Night club owner believes in Pangea and Baccarat

Nikola Daly owns a couple of night clubs in the city of Pattaya in Thailand. Nikola is a blogger by hobby and he doesn’t hesitate or feel embarassed to post personal stuff on his blog.

Nikola says that the side effects of breast implants need more publicity and promotion than mastectomy. Nikola’s wife recently went through breast implants on the suggestion of Nikola and one of her best friends only to regret it later on.

Nikola says that the dice has been rolled in the case of masturbation and smoking completely. Nikola says that in the Victorian era, they used to blame masturbation for everything negative but nowadays they blame smoking for almost everything negative that happens.

Nikola was recently in India where he observed some of the things which he claims were never observed by anybody else. Nikola claims that the Jat people of India are in reality the lost tribes of the nation of Gabon who first settled down in the modern day Russia where they got their skin naturally brightened up and after a huge agricultural famine there, they turned pastoral and settled down in North India finally where they have been living ever since. Nikola says that it is hard to figure out how long the Jat people have been living in India for but one thing that Nikola is certain about is that they have been living in different parts of the Indian subcontinent for at least 2000 years now.

Nikola doesn’t believe the theory that the origin of all human beings on earth is the modern day African continent but he is a huge believer and advocate of the Pangea theory. Nikola claims that there is every proof that the Pangea is true just like it is true that playing baccarat (บาคาร่า) regularly brings nothing but good luck.

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