Antireligion campaigner from Mukdahan says that she cannot live without Toto

Hillary Hart is an antireligion campaigner from the town of Mukdahan in Thailand. Hillary Hart is also a music composer and music teacher.

One of Hillary’s all-time favorite character is Mansur Al-Hallaj and her blog is full of posts that show sympathy with this character.

Hillary writes that the Sufi contemporaries that disapprove of Mansur Al-Hallaj’s actions either don’t know the Sufism or are scared of the others. Hillary claims that Mansur Al-Hallaj’s actions, devotion and beliefs were 100% as per the Sufism and there is no power that can change those beliefs. Hillary writes that they will need to create a different sect if they want to change it because Mansur Al-Hallaj was a living definition of what Sufism is.

Hillary claims that Al-Hallaj never lost his ability to speak the Persian language but it was a drama that he acted in order to show the Arabians that he belongs to them completely. The Arabians would doubt the Persians and treated them as second class citizens, especially the Persian speaking ones. Al-Hallaj was a second generation Muslim and hence the doubt on people like him was meant to be stronger.

Hillary writes that the notion among the European historians that Mansur Al-Hallaj was secretly a Christian is completely false one. She writes that he secretly studied the Christianity and also appreciated it as well but he was far from being a Christian. Hillary writes that Mansur Al-Hallaj shouldn’t even be called a Muslim, he was far from being limited to any religion.

Hillary writes that no matter where she is, she can live without writing but she cannot live without her favorite Toto website – 토토사이트

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