Chew Dover bets on s128 while chewing a gum

Chew Dover is a successful lawyer who has been making more money with writing and selling case study and other law related books for the past 2 years than he does with his law practice. Whenever Chew is not writing a book or preparing for a court case, he is busy chewing a gum betting on his favorite s128.

Chew’s daughter – Jenna owns and operates a successful talent agency in Los Angeles. Jenna claims that nepotism is taking over the Hollywood and the experts predicted it back in the 1960s. Jenna claims that most of these experts were either homo or bisexuals which proves that homosexual and bisexual people are more intelligent and have better observing power than their straight counterparts.

Jenna says that more and more good-looking engineers that come all the way from India to the United States to work at a job have been trying to find a role in the Hollywood movies, especially since some Bollywood actors like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra got some success with the Hollywood.

Jenna brags that her talent agency is successful not because of her employees or anything else but because it is being run by herself. Jenna says that no matter how good the employees working at a talent agency are, it doesn’t matter whether you have established, successful and highly-paid actors working at your talent agency, it is never good enough if the chairperson is ignorant, inattentive and careless or even possesses any of these negative qualities.

Jenna says that the number of young aspiring artists has been on a constant rise and that of the older artists has been going constantly down and that’s the reason why in the current times, the number of the old and talented artists is higher than ever but it is the opposite in the case of the younger artists.

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