General Practitioner from Kharkiv started his own gambling business using a young expert’s insight

Dr Andrey Kulakevich is a General Practitioner from the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine. Dr Andrey has a blog on the official website of his practice which is full of interesting posts.

Dr Andrey claims that the people are not as patient as they once used to be and this can be learnt and verified by reading the reviews of any doctor belonging to any field on Google Places. Dr Andrey claims that never before even after the advent of the internet and websites like Google Places and others where the user could post a review, so many negative reviews against the front desk clerks were seen. Dr Andrey doesn’t agree with most of those reviews as he claims that never before the front desk clerks were paid so much and never before there was a more rigorous selection criteria for their recruitment.

Dr Andrey believes that every clinic should have more than two clerks and they should be given complete freedom when it comes to take a day or two off. Dr Andrey says that getting the forms filled correctly is a very significant task and great misdeeds can happen if the doctor is provided with a wrongly filled form and he has heard of several cases where the results of these ignorance caused lethal consequences and he can point out some of the genuine articles and reviews on different websites telling the real tales.

Dr Andrey has always been passionate about making as much money as he can and he has also always been passionate about the gambling industry. Last month, with the help of a young guy named Rizvi’s Gambling Business Insights, Dr Andrey Kulakevich found his own gambling website which has been doing better than what they both expected.

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