Bandung’s Italian restaurant owner uses only ingredients imported from Italy and gambles on only football gambling websites

Edward Carson owns a unique Italian restaurant in a plush neighborhood of Indonesian city – Bandung. Edward’s Italian restaurant is unique in the Bandung city as they only use ingredients imported from Italy there including coffee.

Edward doesn’t have any experience as a chef but he used to be a manager at a prominent Italian restaurant in East Jakarta before finding his own in his hometown – Bandung. Edward says that even though the restaurant that he worked at is still one of the most popular Italian restaurant in the entire Indonesia but it still has a lot of flaws that it had back in the day when Edward used to work there and it really shows how ignorant the local population of Indonesia is when it comes to eating Italian food.

Edward says that naming your Italian restaurant with an Indonesian name is one of the stupidest things that you can do but unfortunately many of the Italian restaurants have committed the same mistake and although that has always had a negative impact on their sales and reputation, most of them don’t seem to learn from it.

Edward further says that one should never expect great quality Italian food from a multicuisine restaurant. Edward further says that forget about a multicuisine restaurant, an eater shouldn’t even expect great quality Italian food from an Italian restaurant that doesn’t use ingredients imported from Italy.

Edward says that family run restaurants are always your best bet for delicious and healthy food. Edward says that one must avoid restaurant chains irrespective of how popular they are.

Edward is a very big fan of online gambling and his restaurant’s official website has the name of different online football gambling agents (Agen Judi Bola) written all over.

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