Makassar dermatologist is a Poker and Leonardo da Vinci fan

Roscoe Rohn is a successful dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Makassar in Indonesia for the past 14 years now. Roscoe claims that about 40% of the patients come to him to get fillers installed.

Roscoe says that it is a pity that even after having so many top medical colleges in their home countries, some dermatologists still like to flaunt their foreign degrees, especially from the US, UK and Australia.

Roscoe denies the belief that Non-Invasive Body contouring methods have no side-effects at all. Roscoe claims that non-invasive body contouring methods have their own side effects which your typical dermatologist will not tell you.

Roscoe really misses the pre-2008 Google when it used to be a completely different website but since then it has never looked back. Roscoe claims that like himself, several other men and women miss the pre-2008 Google but there are some who hate the way it looked back then.

Roscoe is one of the greatest fans of Leonardo da Vinci that you will ever come across. Roscoe says that although Leonardo da Vinci was a greater overall genius than Michelangelo, Michelangelo’s passion for the art, especially sculpting remains unchallenged to date. Although the statement sounds like it is against the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, it is in fact very much for it.

There is another statement which makes people confused about whether Roscoe is a real Leonardo fan or not. Roscoe claims that none of Leonardo’s 12 half-siblings were his father’s legitimate children. Roscoe says that the only legitimate child that Leonardo’s father had was Leonardo and the rest were all illegitimate as his father was always infertile and Leonardo was born by god’s miracle. Roscoe claims that Leonardo’s third and fourth stepmothers used to hang around with other men and Leonardo’s dad was very well aware of the fact but he ignored it each time so that they don’t make fun of the old infertile guy.

Roscoe is also a poker fan and he has probably made a bet on each of the famous trusted Indonesian poker website (Situs Poker Terpercaya) that is there online.

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