3rd generation dry cleaning business owner loves Toto as much as he loves his family business

Ange Kahn recently inherited a dry cleaning business from his grandfather. Ange’s grandfather founded this dry cleaning business when he was a young man and Ange is obviously the third generation managing it.

Ange claims that he was always passionate about managing this dry cleaning business founded by his grandfather. Ange remembers the time when all his classmates used to wonder about becoming a pilot, doctor or enter other major professions after they grow up, Ange used to imagine himself in the place of his grandfather managing his dry cleaning business.

Ange says that never before in the history of dry cleaning, the speed mattered more than the convenience.

Ange says that there should be a government body to regulate the prices of dry cleaning and laundry services. Ange believes that some dry cleaners are looters in disguise, especially the ones that are based in extremely upscale neighborhoods.

Ange claims that it wasn’t long ago when over 50% of the dry cleaners didn’t service draperies, bedspreads or tablecloths but now most of those do.

Ange claims that one of the ways to have a guaranteed success in the dry cleaning and laundry service is to provide round the clock service and always be open to custom services.

Ange claims and believes that a laundry or dry cleaning service that doesn’t provide drop-off and pick up service has no chance of survival in the modern day. Ange claims that he has seen several of the dry cleaning and laundry services shut down just because they didn’t provide drop-off or pick-up services.

Ange loves betting on Toto websites (토토사이트) as much as he loves operating and managing his beloved dry cleaning and laundry cleaning business if not more.

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