Book store owner is a book and bet lover who doesn’t refrain customers from betting at her book store

Cemre Cerci owns a very popular book store in the city of Adana in Turkey. Cemre claims that she is so much in love with the books and her book store that she thinks that she is never going to find enough time for marriage due to the same.

Cemre has a blog dedicated to the books and her book store where she posts really interesting stuff all the time. Cemre says that the customers at the book stores are so smart nowadays that they can tell whether the coffee they are drinking is made of expensive or cheap stuff just by the smell of it. Cemre claims that she uses nothing but the most expensive coffee possible for her at the price that they sell it at her book store but she is more concerned about the fact that the customers of book stores are nowadays are more concerned about the coffee than the books themselves.

Cemre says that she realized it very early that she required tables large enough at her book store that the customers could keep their laptops on those whereas most of her competitors did it too late and that’s what gave Cemre a great edge over them.

Cemre says that it is funny how the people that read knowledgeable books are more prone to eating health food and the ones that eat pastries are more prone to reading fictional stuff.

Cemre says on her blog that she first used to have only books belonging to the Turkish and English language but on the advise of a friend, she started buying books belonging to all the major languages which has incredibly helped her business. She says that along with bringing more profit, carrying books belonging to almost every major language has really increased the number of positive reviews for her book store on Google Places and other websites.

Cemre says that many of the customers only come to the book store so that they can bet on their favorite Taruhan Bola websites in a new atmosphere/environment but Cemre or her staff never interrupt or refrain them from betting as Cemre is a gambling and casino lover herself.

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