Anybody who is against online gambling is either stupid or a part of Illuminati, claims Aditya Van

Aditya Van is a conspiracy theorist, author and blogger who claims that defaming online gambling is a conspiracy by the elite. Aditya Van is Pro-Gambling and his blog is full of posts recommending Bandar Bola for good health and wealth.

On his blog, Aditya claims that the Germany will be divided into two different parts soon enough – Catholic Germany and Protestant Germany. He claims that the Illuminati has been already been working towards achieving this for the past 9 years and they are almost about to reach the victory. Aditya claims that the Muslims will all have to migrate to the Protestant Germany or their home country as the Catholics will not let them live in the Catholic Germany.

Aditya also claims that soon enough the Scandinavian countries will all become one including the Finland and this region will be a far greater economy than any other in all of Europe including Protestant and Catholic Germany combined.

Aditya claims that the Spiritists also known as the Kardecist and the Voodoo followers will make all type of magics extremely popular whence most of them get an internet connection.

One of Aditya’s great friends is a Kardecist who claims that the Mount Elbrus on the Russian-Georgian border is a cursed mountain/volcano and everybody who lives near it will have nothing but a miserable life.

Aditya recently did a study on the Indian Awards and several other things Indian and he has concluded that the Indian Awards are completely paid drama. One of Aditya’s friends of Indian origin once brought an Onida Television to Indonesia and Aditya claims that he has never seen a worst television set before. Onida is an Indian company and they won an “Award for Excellence in Electronics” in the year 1999 from the Ministry of Information Technology.

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