Antireligion campaigner from Mukdahan says that she cannot live without Toto

Hillary Hart is an antireligion campaigner from the town of Mukdahan in Thailand. Hillary Hart is also a music composer and music teacher.

One of Hillary’s all-time favorite character is Mansur Al-Hallaj and her blog is full of posts that show sympathy with this character.

Hillary writes that the Sufi contemporaries that disapprove of Mansur Al-Hallaj’s actions either don’t know the Sufism or are scared of the others. Hillary claims that Mansur Al-Hallaj’s actions, devotion and beliefs were 100% as per the Sufism and there is no power that can change those beliefs. Hillary writes that they will need to create a different sect if they want to change it because Mansur Al-Hallaj was a living definition of what Sufism is.

Hillary claims that Al-Hallaj never lost his ability to speak the Persian language but it was a drama that he acted in order to show the Arabians that he belongs to them completely. The Arabians would doubt the Persians and treated them as second class citizens, especially the Persian speaking ones. Al-Hallaj was a second generation Muslim and hence the doubt on people like him was meant to be stronger.

Hillary writes that the notion among the European historians that Mansur Al-Hallaj was secretly a Christian is completely false one. She writes that he secretly studied the Christianity and also appreciated it as well but he was far from being a Christian. Hillary writes that Mansur Al-Hallaj shouldn’t even be called a Muslim, he was far from being limited to any religion.

Hillary writes that no matter where she is, she can live without writing but she cannot live without her favorite Toto website – 토토사이트

This Indonesian author is writing a book on the life of the dead English criminals that also loved to gamble like himself

Banyu Rais is an Indonesian blogger and author who is perhaps the first Indonesian to write a book on the life of the English criminals – Kray Twins. Banyu is naming his book – “Kray Twins – Born in East London died in Slough and Norwich”.

Banyu has already released several excerpts from his book on one of his blogs.

Banyu writes that Ronnie Kray loved the company of the villains but Reggie Kray despised it and it is proven from several different accounts including some by their elder brother – Charlie Kray.

Banyu claims that Reggie Kray’s bladder cancer was the result of the practice of edging that he used to perform all the time as told by the fellow prisoners.

Banyu has also compared Ronnie Kray with the dead leader of Mexico’s Tijuana Cartel – Ramon Arellano Felix. Banyu writes that there are several things that are common between Ronnie Kray and Ramon Arellano Felix, like they were both physically strong, both were notorious for violence, both did drugs, both were sort of Schizophrenic, both were megalomaniac, sociopaths, bisexual and last but not the least, both had their names starting with the letter ‘R’.

Banyu claims that the Kray Twins tried their best to bribe the police officer – Leonard Ernest “Nipper” Read but this police officer was incorruptible. He even claims that they tried to murder him because he wasn’t willing to take any bribe but before they could do it, they were both already arrested.

Banyu also claims that the interviewer who interviewed the twins on Television was afraid of getting beaten or threatened after the interview was over because he had to ask some tough questions in the interview but the twins did nothing bad to him, which is really miraculous looking at their history.

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Windscreen glasses and tyre manufacturer’s favorite thing to do is online casino betting

Abram Zimin is an entrepreneur, author and gambler who owns a company that manufactures and exports windscreen glasses and tyres.

Abram recently made a trip to India where he noticed several things he never heard or knew before.

Abram has been to many Arabian countries before and he has come to a conclusion that the Hijda community of India (transsexuals) have a lot to do with Hijra of Arabic. In Arabic, the word ‘Hijra’ means migration and the Hijda of India are also bound to migrate a lot. Another thing is that, they only use the word ‘Hijda’ for the transsexuals of India where they still speak or used to speak the Urdu language – a language that was constructed with the combination of Persian, Arabic and Hindi.

Abram also noticed that there are many similarities between the Khatri (originally Kshatriya) tribes of India and the Arab tribes. Like, the Khatris consider anyone other than themselves to be inferior although the Brahmins are superior to them hierarchically according to the Vedas and other Hindu beliefs.

Another thing that Abram noticed while he was there in India was that many of the traits in India are borrowed from the Judaism and Israel. Like, the Jews in the ancient times also used to have only one name, sometimes followed by the phrase – “Son of” in Israel or the individual’s hometown or the name of the person’s brothers or spouse, the case is still the same with the tribal people of India, he says.

Abram’s favorite pastime while he was in India, used to be betting on his most favorite gambling website – and he really missed Russia all the time while he was there.

Professor of Philosophy believes that online casinos are the only thing that can end your misery

Amy Rosine is a professor of philosophy at the University of Waikato. Amy has always been obsessed with the enlightenment era and the French revolution.

Amy recently completed writing around 10, 000 words long article on her blog on Montesquieu. Amy writes that Montesquieu didn’t withdraw himself from the practice of law because he wanted to devote himself to study and writing but because he was a flop lawyer and he believed that studying further will only make him better.

Amy believes that Montesquieu considered his living in Italy a complete wastage of time as he didn’t attain much significant knowledge about the past of the Italy while living there. She says that all that he already knew about the Roman empire through the books was what he learnt even after visiting Italy in person.

Amy writes that there is no denying that with the ban of ‘The Spirit of the Laws’, a great percentage of the Catholics lost the respect for the Catholic Church in their eyes although they never gathered and said this publicly; Amy adds that this moment was one of the very few moments that made the Protestants look far superior to the Catholics. Amy claims that when the book received the highest of the praise from the Britain, the French were full of varied emotions – some were envious, some were angry, some were both angry and envious, some were hateful, some regretful and some even believed that the Britishers were doing this in order to mock the French, Amy adds that no matter what, one magical and uncommon thing that happened for certain was that the Catholic Church found its empire shaken once again.

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