Used car dealership owner from Goyang thanks the unreliable luxury car makers and Toto for keeping her in business

Bailey Mun is the owner of one of the most popular used car dealerships in the city of Goyang, South Korea. Bailey has a very popular blog on the official website of her used car dealership where she writes some of the most blunt, controversial posts that you will ever find by an entrepreneur.

Bailey advises that you should never buy a used luxury car that was made by a European car manufacturer as they become money pits by the time they cross 50, 000 miles; Sounds a lot like Mr Scotty Kilmer. Bailey says that it is okay to buy a used Lexus, Acura and even Infiniti to some extent.

Although Bailey also says that she cannot thank the unreliable luxury car manufacturers enough for keeping her in the business. You may be wondering about how the unreliable luxury car manufacturers could keep her in the business, well the answer is that the first buyers of these luxury cars after getting tired of these so-called luxury cars decide to sell them at unbelievably low prices and an average buyer who was looking for an average hatchback after finding that he can buy a used luxury car for so cheap decides to buy a luxury car instead only to find later on how big of a blunder he committed.

Bailey is a lawyer by profession although she never practiced. She used to be a marvelous basketball player in her college days as well.

Being a lawyer, Bailey has met several senior advocates whom she found to be nothing but extremely arrogant people in general.

Bailey is about to start a career as an author with a compilation of short stories out of her real life including her Toto adventures with particular website which you may visit here – 먹튀검증

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