Indian-Turkish bookstore owner keeps a list of trusted betting websites inside her pocket all the time

Divya Adani is an Indian-Turkish who owns a very popular bookstore in one of the plushest neighborhoods of the Istanbul city.

Divya believes that the number of apps for the books and the bookstore industry are plenty but there is a huge shortage of the same when it comes to the really productive ones, especially for the bookstore owners. Divya claims to have several ideas for the bookstore owner apps and she claims that she has been learning about how to create one as she has no app creation background.

Divya says that one of the best things that you can do to make your bookstore a success is to hire staff that itself is a book reader and lover.

Divya sometimes doubts that either the independent book store industry only is going to survive or the chain stores are going to survive but both are not going to survive in the current competitive circumstances that give each of these an edge on the other one.

Divya’s bookstore is completely designed in the Victorian style and she believes that it could have been even more popular and successful if it were designed in the modern style.

Divya claims that the profit margins have always been meager in the bookstore industry but nobody could have imagined that even the most successful of the bookstores will have to work on losses.

Divya says that 99% of the men that come to her store do not read fictional novels and the women are not interested in those as much anymore either.

Divya is an ardent lover of online casinos and gambling to a level that she always keeps a list of trusted Turkish betting websites (G├╝venilir Bahis Siteleri) inside her pocket.

Scottish-Indonesian Neurosurgeon recommends online card gambling to his patients with Parkinson’s

Dr Bob Stewart is a Scottish-Indonesian neurosurgeon who started his career with practicing at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland but has been having his own practice in the Surabaya city in Indonesia for the past 10 years now.

On his blog, Dr Bob Stewart says that Chordoma seems to be higher among the people with food poisoning history and he has already written application to different unions to do study on this.

Dr Bob also claims that the combination of amphetamines and unsatisfied sexual desires is responsible for more cases of stroke than any other. Dr Bob advises his patients with a history of stroke to be sexually active to save themselves from having more of it.

Dr Bob claims that more whiplashes are caused to the females because of an orgasm rather than any other reason.

Dr Bob Stewart says that no neurosurgeon is ready to admit that the Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) is being mostly caused by the practice of compulsive/excessive than any other reason. Dr Bob Stewart says that they will all tell you that the abnormal curve develops for unknown reasons but roughly as much as 40% of those neurosurgeons know the exact reason already, Dr Stewart claims. Dr Bob Stewart adds that never before so much pornography was available to the adolescents and never before we had so many adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Dr Bob Stewart also claims that the mothers who don’t abstain from alcohol or/and drugs during pregnancy and/or are malnourished are 1100% more likely to give birth to a child with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis.

Dr Bob Stewart believes that online card gambling (judi kartu online) is great for the health of the brain, especially if you have dementia or Parkinson’s and that’s why he recommends it to most of his adult patients.

General Practitioner from Kharkiv started his own gambling business using a young expert’s insight

Dr Andrey Kulakevich is a General Practitioner from the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine. Dr Andrey has a blog on the official website of his practice which is full of interesting posts.

Dr Andrey claims that the people are not as patient as they once used to be and this can be learnt and verified by reading the reviews of any doctor belonging to any field on Google Places. Dr Andrey claims that never before even after the advent of the internet and websites like Google Places and others where the user could post a review, so many negative reviews against the front desk clerks were seen. Dr Andrey doesn’t agree with most of those reviews as he claims that never before the front desk clerks were paid so much and never before there was a more rigorous selection criteria for their recruitment.

Dr Andrey believes that every clinic should have more than two clerks and they should be given complete freedom when it comes to take a day or two off. Dr Andrey says that getting the forms filled correctly is a very significant task and great misdeeds can happen if the doctor is provided with a wrongly filled form and he has heard of several cases where the results of these ignorance caused lethal consequences and he can point out some of the genuine articles and reviews on different websites telling the real tales.

Dr Andrey has always been passionate about making as much money as he can and he has also always been passionate about the gambling industry. Last month, with the help of a young guy named Rizvi’s Gambling Business Insights, Dr Andrey Kulakevich found his own gambling website which has been doing better than what they both expected.

Book store owner is a book and bet lover who doesn’t refrain customers from betting at her book store

Cemre Cerci owns a very popular book store in the city of Adana in Turkey. Cemre claims that she is so much in love with the books and her book store that she thinks that she is never going to find enough time for marriage due to the same.

Cemre has a blog dedicated to the books and her book store where she posts really interesting stuff all the time. Cemre says that the customers at the book stores are so smart nowadays that they can tell whether the coffee they are drinking is made of expensive or cheap stuff just by the smell of it. Cemre claims that she uses nothing but the most expensive coffee possible for her at the price that they sell it at her book store but she is more concerned about the fact that the customers of book stores are nowadays are more concerned about the coffee than the books themselves.

Cemre says that she realized it very early that she required tables large enough at her book store that the customers could keep their laptops on those whereas most of her competitors did it too late and that’s what gave Cemre a great edge over them.

Cemre says that it is funny how the people that read knowledgeable books are more prone to eating health food and the ones that eat pastries are more prone to reading fictional stuff.

Cemre says on her blog that she first used to have only books belonging to the Turkish and English language but on the advise of a friend, she started buying books belonging to all the major languages which has incredibly helped her business. She says that along with bringing more profit, carrying books belonging to almost every major language has really increased the number of positive reviews for her book store on Google Places and other websites.

Cemre says that many of the customers only come to the book store so that they can bet on their favorite betting sites (Bahis Siteleri) in a new atmosphere/environment but Cemre or her staff never interrupt or refrain them from betting as Cemre is a gambling and casino lover herself.

Surabaya event planner is scared about the future of the industry and DominoQQ is the only thing that is keeping her sane

Timmy Cappello is an event planner from the city of Surabaya who is an extremely interesting and blunt person and nonetheless courageous as well. Timmy fears that with the growing technology, the future of the event planning looks shaky and uncertain and there is nothing that can be said about it.

Timmy says that many event planners including herself are so scared that the institution of marriage is soon going to come to an end and that’s the reason why Timmy has already started focusing on other events other than marriage already.

Another thing that scares Timmy all day, all night long is the illness that is found among the wedding planners across the world. Timmy says that the wedding planners nowadays do not listen to your phone calls if you call for more than a couple of times and they only respond to you through Whatsapp which Timmy personally finds irresponsible, unprofessional and ignorant.

Timmy claims that an event planning business which is run by a group of friends is generally the best as no employee can match the creativity and passion of one of the founders.

Timmy says on her blog that one must not go for an event planner having more than one office as event planning is a job that requires the planner to be passionate about the business and not care about the money and someone who is having more than one office is definitely putting the money prior to everything else. Timmy says that if by any chance you decide to go for the one that has more than one office, then only go for the one where the owner himself is the chief and does all the things principally. Timmy has always believed that 99% of the employees that work at an event planning company are really not what you were looking for, a hard-working, passionate, intelligent and smart event planner will not work for another company for more than a specific period of time because this is a business that doesn’t require much investment and anybody who has all the qualities to be a great event planner would rather have his/her own company than working for someone else.

Timmy says that to keep her fears about the future away, she spends a lot of her time betting on Dominoqq online and that’s the only thing that has been keeping her sane for a long.

Event Planner from Depok believes that the gambling websites need more promos through events

Huugo Varma is an event planner that only provides his services in the city of Depok exclusively. Huugo is a very outspoken event planner and this should be evident from the fact that his blog is one of the most visited in the event planning throughout Indonesia.

On his blog, Huugo claims that some event planners focus too much on the marketing and very less on making alliance/friends with some of the best catering services which costs them beyond their imagination in the long term. Huugo attributes the fall of one of the most widely spread and popular Indonesian event planning company to this reason only.

Huugo says that if you get tired very easily then event planning is not for you and more experienced event planner doesn’t necessarily mean a better one which is a common belief among many event planners and prospects/clients.

Huugo says that nautical theme weddings were the most popular in the financial year 2018 but now seeing their popularity in the year 2019, it looks like that after a couple of more years, nautical theme weddings will turn into history.

Huugo believes that the measure of a good event planner is that he/she amazes everybody in a positive sense and a good event planner also always believes in improving and innovating all the time.

Huugo says that while LED furniture has been gaining popularity since the day of its debut in all of Asia, it is considered outdated in United States and the Europe. Huugo says that the same is the case with online gambling industry, the only difference is that along with gaining popularity in Asia, especially Indonesia, online gambling has been gaining popularity in Europe sand US as well. Huugo is himself good friends with one AgenQQ personally and it looks like their friendship will last till infinity.

Anybody who is against online gambling is either stupid or a part of Illuminati, claims Aditya Van

Aditya Van is a conspiracy theorist, author and blogger who claims that defaming online gambling is a conspiracy by the elite. Aditya Van is Pro-Gambling and his blog is full of posts recommending Bandar Bola for good health and wealth.

On his blog, Aditya claims that the Germany will be divided into two different parts soon enough – Catholic Germany and Protestant Germany. He claims that the Illuminati has been already been working towards achieving this for the past 9 years and they are almost about to reach the victory. Aditya claims that the Muslims will all have to migrate to the Protestant Germany or their home country as the Catholics will not let them live in the Catholic Germany.

Aditya also claims that soon enough the Scandinavian countries will all become one including the Finland and this region will be a far greater economy than any other in all of Europe including Protestant and Catholic Germany combined.

Aditya claims that the Spiritists also known as the Kardecist and the Voodoo followers will make all type of magics extremely popular whence most of them get an internet connection.

One of Aditya’s great friends is a Kardecist who claims that the Mount Elbrus on the Russian-Georgian border is a cursed mountain/volcano and everybody who lives near it will have nothing but a miserable life.

Aditya recently did a study on the Indian Awards and several other things Indian and he has concluded that the Indian Awards are completely paid drama. One of Aditya’s friends of Indian origin once brought an Onida Television to Indonesia and Aditya claims that he has never seen a worst television set before. Onida is an Indian company and they won an “Award for Excellence in Electronics” in the year 1999 from the Ministry of Information Technology.

Makassar dermatologist is a Poker and Leonardo da Vinci fan

Roscoe Rohn is a successful dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Makassar in Indonesia for the past 14 years now. Roscoe claims that about 40% of the patients come to him to get fillers installed.

Roscoe says that it is a pity that even after having so many top medical colleges in their home countries, some dermatologists still like to flaunt their foreign degrees, especially from the US, UK and Australia.

Roscoe denies the belief that Non-Invasive Body contouring methods have no side-effects at all. Roscoe claims that non-invasive body contouring methods have their own side effects which your typical dermatologist will not tell you.

Roscoe really misses the pre-2008 Google when it used to be a completely different website but since then it has never looked back. Roscoe claims that like himself, several other men and women miss the pre-2008 Google but there are some who hate the way it looked back then.

Roscoe is one of the greatest fans of Leonardo da Vinci that you will ever come across. Roscoe says that although Leonardo da Vinci was a greater overall genius than Michelangelo, Michelangelo’s passion for the art, especially sculpting remains unchallenged to date. Although the statement sounds like it is against the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, it is in fact very much for it.

There is another statement which makes people confused about whether Roscoe is a real Leonardo fan or not. Roscoe claims that none of Leonardo’s 12 half-siblings were his father’s legitimate children. Roscoe says that the only legitimate child that Leonardo’s father had was Leonardo and the rest were all illegitimate as his father was always infertile and Leonardo was born by god’s miracle. Roscoe claims that Leonardo’s third and fourth stepmothers used to hang around with other men and Leonardo’s dad was very well aware of the fact but he ignored it each time so that they don’t make fun of the old infertile guy.

Roscoe is also a poker fan and he has probably made a bet on each of the famous trusted Indonesian poker website (Situs Poker Terpercaya) that is there online.

Extremely hard-working SEO expert travels to Cape Town regularly to get some relief

Diego Lee is the son of a farmer who owns 1000 acres of farm land in Nebraska. Diego studied each and every book that he could find on the subject of agronomy to help his father in his efforts and his father is quite appreciative of the same.

Diego is also a student of Bionomics and Biometeorology and he claims that the field of Bionomics and Biometeorology have come a long way in the past 4 decades although he has only been studying these for the past 8 years.

Diego had a failed luck with a courier business and just like when he did during the times when he owned and operated a courier company, Diego still campaigns for one of the topmost and largest courier companies ever – TNT to change their name as he believes that the name sounds violent and create violent impulses in some.

Diego recently bought a Volvo XC90 without taking any test drive just because he fell so much in love with the way the SUV looks. Now when his obsession with the looks is over, he wrote on his blog that the Volvo should focus more on engineering and less on gimmicky safety features that are more likely to kill you than save you. Diego says that Volvo’s cars drive just like their buses do, he says that they are both horrible.

After having failed attempts of many different businesses, Diego is now well established in the field of SEO. Diego works at least 16-17 hours a day and to get some relief once in a while, he travels to South Africa where he enjoys sensual massage Cape Town.

Diego has a very popular SEO niche blog where he writes interesting posts regularly. Diego says that Google shouldn’t try to better its filters for a while as they have already improvised a lot recently and further attempts only seem to worsen the condition.

Diego says that it is a pity that Microsoft has already given up on its search industry aspirations. Diego further says that looking at the recent versions of the Windows and seeing that Bill Gates’ kids aren’t as ambitious or creative or as great leaders as their father, it looks like that the days of Microsoft are going to be over soon and we will read about Microsoft in the history books.

Diego claims to have the secret information that Yahoo is again attempting to surpass Google beginning with a much better looking and better-functional image search function. Diego further claims that the Yahoo is not willing to take the help of Bing in improving its image search as it is not willing to part its success with any other company.

Stanley Bowie from Siam, Thailand is a SEO guy who makes extraordinary statements regarding UFABet almost all the time

Stanley Bowie owns one of the largest SEO firms in the city of Siam in Thailand. Stanley has been trying his best to promote his SEO firm through blogging lately and his blog has been receiving great number of visitors and great positive feedback as well lately.

On his blog, Stanley claims that the updates that Google announces cannot be fully relied upon although there is some truth in those most of the times but they, especially Matt Cutts never tell you exactly what they are up to and if you still believe them, ‘Good Luck’ with your SEO efforts.

Stanley claims that he is surprised to see how many of the people involved in SEO think like him and perhaps he would have never known this if he didn’t start his own blog.

Stanley says that it is a pity that most of the reviewers on Google Places never visited the location in the first place which means that roughly about 70% of the reviews that you read on the Google Places are fake. Stanley claims that the fake reviews constituted about 95% of the Google Places Pre-2017 but Google’s efforts in the reduction of fake reviews is really something plausible. Stanley says that if the fake reviewers didn’t get smart as well, the fake reviews would constitute even less than 1% of the total reviews on the Google Places.

Stanley claims to have the secret information that Google is planning to launch a site very similar to the Soundcloud in the music niche but this website by Google is going to be way more advanced, better and simpler when it comes to the ease of use and features.

Stanley claims to have a lot more secret information regarding Google including that a great percentage of Google’s staff in Thailand loves to bet on UFABet and some of the top bosses of Google that speak Thai bet each Saturday and Sunday on UFABet.