Wealthy Danish industrialist’s wife decided to start a toy company with the Euros she won

Ari Jessen is a wealthy industrialist who currently owns 2 companies and both his companies are automobile related. One of Ari’s companies manufactures, sells and exports car seatcovers and the other one manufactures automobile service station equipments for hi-tech workshops including electro hydraulic lift, spark plug cleaner & tester, AC gas charging machine, tyre changer, injector cleaning & testing machine, and engine decarbonizing machine.

Ari has a blog on each of the official websites of his companies. Ari likes to write only himself there. Ari claims that Suzuki cars has the caliber of being more popular and better than Honda cars, they aren’t just confident and serious about the car business as much as they are about their motorcycle business.

Ari says that if you love your life, never buy run-flat tyres for your motorcycle. Ari knows many bikers personally that lost their lives to run flat tyres.

Another thing that Ari is very much against is riding or driving after having some drinks. Ari’s closest cousin who was also his best friend lost his life in a road accident after he crashed his Suzuki Hayabusa in a Scania truck when he was high on some tequila shots. His motorcycle didn’t have run-flat tyres and that’s what Ari is also disappointed about; Ari says that perhaps using run-flat tyres would have rolled the dice in such condition.

Ari’s wife recently won a couple of million Euros and decided to start a toy company with the same on special demand of their twin kids. Here is the secret to how she won those Euros – På nettet

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