of Kievan Rus.

Alison writes in her book that the claims that Rurik belonged to one of the lost tribes of Israel is a phony and funny one. Alison has written in her book that she is going to make an announcement on her blog that she will award the person 20000 Singaporean Dollar to the person who can prove that Rurik belonged to one of the lost tribes of Israel. Alison also has thanked pengeluaran sgp for putting food on her table while she was busy exploring the Russian history.

Alison writes in her book that there is no denying that Rurik suffered with megalomania and where the disease called ‘Megalomania’ has been responsible for ruining lives across the world, for Rurik – the founder of Kievan Rus, it proved to be an extremely beneficial thing rather.

Baby clothing store chain owner claims that the more she donates the luckier she gets with her betting adventures

Dumora Sirait owns a baby clothing store chain with 10 different stores in 5 different cities of Indonesia including Bandung, West Jakarta, East Jakarta, Palembang and Malang.

Dumora’s company specializes in party wear for the kids.

Dumora brags on her blog that those who come for the gander only to her store, don’t leave without buying anything 80% of the times.

Dumora writes that she cannot comprehend how the companies that showcase one product online and send another one are able to survive for so long. Dumora really appreciates the buyers that do a lot to expose and campaign against such baby clothing stores, both online and offline.

Dumora writes that wrestling fan parents that want their baby sons to grow up like their most favorite wrestler do nothing but buy their favorite wrestler’s costume for their baby boys and that’s the reason why Dumora recently introduced some of the most comfortable WWE and WCW star costumers for the babies.

Dumora writes on her blog that the parents are now buying clothes for their babies separately for the special occasions with both their hands like never before.

Dumora’s next target is to create a brand for the kids that will offer furniture and decor, exclusively for the babies and kids.

Dumora donates clothes to emergency reliefs around the world. She also donates 20% of the company’s profits to the charities. Dumora claims that the more she donates to the charities, the luckier she gets with her online gambling adventures and that keeps her closer to her online gambling agent (bandar judi online) as well.

Dumora believes that most modern clothing for babies is not made to last long, which is a pity.

Dumora brags that more than the kids, it is the parents that enjoy shopping at her stores.