Windscreen glasses and tyre manufacturer’s favorite thing to do is online casino betting

Abram Zimin is an entrepreneur, author and gambler who owns a company that manufactures and exports windscreen glasses and tyres.

Abram recently made a trip to India where he noticed several things he never heard or knew before.

Abram has been to many Arabian countries before and he has come to a conclusion that the Hijda community of India (transsexuals) have a lot to do with Hijra of Arabic. In Arabic, the word ‘Hijra’ means migration and the Hijda of India are also bound to migrate a lot. Another thing is that, they only use the word ‘Hijda’ for the transsexuals of India where they still speak or used to speak the Urdu language – a language that was constructed with the combination of Persian, Arabic and Hindi.

Abram also noticed that there are many similarities between the Khatri (originally Kshatriya) tribes of India and the Arab tribes. Like, the Khatris consider anyone other than themselves to be inferior although the Brahmins are superior to them hierarchically according to the Vedas and other Hindu beliefs.

Another thing that Abram noticed while he was there in India was that many of the traits in India are borrowed from the Judaism and Israel. Like, the Jews in the ancient times also used to have only one name, sometimes followed by the phrase – “Son of” in Israel or the individual’s hometown or the name of the person’s brothers or spouse, the case is still the same with the tribal people of India, he says.

Abram’s favorite pastime while he was in India, used to be betting on his most favorite gambling website – and he really missed Russia all the time while he was there.

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