Wife of Cambodia’s Super SEO-CEO spends a lot of her spare time betting on Pasar QQ

Pol Khlot used to be a bouncer at a local club roughly about 5 years ago but today he is the founder, CEO and Chairperson of one of the most popular SEO companies in Cambodia. Pot has a very popular blog on the official website of his SEO company where Pot posts everything from SEO to world politics.

Pot has no scientific or inventional background but he has also been working on inventing a unique microscopic-ultrasound-normal mode glasses which he claims will bring about one of the greatest revolutions in the world especially for the ones that are interested in knowing everything they can.

Pot claims that e-mail marketing is not dead, it is still as prominent but highly overlooked and one of the reasons behind Pot’s extraordinary success. Pot claims that he still uses e-mail marketing a lot and that’s the reason why his company is one of the biggest in all of Cambodia.

Pot also claims that SMM matters more than SEO for 37% of the business niches around the world and the percentage is only likely to go up as before 2015 it used to be only 25% and hasn’t fallen down ever since he stepped in the industry.

Pot’s wife is highly interested in doing social welfare for the society that she lives in. She is a homemaker who dedicates all her spare time to counter the click fraud on behalf and as per instructions of Pot. She is busy betting on pasarqq whenever she has some spare time left after taking care of her babies, countering click fraud and all the other things homemaking.

Pot claims that there is a lot of misconception about the good match or bad regarding adwords everywhere and someone really needs to do something about it as Matt Cutts will not do anything in this regard like always.

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