Professor of Philosophy believes that online casinos are the only thing that can end your misery

Amy Rosine is a professor of philosophy at the University of Waikato. Amy has always been obsessed with the enlightenment era and the French revolution.

Amy recently completed writing around 10, 000 words long article on her blog on Montesquieu. Amy writes that Montesquieu didn’t withdraw himself from the practice of law because he wanted to devote himself to study and writing but because he was a flop lawyer and he believed that studying further will only make him better.

Amy believes that Montesquieu considered his living in Italy a complete wastage of time as he didn’t attain much significant knowledge about the past of the Italy while living there. She says that all that he already knew about the Roman empire through the books was what he learnt even after visiting Italy in person.

Amy writes that there is no denying that with the ban of ‘The Spirit of the Laws’, a great percentage of the Catholics lost the respect for the Catholic Church in their eyes although they never gathered and said this publicly; Amy adds that this moment was one of the very few moments that made the Protestants look far superior to the Catholics. Amy claims that when the book received the highest of the praise from the Britain, the French were full of varied emotions – some were envious, some were angry, some were both angry and envious, some were hateful, some regretful and some even believed that the Britishers were doing this in order to mock the French, Amy adds that no matter what, one magical and uncommon thing that happened for certain was that the Catholic Church found its empire shaken once again.

Amy is a proud gambler as well and she finds a lot of potential in the growing nzd online casinos and believes that the online casinos of New Zealand are far superior to any other.

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