Dermatologist from Suwon city has 먹튀 written everywhere inside her clinic

Fae Mar is a dermatologist based out of Suwon city in South Korea. Fae gained popularity on the internet after she wrote a controversial post telling that the notion that the chronic skin disease – Vitiligo doesn’t cause premature gray hair as it is widely perceived and there are lot of fake and mythical notions about the dermatology which they need to get rid of, as they are already causing a lot of mistrust of the patients among the dermatologists and draining millions of dollars of patients per year in not more.

Fae claims that the notion that drinking milk shortly after eating fish or citrus fruits is absolutely right and they need to do a thorough and reliable research in order to find the reality. Fae claims that the International Society of Dermatology is already well-aware of the fact that drinking milk shortly after eating fish or citrus fruits causes Vitiligo but they are not willing to conduct any study as they are scared that they will lose hundreds millions of dollars per year if they do so.

Fae says that she doesn’t care at all if her license to practice is taken away, all she is concerned about is helping the society. Fae is probably the only doctor in South Korea who has 먹튀 written in large and bold letters everywhere inside her clinic. Fae claims that she believes in sports betting and it has made her as much money in years as her dermatology practice usually does in 6 months and she wants every visitor that comes to her clinic to enjoy the same.

Fae does provide same day treatments but she doesn’t provide same day treatments in case of major conditions no matter how much the patient is willing to pay her for the same as the quality of treatment that she offers matters more to her than money.

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