Surabaya event planner is scared about the future of the industry and DominoQQ is the only thing that is keeping her sane

Timmy Cappello is an event planner from the city of Surabaya who is an extremely interesting and blunt person and nonetheless courageous as well. Timmy fears that with the growing technology, the future of the event planning looks shaky and uncertain and there is nothing that can be said about it.

Timmy says that many event planners including herself are so scared that the institution of marriage is soon going to come to an end and that’s the reason why Timmy has already started focusing on other events other than marriage already.

Another thing that scares Timmy all day, all night long is the illness that is found among the wedding planners across the world. Timmy says that the wedding planners nowadays do not listen to your phone calls if you call for more than a couple of times and they only respond to you through Whatsapp which Timmy personally finds irresponsible, unprofessional and ignorant.

Timmy claims that an event planning business which is run by a group of friends is generally the best as no employee can match the creativity and passion of one of the founders.

Timmy says on her blog that one must not go for an event planner having more than one office as event planning is a job that requires the planner to be passionate about the business and not care about the money and someone who is having more than one office is definitely putting the money prior to everything else. Timmy says that if by any chance you decide to go for the one that has more than one office, then only go for the one where the owner himself is the chief and does all the things principally. Timmy has always believed that 99% of the employees that work at an event planning company are really not what you were looking for, a hard-working, passionate, intelligent and smart event planner will not work for another company for more than a specific period of time because this is a business that doesn’t require much investment and anybody who has all the qualities to be a great event planner would rather have his/her own company than working for someone else.

Timmy says that to keep her fears about the future away, she spends a lot of her time betting on Dominoqq online and that’s the only thing that has been keeping her sane for a long.

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