American Dentist is fluent in Thai language and the best thing about it he says is betting on Thai websites

Asnee Bootwong is a dentist who graduated from the Southern Illinois University of Dental Medicine back in the year 1993. Asnee’s father wanted him to go to the Midwestern University of Dental Medicine because he graduated from the Midwestern University himself and he wanted the son to go to the same university as well.

Asnee says that he is hugely disappointed that never ever before the dental profession was so unprofessional with dentists advertising their practice like they advertise candy shops.

Asnee claims to have enjoyed being a dentist from the very first day himself. Asnee also loves reading and no matter what, he reads for at least 90 minutes a day. Asnee claims that once you lose the habit of reading it is too hard to get back the same. Asnee hated writing as a kid but he started loving it at the age of 15 and has never looked back. Asnee has written over 8 books by now and counting.

Asnee believes that there needs to be more research on how to maintain both healthy teeth and bones simultaneously in an easy way without any side-effects as they are both co-related.

Asnee recently wrote on his official blog that currently it is the technology that matters the most for a dentist. Asnee claims that he has always used the most advanced techniques and technology for his dental practice and he will continue doing the same but he feels sorry for the rookie dentists that cannot afford to buy the latest and most advanced technology and machines.

Asnee is fluent in Thai language and the best thing about it he says is that he is able to bet on Thai gambling websites, especially Step 99 (บอลสเต็ป99).

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