This Indonesian author is writing a book on the life of the dead English criminals that also loved to gamble like himself

Banyu Rais is an Indonesian blogger and author who is perhaps the first Indonesian to write a book on the life of the English criminals – Kray Twins. Banyu is naming his book – “Kray Twins – Born in East London died in Slough and Norwich”.

Banyu has already released several excerpts from his book on one of his blogs.

Banyu writes that Ronnie Kray loved the company of the villains but Reggie Kray despised it and it is proven from several different accounts including some by their elder brother – Charlie Kray.

Banyu claims that Reggie Kray’s bladder cancer was the result of the practice of edging that he used to perform all the time as told by the fellow prisoners.

Banyu has also compared Ronnie Kray with the dead leader of Mexico’s Tijuana Cartel – Ramon Arellano Felix. Banyu writes that there are several things that are common between Ronnie Kray and Ramon Arellano Felix, like they were both physically strong, both were notorious for violence, both did drugs, both were sort of Schizophrenic, both were megalomaniac, sociopaths, bisexual and last but not the least, both had their names starting with the letter ‘R’.

Banyu claims that the Kray Twins tried their best to bribe the police officer – Leonard Ernest “Nipper” Read but this police officer was incorruptible. He even claims that they tried to murder him because he wasn’t willing to take any bribe but before they could do it, they were both already arrested.

Banyu also claims that the interviewer who interviewed the twins on Television was afraid of getting beaten or threatened after the interview was over because he had to ask some tough questions in the interview but the twins did nothing bad to him, which is really miraculous looking at their history.

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