Stanley Bowie from Siam, Thailand is a SEO guy who makes extraordinary statements regarding UFABet almost all the time

Stanley Bowie owns one of the largest SEO firms in the city of Siam in Thailand. Stanley has been trying his best to promote his SEO firm through blogging lately and his blog has been receiving great number of visitors and great positive feedback as well lately.

On his blog, Stanley claims that the updates that Google announces cannot be fully relied upon although there is some truth in those most of the times but they, especially Matt Cutts never tell you exactly what they are up to and if you still believe them, ‘Good Luck’ with your SEO efforts.

Stanley claims that he is surprised to see how many of the people involved in SEO think like him and perhaps he would have never known this if he didn’t start his own blog.

Stanley says that it is a pity that most of the reviewers on Google Places never visited the location in the first place which means that roughly about 70% of the reviews that you read on the Google Places are fake. Stanley claims that the fake reviews constituted about 95% of the Google Places Pre-2017 but Google’s efforts in the reduction of fake reviews is really something plausible. Stanley says that if the fake reviewers didn’t get smart as well, the fake reviews would constitute even less than 1% of the total reviews on the Google Places.

Stanley claims to have the secret information that Google is planning to launch a site very similar to the Soundcloud in the music niche but this website by Google is going to be way more advanced, better and simpler when it comes to the ease of use and features.

Stanley claims to have a lot more secret information regarding Google including that a great percentage of Google’s staff in Thailand loves to bet on UFABet and some of the top bosses of Google that speak Thai bet each Saturday and Sunday on UFABet.

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