Event Planner from Depok believes that the gambling websites need more promos through events

Huugo Varma is an event planner that only provides his services in the city of Depok exclusively. Huugo is a very outspoken event planner and this should be evident from the fact that his blog is one of the most visited in the event planning throughout Indonesia.

On his blog, Huugo claims that some event planners focus too much on the marketing and very less on making alliance/friends with some of the best catering services which costs them beyond their imagination in the long term. Huugo attributes the fall of one of the most widely spread and popular Indonesian event planning company to this reason only.

Huugo says that if you get tired very easily then event planning is not for you and more experienced event planner doesn’t necessarily mean a better one which is a common belief among many event planners and prospects/clients.

Huugo says that nautical theme weddings were the most popular in the financial year 2018 but now seeing their popularity in the year 2019, it looks like that after a couple of more years, nautical theme weddings will turn into history.

Huugo believes that the measure of a good event planner is that he/she amazes everybody in a positive sense and a good event planner also always believes in improving and innovating all the time.

Huugo says that while LED furniture has been gaining popularity since the day of its debut in all of Asia, it is considered outdated in United States and the Europe. Huugo says that the same is the case with online gambling industry, the only difference is that along with gaining popularity in Asia, especially Indonesia, online gambling has been gaining popularity in Europe sand US as well. Huugo is himself good friends with one AgenQQ personally and it looks like their friendship will last till infinity.

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