Certified Neurologist from West Jakarta enjoys a game of Sbobet each Saturday night after he is done making some controversial statements

Dr George Tracy is a certified neurologist based in the city of West Jakarta, who is popular for his blunt and interesting posts and statements on his official practice blog.

Dr George Tracy claims that the alcoholism and depression is far more prevalent in the communities that have been involved in agriculture for centuries. He likes to give example of Punjab in India and Pakistan.

Dr George Tracy also claims that the cure and prevention of the Alzheimer’s and Dementia is hidden somewhere in Acarology. He claims that he has been studying each and every book that he could find on the subject for a while now. He says that he is determined to find the cure by himself.

Dr George Tracy claims that the children born to parents with kyphosis, scoliosis, or lordosis are 400% more prone to getting Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis before the age of 15.

Dr George Tracy has been experimenting with garlics, onions and gingers since he learnt that these are used as a cure for the Depression, Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Ayurvedic medicine and many Indian villagers who cannot afford the modern western medicinal treatment have been claiming to have achieved great results with the same.

Dr George Tracy claims that those who do aerobic exercises have lesser cases of spinal injuries than the ones that don’t exercise at all or workout in the gym.

Dr George Tracy also claims that cerebral palsy used to be far more common until the 1960s, they just didn’t take it as something very serious back then.

Dr George Tracy says that parents that suffered glioma in the past are more likely to give birth to children with damaged frontal lobe, blindness or psychological disorders.

Dr George Tracy likes to take a chill pill with the help of his trusted Agen Sbobet each Saturday night before he gets to have a relaxed deep sleep.

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