British born South Korean citizen owns 3 Indian restaurants that are being financed by online gambling money

Eric Pound is a South Korean restaurateur of British origin who currently owns 3 Indian restaurants in 3 different cities of South Korea.

Eric’s restaurants stopped delivering food because Eric only believes in serving fresh, hot and the most delicious possible food. Eric says that there is no compromise when it comes to any of that, at all.

Eric writes on his personal blog that it is a pity that the Kashmiri restaurants have separated themselves from the Indian ones. Eric says that they now refer to the lamb meat as a Kashmiri recipe instead of referring to it as Indian, because only the Kashmiri people eat lamb meat in India.

Eric is a conspiracy theorist as well, not as crazy as David Icke but he really has some interesting theories to share.

Eric writes that the Indians suffer with a chronic inferiority complex and one of the examples to prove the same is that they consider Winston Churchill as one of their heroes although he openly hated on them.

Eric has been called Anti-Catholic many times including once when he wrote that those who believe and claim that Jesus could have escaped the torture and the rest of the agony in the garden without any efforts are clearly out of their mind.

Eric writes that the Indian parliament has been a cheap imitation of the British parliament since the very beginning and that’s one of the foremost reasons why it is a fake democracy.

Eric claims that Russia is going to turn Communist soon again and become a superpower as well.

Eric claims that a group of young German engineers has been working on to create video game simulators so great that most never even imagined before. Eric says that he couldn’t care less. He would only care if they create simulators for the game of 먹튀검증.

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